Friday, April 30, 2010


So I had this massive post nearly finished yesterday and then I went and hit refresh.....why u ask? Cos im a dumbass!! So I'll cut it short cos im lazy hehe. I have two job interviews next week and for one I have to do another test on the computer at home :( This one was way more hardout than the other - freaking hard!!! I did not enjoy it and I did crap....well im pretty sure I did and Im kind of embarrased to find out my results when I go for my interview eeeeeeeek. I hope they dont put too much basis on the test like the last crowd!

Anyway I was supposed to do a photoshoot yesterday after work so I rushed home and got all prettied up but the guy never text me so I was all made up with no where to go lol so I thought I should put some effort into my outfit:

Its still been quite mild weather so it was great not to have to layer up heaps!

Man I dont like how pictures come out on here! Im not chubby honestly!!

Lace top - The Warehouse
Blue skirt - Supre
Tights - Kmart
Black singlet - (underneath) - Tempt
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
belt - Cotton On

So yay its Friday! Thank god. work has been really quiet which = boring which = days go so slow :( But lets not talk about that lets relax and unwind its the weekend! Might watch a movie I just went over to my mates and pinched a whole bunch hehe.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Skinny Lace

Yay its Friday!! This Autumn so far has been very mild Im loving it!! I was greatful for one last chance to wear my lace singlet :)

I wore this yesterday, im a bit behind hehe. Im looking forward to the weekend - gonna catch up on some sleep tonight and I want to get plenty done 2moro! Then its a mates bday so looking forward to that.

Lace top - Jay Jays
Red singlet - Supre
Blue skinny jeans - Supre
Black wedges - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Headband - Equip?
Earrings - a gift
Bangle - Cotton On

I biffed my hair all up as I dyed my hair lastnight eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! It was really oily and gross so I biffed my black headband over - I quite like how it looks! So I dyed the underhalf of my hair - it has this ginger tinge at the ends and it really pisses me off so I got a medium brown, a few shades darker to try get rid of it! When I got out of the shower it looked black ahhhhh. Looking at it today in the dry it looks dark brown.....I'll show you some pics later as I need to get a decent picture of it! I think it looks better....I hope lol.

Work was pretty cruisy today as the boss was away then my Supervisor went home hehe so I didnt do much work! Hit the gym after then ruined it with two bourbons ooops. Ahh well its the weekend!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hey hey. Yesterday it was me and the boys two year anniversary hehe I loves him! Instead of going out we decided to stay in and have a nice home cooked meal :)

Heres the table I had set up hehe. Looked better with the drinks and food on it but meh.

We had a lovely meal and a great chat.....relaxed for the rest of the night....well most of it hehe. Cant wait to see what the future brings :)

This is what I wore:

Dress - Supre
Knee high socks - The Warehouse
Heels - Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - Glassons

Looked better in person, my photos suck sorry.

Im so glad its Friday tomorrow. I need a sleep in and some relaxing time! Although Im gonna have to sit down and apply for a heap of jobs.....I also got a reply back about the email I sent on Tuesday. Just a whole bunch of crap really. Doesnt really sound like a place I'd wanna work after all that I guess......

Hope you are all having a fab week!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Determination is my middle name

Hey peeps. So I didnt get the job I wanted but I thought I would give it one last shot as I think the reasons are stooooooooopid! I fired off an email yesterday to the two ladies.....Im not expecting miracles I just want them to re-consider me as I think their reasoning is a tad unrealistic and unfair. We shall see!!

Back to work today after 5 days away :( At least its kind of a short week. I was at a course yesterday but it was pretty cruisy.....hanging out for the weekend!!

This is what I wore to the course yesterday....rather casual as I wanted to be comfy!

Sorry about the crap photos lol.

Leather jacket - Glassons
Grey Hoddy - Farmers
Navey T - Supre
Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Grey boots - Number one shoe warehouse

Tomorrow is mine and the boys 2 year anniversary hehe. We decided to have a night in so Ive got a roast chicken defrosting as we speak! Will be a yummo meal! We;ve also got eachother a little pressie....cant wait to find out what mine is! So I might not update you until Thursday depending on how the night goes......if ya know what I mean ;)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

I modelled at a Wedding expo!

Hey peeps. A catchup of my weekend for you :) Friday started off pretty quiet at home, watched a movie then ended up going for a cruise round town. Ended up at the skids (which I did not want to go to) with a crapload of people all drunk and all over the place. Saw one skid then two chicks started smashing a god people are pathetic. Then it was basically a mob of people onto this one guy...then the cops showed up so we left and headed home.....hopefully I never have to go to the skids again!

Saturday I hung out with the boy, we walked into town and got some lunch and sat and ate it down by the river. I should have gotten some pics it was a beautiful day! we had a wee shop then wandered back home. In the afternoon I had to go to a fitting for the wedding show. Met all the models and had a look backstage etc. Was cool as my mate is doing it too and also a chick I used to go to school with!

White T-shirt - Supre
Jeggings - Kmart
Black shoes - the Warehouse
Cardigan - Glassons
Earrings - A gift

My saturday outfit was pretty casual since I was walking around :) 

Saturday night me and the boy just watched movies as I had to get up really early sunday morning. We had to be at the wedding expo at 8am for hair and makeup. Was fun getting all done up. I wasnt doing the catwalk show so I didnt actually end up doing much. I wandered around for about half an hour at the start handing out lollies then I had to get out of the dress as it was being used in the fashion show. I helped out backstage and watched the show. We had a break for lunch then after the second fashion show we had a photo shoot. It was over so quickly I hope she actually got some decent pictures!!! I didnt take my camera to the show but my friend did so hopefully I can show u guys some pics soon!

I was very casual today too as I wanted to be comfortable when I wasnt in a dress and heels.


Grey top - Glassons
Black tights - Farmers
Boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Cardigan - Supre

My hair and makeup is still on from the wedding expo hehe I quite liked how they did my hair dont you?

Im so tired now but it was fun! Wish I had another day to recover but I have to go to a lame customer service course all day tomorrow then work for the rest of the week - LAME. I want sleeeeeeeeeep.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To the maxxxx - take 2!

I bought me another maxi dress! I wasnt even sure I was ever gonna buy one and now I have two lol. I dont like how they turn out in pictures tho - they make me look larger than I am :(

Im only working three days this week so tomorrow is my Friday YAY! So looking forward to it! I have my second interview tomorrow after work so I am about to study up on that and try prepare myself. Im getting all nervous eeeek I want it so bad! I think I would be great for the job though.....just gotta convince them I guess!!

Dress - Valley Girl
heandband - Mum
Bangle - Cotton On
Shoes - Trademe
Necklace - Equip


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend outfits and good news!!

Hey peeps cant be arsed doing an outfit post everyday of the weekend so I'll stock it all up for Sunday hehe.

To the good news - I have a second interview for the job I want on Wednesday eeeeeeeeek! Im so scared. I really want it...I dont know if I should prepare or just go and see what happens.....any tips for me to nail it so they want to hire me??! Im worried I'll get all nervous and start talking crap and put them off :(

To my weekend and outfits! Friday we went to a mates place for some drinks, I sober drove so I was quite bored lol I dont like going out Fridays cos im always so tired from working all week :( We stayed till about 12am then I went home to bed while James went out cruising with our neighbour! ANyway I love my outfit I think its cute, I love my new blousey thing hehe only cost me $20 on sale and I adore the neckline! Great top to wear to work, casual or dressy :( Heres some pics:

Sheer blouse - Shanton
Black singlet - Supre
Blue skinny jeans - Supre
Black wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - pass
Headband - Mums
Bracelet & Necklace - Equip

Leather Jacket - Glassons

Saturday me and James went for a walk/run around Hagley park then he worked in his care for a bit while I ran a few errands. We then went for a drive out to a country road and I practised a few launches in my car in preparation for trackday on Thursday! I get so nervous when I do it lol. We went to a 21st with a mate Saturday night - Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of my outfit but im sure i'll wear it again! Was a good night and free booze is always a win! I spent $11 the whole night hehe. Today was actually quite warm which was great and the sun was out. Have just bummed round home really, baked a slice which im chilling in the fridge and cleaned out my singlet draw - I now have a few to list on trademe and make me some money! Read my cosmo in the sun for a bit and mucked around on the computer - oh and I applied for a job :) Pretty relaxing day really and supre stoked im not hungover!

What I wore Saturday:

I know ive been rocking my leather jacket alot lately but i loves it! It goes with so many outfits hehe.

Boote - Number one shoe warehouse
Jeans - Jay Jays
Blue top - Cotton on?
Grey hoody - Farmers
Leather jacket - Glassons

Todays outfit: Nice n comfy sunday outfit!

I picked up this top in Auckland for $16 I love the pattern and colours! and the cute wee zips hehe.

Top - Valley Girl
Tights - Farmers
'Boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Cardy - Glassons

Hope you all had a great weekend! Back to work tomorrow :(


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black Jackets....

Rule? haha. This is my new jacket:

Exscuse the crappy pictures, its getting dark so early now it sux :( I decided to just wear my new jacket with some coloured tights and heels hehe

Jacket - Shanton
Tights - Farmers
Shoes - Number one shoe warehouse
Headband - Farmers

I am so glad its Friday tomorrow Ive been sleeping really crap and im so tired :(  So not much to say today must get ready for bed!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The last of the lace.......

I think this will be my last lace outfit for awhile........depends on my mood hehe. Back to work today it was crap as usual :( Had a shitty sleep lastnight so that didnt help. Applied for some more jobs, got a rejection or two.....just another day haha.

To my outfit:

The picture doesnt do the outfit justice im afraid :( Looks alot better in real life! I always seem to come out frumpy in pics grrrr

Black leather jacket - Glassons
Blue shirt - The Gap (thrifted)
Black lace skirt - Jay Jays
Red tights - Farmers
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Black earrings - Equip
Black headband - Diva/equip?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping up with the lace....

Whats up whats up. (p.s. watch Sex Drive then you will get that hehe). My last day off today eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Dont want to go back to work :( Had my job interview this morning - went for an hour and a 1/4 THEN I got an email later with a link to a questionaire/test that took me over and hour to complete......I better freaking get this job! I really do want it and I cant believe the hurdles you have to go through to get a great company to work with but I will be a tad peeved if I dont get it after all the time ove spent trying too....The thing is one of the guys interviewing me knows my current boss and idea if that works to my advantage or the opposite :( Gah. Im so sick of this I just want a new job, I hate the appyling. I hate the waiting. Its like torture!

On the upside I went shopping again for a hooded brown leather jacket....came home with three things - none of them a brown leather jacket lol. I got a cute black jacket, a cute black seethrough toppy thing and a very cute black would be better - I shall wear then soon!

Onto my next lace outfit:

Black lace top - Glassons
Black singlet - Supre
lack boots - number one shoe warehouse
Black bow belt - Cotton On
Black skirt - Supre

Back to work tomorrow :( sigh.


Monday, April 5, 2010

More Lace!

So ended up getting to bed around 5am this morning....not good lol. So tired today and wasted half the day in bed! Got some visiting out of the way today my nana and James's family. Was nice to catch up with some peeps. I printed off some photos for my Nana which she was stoked about hehe. Even went and got a few groceries for her what a good granddaughter I am!

We watched a movie and now im going to cook some tea yummo. James is at the video shop with his mate picking out some more vids. Im getting nervous about my job interview tomorrow.....I really want it eeeeeeeek I hope they like me! Fingers crossed! Im looking forward to another day off work - will not sleep in so I can get lots done.

My next lace outfit for you:

I think this outfit is cute hehe. I love my lace skirt! And these pics have turned out well - my legs are looking super skinny in these pics high five!haha

White top - From mum
Lace skirt - Jay jays
Black bow belt - Cotton On
Black wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Bangle - Cotton On
Headband - Diva

I hope you guys have enjoyed my lace outfit long weekend! Still not over yet stay tuned :)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back home - Lace catchup!

Hey guys im back home now :) Was a great couple of days catching up with my family in Auckland! Was awesome to be able to take the bf with me too hehe. Poor old Dads going through the wars, he developed a bad rash in reaction to the antibiotics hes on so that wasnt fun for him. He needs to really look after himself now and I hope he does! I wish I was there to keep an eye on him.....

We didnt get up to too much up there as Dad wasnt well. We went shopping Sarturday and I found some good bargains which I will share with you soonies hehe. James got himself a couple of pairs of shoes for under $60! Other than that we just chilled out, ate, drank, watched movies and went for a bit of a drive today. I also met up with a mate for a frap which was nice.

Heres an update on my lace long weekend for the last few days:

Long-sleeved lace top - The Warehouse
Black singlet - Supre
Black belt - Pagani
Purple high-waist skirt - Valley Girl
Black tights - Farmers
Black flats - The Warehouse
Black bangle - Cotton On
Black bow headband - Diva

I really like this look. White singlet - Supre
white lace top - Jay Jays
Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Greay Boots - Numer one shoe warehouse

I still have two more days of holiday yay! Im really tired but the bf wants to go to his mates tonight to play xbox and have a few drinks....I guess I may as well make the most of my time off an do stuff! I do have a bottle of wine in the fridge hehe.

Hope you have all had a great weekend so far :) Happy Easter!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Lace Take2 and Hello Auckland!

I didnt get time to post this yesterday sorry. Last day of work for the week and also payday so me and James got the groceries after work then mates came over for drinks lastnight. Got to bed around 4am hehe. So a bit tired and hungover today :( Hopefully I perk up by 4.30 which is when we are flying to Auckland!! As you know Dad hasnt been well and Mum offered to fly us up there for a few days so we thought why not! So flying to Auckland today then back Sunday. Its great cos then we get a few days away and a few days at home :)

ANywho to my outfit:  The picture isnt fantastic :(  You cant really see the lace detail on the top and the skirt has come out srunchy....meh

High-waist skirt - Tempt
WHite singlet - Supre
White lace top - Jay Jays
Black flats - The Warehouse
Black bangle - Cotton On
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop

So I will back home Sunday and I will update you with my lace outfits day three and four :) Stay tuned!

Hope you all have a great easter!