Saturday, October 30, 2010


It was me and my boys 2.5 year anniversary last week.....I know I know 2.5 years who celebrates that? But it was really an exscuse to go out for tea as we dont get to like at all! So we went to a Thai Restaurant on Riccarton Road. The highlight for me was the pudding - ice cream and deep fried banana yum! This is what I wore:

Skirt - Supre, Tights - Farmers, Top - Tempt, Necklace $1 to $8 shop, Wedges - Cotton On, Bag - Equip

Isnt my bag cute? I wanted a little bag that can go across both shoulders so I can have both my hands free and its just so cute with the studs and stuff hehe. I can never really be bothered listing where my jewellery is from because honestly, half the time I cant remember lol its mostly just cheapy places like Dive, Equip or Bling. I've got the mad cold at the moment and have all week so Ive been feeling pretty ugh and sorry for myself :( I just hope this is my flu fo awhile so I can enjoy summer sick free!

Hope you all have a great weekend xxx 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Party Pics

I told you I would share some pics from my Saturday night, well here goes:

Laveena and Sal wearing the boys clothes

Jason and his awesome ensemble

A beautiful pic of me and my friend Laveena haha - wearing our own clothes now

You kinda get the idea, there was alot of clothes swapping! Good times. Unfortunately Im not having good times at the moment, Ive come down with the flu :( Sore sinuses, sore throat ugh been off work the last two days. I HATE being sick. I went to the pharmacy earlier and got some drugs so hoping they work and I'll be all better by tomorrow!

This outfit is from earlier on Saturday. It was quite a warm day - bring on summer!

Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Shorts - Glassons, Top - Cotton On, Glasses - The Warehouse ($5!)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Dress - two ways!

Dont you love it when you find somethign you've been looking for, for ages, find it cheap AND it can be worn more than one way? I know I do! This leopard print "top" is actually a dress I brought recently as seen  here Im hoping to come up with another way too - watch this space! This pic was from last week, today was spent at home by myself with a sore throat :( It started yesterday and I thought it was because I accidentally hit the piss two nights in a row haha but I may have run myself down instead oops. Thinking of the positive this week will only be a 3 day working week yay! The long weekend was great, filled with friends, good times, bad times (think couples having the made fight - dont worry not me!) and relaxing times. The boy and I went out for tea Friday night, BBQ at ours Saturday night, chilled Sunday then got on it again, chilled yesterday and finally washed my car haha its been countless months since I last washed her, poor baby.

Wedges - Cotton On, Jeans - Supre, Dress worn as top - Tempt, accessories - various

I might have to show you guys a sneak peek of what we got up to on Saturday night, think drinking games and swapping clothes haha man we're random! Hope everyone in NZ enjoyed the long weekend and anywhere else hope you had a great weekend too xxx

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The opposite of casual!

I walk to work so I generally I wear something tidy but comfortable and my gym shoes haha (dont worry I have nice shoes at work) so when I had to work last saturday and got to drive and park out the back of our building I decided to dress corporate and wear some heels!

Please exscuse y horrible hair day!

Heels - Hannahs, tights - Farmers, Skirt - Tempt, Shirt - Glassons, Blazer - Shanton?

Its Labour Day here in NZ on Monday so 3 day weekend for me yay! There is a big concert in Hagley Park today so I might head down there and check it out, sit in the sun and listen to some music. Other than that I dont have anything in particular planned just gonna see where it takes me! Im pretty stoked this morning though, I brought a new handbag a few weeks ago and I discovered one side of the handle was just hanging there by a few threads so I took it back and got a refund, I then brought a new bag AND some sunglasses for less haha score!

Hope you all have a great weekend xxx

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Casual

My day off yesterday didnt go exactly as planned. First of all I went to the mall down the road, looked at a few shops then waited to get a hair trim, I then drove to meet my friend at Riccarton Mall. I got there and I saw all these people running down the fire escapes and lots of people outside on the footpath. I parked my car and went and asked a couple of ladies what happened. Apparently there was a BIG aftershock!!! I thought I felt my wheel drive a bit funny while I was driving which Im assuming was when the aftershock happened. So glad I wasnt at work and so glad I was driving!! Apparently it was quite large and caused lots of stuff to fall over and break in peoples houses :( It was a magnatude 5.0 which was no where near as big as the original 7.1 quake but it was very shallow and close to the city centre so felt strongly. Its a pity that the only mall that was evacuated in Christchurch was the one I was going to! I went round to my mates place as she hadnt left yet, hung out for a bit, painted me toe nails then we headed to The Palms another mall and had ourselves a casual long lunch! Sat out in the sun, had a few ciders and some lunch it was great! Except for the part when I got burnt lol I now have a large red square on my back lol. After lunch we went shopping, I picked up a cute handbag. We then picked up a bottle of wine and our friend drove us to my mates place to visit her and her wee bubba. I love seeing him hes so cute!! he always smiles when he sees me.

This is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, just a casual, comfy outfit. Im loving being able to take pictures when I get home as its still light outside AND having a backyard to pose in!!

Jeans - Jay Jays, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Top - Valley Girl, Cardy - Jay Jays

Only two more days of work then a 3 day weekend yay!! xxx

Monday, October 18, 2010

Leopard Print Dress!

Tights - Farmers
Hells - Kumfs
Dress - Tempt
Belt - Trendz

I finally found a leopard pring dress yay! Please exscuse the horrible picture Im so over my friends camera its crap! P.S. This is my friend Mel and its her camera haha. Anywho I found this dress on my recent trip to Wellington and I picked it up for a meagre $26 - score!! I love the shape as its flattering in the boob area and its covers up your bra straps which is handy, its also not skin tight so great for if you're having one of those "fat" days.

Ive got the day off work tomorrow so Im planning a relaxing day of shopping, lunch and catching up with mates - cant wait! xxx

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wellington Day 3

A picture heavy post for you today!

Breakfast of champians! (there was no plates)

shirt - Tempt
Tights - Farmers
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse

square toilet hehe


Our third day in Wellington we hung out in the hotel room and had some breaky - in mugs haha. We then wandered and got some lunch and ate it by the waterfront. We happened to be near Te Papa museum so we nipped in there and had a look around and got some nice pics of the veiw! It was very windy outside so wasnt practical to get outfit shots outside. We then went to The Lanes and went bowling hehe - I havent bowled in aaaaages! The shoes were surprisingly comfortable. James got an awesome shot of me mid bowl as you can see above. After that we wandered back to the hotel & got a shuttle back to the airport and it was goodbye Wellington. James wasnt keen on a picture of himself on the plane lol. I got the shirt I'm wearing in the pics whie I was in Wellington, so comfortable and versatile. It was great having a few days away and we came back on Saturday so still had a day and a bit before work again.

Ive managed to take a few outfit pics lately with my mates camera so I will try post a bit more regularly. I dont want to run out though! Im hoping to sort a camera this week.....will have to wait and see.

Hope you all are having a great weekend, today was a gorgeous day, sunny and hot - I cant wait for summer!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Wellington Day 2

Our second day in Wellington was spent shopping basically hehe. I found a few good bargains! We stopped off at Hell Pizza for a yummy lunch, I had a creator with all my favs and a trusty red bull:

Lunch of champions!

Beautiful Church

We went to a place called Monsoon Poon for tea, pretty much went there cos of the name and they had funny as names for cocktails like Poon Tang haha

Moi at dinner

Outfit -
Skirt - Cotton On
Tights - Farmers
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Top - Jay Jays
Hair extensions - Trademe

After a yummy dinner we went to the movies - $16.80!!! What a rip!! We saw The Other Guys which was pretty funny. We then wandered back to the hotel where by it started bucketing down and blowing a gale so we snuggled up in bed!

Will bring you day 3 soon. Friday today yay! Except I have work tomorrow boo xxx

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Only Exception

As you know I took a trip to Wellington last week with the boy to catch Paramore live at TSB Arena. What an experience!! My friend lent me her camera so I was able to take some pics - her camera isnt fantastic so they arent great quality lol.

We flew up last Thursday afternoon, caught a shuttle to the Hotel where we ditched our bags then walked to the supermarket to get some wine! We then got ready and headed to Istanbul - a restaurant in Welly that I LOVE, I recommend it if you are ever in Wellington. Plus its BYO so we enjoyed some wine before the show and a yummy dinner!

This is what I wore to dinner and the show:

Not wearing alot you may think? Well it was pretty damn hot at the show as you can imagine, dont worry I took a cardy haha

Skirt - Valley Girl
Flats - The Warehouse ($6!)
Top - Supre
Necklace - Dive or somewhere
Headband - Diva I think
Extensions - Trademe

There was a MASSIVE line outside TSB when we got there, we casually slipped ourslves in towards the middle haha, we waited fir AGES, I had to go pee, luckily there was a bar right beside TSB so i whipped in there then back out to the line.

Me and my boy waiting in line x

Hayley in action at the show - she is freaking HOT. She has like, perfect skin its ridiculous.


There were two bands on before Paramore, one a NZ band called Jury and the Saints and another fron US called Reliant K. Not really my kind of music but was entertaining enough. Paramore killed it though, sang all their good songs and sound awesome live. I was checking out Hayley and on of the guitarists - he was hot! Married though Hayley said...gutted haha.

Only downside to the show was all the teeny boppers. Their fan base is mostly very young tweens as far as I can see! They kept trying to push through the crowd which pissed me off and one chick even tried to start a fight with me outside after the show for no reason WTF? I was like go to bed geeeeeeeez.

Thats enough for now, I will fill you in on the rest of my holiday another day xx

Thursday, October 7, 2010


For some reason my stupid computer is having a spaz when I try to uload pics. Not happy!! I still dont have a camera but my friends is letting me borrow hers as me and the bf are going to Wellington for a few days today. We are catching Paramore live tonight then shopping, drinking, eating that sort of stuff :) I really havent been away with him with just the two of us.......maybe only once before which is just not good enough!

I hope you can all bear with me until the stupid EQC decides to contact me and either fix or replace my broken camera. I was just starting to get into my fashion when BAM a 7.0 maganatude earthquake cocked it all up. Least I am fine and so is my house thought. Its really sad to hear after more than a month people are still without water and power, or the power goes off and on intermitently.....and there are still aftershocks happening - in fact the second biggest since the big quake was the other day a 5.0. We have had over 1400 aftershocks now. Needless to say we are all over it and I am looking forward to going to another city for a few days!

Take care xxx