Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Bit of Crochet

Hey Everyone, whoo hoo Friday! Its been my first full week back at work for a weeks and boy did it draaaaaaaaaaaag. I'm celebrating with a Cider in the sun, who knows what the rest of the night will bring!
I've finally got all my pictures on my computer from my recent adventures so I will post about that next week.
Onto my outfit, my god this crochet top was an amazing find, I got it for a ridiculous price like $5 or something white, red and blue - can't go wrong really ;)
P.S. You should all follow me on INSTAGRAM for real time updates including my latest hair colour ;)

Top - Trademe
Skirt - Glassons
Heels - Number 1 Shoes
Necklace - Diva
Happy Friday Lovelies! xxx


  1. Friday makes me really happy., :)
    Such am elegant outfit, nice top
    Keep in touch

  2. absolutely gorgeous top! and loving your hair!
    New outfit post hope you can share some insights about it. Thanks!

    keep in touch!


  3. Great outfit! Love your skirt!!

  4. This top is really wonderful and it goes perfectly with this skirt. Such an adorable outfit. I wish it were warm enough to dress like this!

    1. Thanks hun! Hopefully you get some warm weather soon xx

  5. your pins look great in that skirt! love the bargain of the crochet top too! :)

    Metallic Paws


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