Friday, September 28, 2012

Europe Trip - Florence, Pisa & Monaco

Hi Lovelies, TGIF huh? Not a bad Friday so far, free carrot cake at work then after work drinks!
Today I have more holiday snaps for you of Florence, Italy, Pisa and Monaco. Florence was nice, not as busy as Rome and Venice, we chilled out, looked around, shopped, ate and of course got some Gelato. Pisa we only stopped to look at the leaning tower, thats pretty much all thats there haha. Then Monaco we didnt stop for long either, we had some time to look around, take some snaps, see some sites and.......have some Gelato!
I might break my pictures up a bit with an outfit picture in between so ya'll dont get too bored. Stick around!

Me with Florence behind me
Cool bridge!
Random people dressed up in Florence
More statues....
The worlds oldest Gelato shop thats still open
Italy has "Phamacia's" everywhere & they all have this sign thingee!
The leaning tower! Its definately on the piss :P
Dont worry I'll hold it up!
They had Duff in Pisa
Our ride to the leaning tower
Pretty self explanatory lol
View of Monaco
Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco
Princess Grace's grave in the Cathedral
The Palace
View of Monaco
One of Princess Caroline's houses
More pretty view
Thats all folks, have a great weekend! Happy Friday xxx

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Europe Trip - Rome

Hullo, more trip pics today of course! Today we do Roma! Rome was a very interesting city to say the was hot, crowded, there are lots of homeless people and people trying to sell you stuff, the traffic is insane and there are ancient ruins everywhere, its crazy! Definately different to New Zealand haha.
Here are some highlights:

Me in the Colosseum
Throwing my coins into the Trevi Fountain
Mum and I in front of the Trevi Fountain
Italian Pizza - nice but weird!
Ancient ruins were everywhere
Including as part of peoples homes apparently
Me outside the Pantheon
We went to ^
Rome in the evening
Horse and carts just casually cruising down the road with other traffic
Inside the Vatican grounds
What the inside of the Sistene Chapel looks like - you cant take pictures as its fresco
Inside St Peter's Basilica - freaking HUGE!
Swiss Guards at the Vatican
Balcony in the middle is where the Pope appears
Ancient ruins everywhere - this was discovered while they were doing some roadworks
There you go, a taste of Rome for you! Have you ever been? What are your thoughts on Rome?
I'll wrap up Italy tomorrow with Florence :)
Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Europe Trip - Venice

Hi Lovelies, yep more trip pics today. Its my first ever overseas trip so have to blog document it!! I was going to do Italy in one go but we went to Venice, Rome and Florence and I have way too many pictures to break it down to just a few of each place in one post so you get 3 posts on Italy whoo hoo :P

This is a taster of what we got up to in Venice:

Mum and I in a Gondola cruising the canals of Venice
St Marks Square
Lots of big cruise ships!
We went to a glass factory, this dude whipped up a horse in under a minute!
Lots of bridges and lots of canals
Pretty coloured houses
Freaky squatting toilets.....why Europe why?
Coming up tomorrow - Rome!!
Happy Hump Day Lovelies xxx

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Europe Trip - Amsterdam, Germany & Switzerland

Hello lovelies, more photo highlights from my overseas trip today! Today I bring you Amsterdam, in Amsterdam we had a walking tour of the red light district - "interesting" lol, saw lots of bikes (they have right of way everywhere!), went on a cruise along the canals and walked around the shops and had dinner.  Germany was next where we stopped at a small town called Boppard then cruised on the Rhine river before heading to our hotel. We headed to Switzerland the next day, Lucerne, where we shopped, ate, explored and also went for a cruise across the lake before taking a train and gondola up the mountain!

Pics below:

On the Ferry to France - behind the white cliffs of Dover
In Amsterdam
On the canals in Amsterdam
Driving on the Autobhan, a casual 130km/hr speed limit.....which not everyone follows lol
Lunch ;)
Mum and I having a wine on the Rhine - get it?
Lots of castles in Germany!
Statue in memory of the Swiss Guards massacared
Its Jesus! On Lake Lucerne.
Train up the mountain
View from the top
More view from the top of the mountain
Cheeky Switzerland Cider on top of the mountain :)
Thats all for today folks! If you dont care abount travel pics feel free to pop back in a few days when I'm done with them :P
Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx