Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Down with the Sickness

Hi lovelies, after the bf has been very sick twice now (and still is) this winter I have caught the bug AGAIN also :( Luckily I got a flu jab through work so it hasnt hit me as hard but I hate not feeling 100% health wise!

Anywho enough whinging, I love how my hair offsets the muted colours of this outfit. This jersey is super confy and warm and I had to throw some polka dots in there for good measure :)

Jersey - Glassons, Shirt - Thrifted, Skirt - Supre, Shoes - Warehouse

Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue, Green, Red with a Sprinkle of Studs

Hi Lovelies, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, bit of movie watching, bit of car stuff, went bowling with workmates, and went out for a dinner date with my friend Chloe tonight, was super fun and super yummy!

I got these cute flats for like $10 awhile ago now. I thought for $10 they were pretty cute and who doesnt like studs?!!

Top, cardy and skirt - Glassons, Shoes - Warehouse

Im sad another weekend is over, Im already counting down to next weekend though got a few things planned!!

Happy Sunday Lovelies xxx

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Light and Dark

Hi Lovelies, nearly another weekend whoo hooo! Not sure I'll be up to much as the bf is ve sick with the flu at the moment, so might be alot of movie watching going on! Thats fine though as August is haping up to be pretty busy social wise as well as counting down to my overseas trip!

Anywho on to the pictures, these were taken when it was getting dark so they cam eout either really bright or dark as a mofo....Ive lightened some up and fiddled around with others but they are a bit grainy so sorry about that! Also no idea why I look so meh in the first pic haha

Shirt - Glassons, Jersey - Romwe, Jeans - Lee Riders via Just Jeans, Heels - Kumfs, Banlges - Dotti, Glassons

I love this shirt it is so versatile and can just add that extra punch to an outfit :) Right Im off to chill then finish reading the last Hunger Games book hehe

Happy Thursday Lovelies xxx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Hi Lovelies, how is your week going? Mine isnt going too bad, neither fantastic nor crap so cant complain I guess haha. Im looking for an early night tonight though, desperately need a good sleep!

If your wondering what I am on about in the title of the post I took these photos myself with my tripod. Everytime I took photos with my tripod they came out complete crap and blurry, my darling bf then replaced a nut which he happened to notice was missing and boom problem solved - no blurry pictures whoo hoo! So if the bf isnt available I can take my own pictures yay! As you can see the first couple of pictures the lighting was a bit intense, I also quite like the affect as well though so kept them in :)  

 Peplum top - Mum, Skirt - Dotti, Flats - Warehouse, Collar necklace - Giveaway

 Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pink, stripes & Leather

Hi Lovelies, another weekend nearly over. Ive had a pretty cruisy weekend. A bit of pampering in the form of a massage and facial, good ol house hold chores and groceries, movie watching and catching up with some mates. Pretty low key but Im still getting over a cold so no point pushing it!

Since I got this pink blazer Ive worn it quite a lot, it brings that extra ooomf to an outfit that is plain or all or mostly one colour- like this one!

Shirt - Glassons, Blazer - Factorie, Leather look pants - Valley Girl, Wedges - Number 1 Shoes, Necklace - Dotti

Happy Sunday Lovelies xxx