Monday, January 31, 2011

Denim Dress

Super creative title huh? I decided to wear this dress one last time before I sell it on Trademe. Im slowly getting through my wardrobe and selling the stuff I just really dont wear. This dress is really comfy but I much prefer my denim to be a skirt or jeans! It has a denim belt thing you tie in a bow but I decided to leave that off in this case.

Wedges - Numner 1 Shoe Warehouse, Tights - Farmers, Dress - Jay Jays

The start of another week and with a cold too yay for me, I had to take my phone in to the shop today because it keeps turning itself off all the time its so frustrating, they might have to have it for a few days so im feeling a little lost :( The week can only get better though right? xxx 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Shoes

Hi Lovlies how has your weekends been? Ive had a great and productive weekend. The best thing out of it? My bf made me a shoe rack! Im so excited and stoked about it hehe. It fits all my shoes perfectly from slippers to gym shoes. Its nothing fancy but it certainly does the trick. Previously all my shoes were just in a massive pile on the floor and they were taking up so much room so this gives our room a whole new look. Feast your eyes below:

I really want (him) to DIY something else now, although we have to be careful because its not our house. Me and the bf had a lovely day today getting some groceries, had some yummy sushi for lunch then mucked around home doing the lawns and garden - what an old married couple huh? It needed done though and still havent managed to do it all we have a rather big garden. Back to work tomorrow sigh. But Im finishing the weekend off on a high - Pork chops, roast veges & an epic salad for tea, Chocolate Barvarian and Ice Cream for pudding and If I feel the urge I made a citrus slice so may have to try some of that too! Ohhhh and I totally have a creme egg - easter eggs are out already can you believe it? Have a great night folks xxx

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pops of Colour

I really dont like wearing all black.....makes me feel like an emo or something haha, no offence to any emo's out there of course - each to their own! It just makes me feel a bit morbid so I try and incorporate a bit of colour to my black outfits. Case in point today - a pop of pink! I got the cute short sleeved cardigan type thing for $10 from Tempt awhile ago, it is soooo comfy and hides the wobbly bits just right ;)

Wedges - Rubi, Tights - Farmers, Dress - Supre, Top - Tempt, Watch - A Gift

I have had such a productive Saturday so far! I cleaned the house this morning, the carpet honestly hasnt been vaccumed for weeks oooops. Looks great now! We then went out and I cashed in my cheque I finally got from the Earthquake Commission (if you remember we had a magnatude 7.1 earthquake here in September last year, some of my contents were damaged and Ive waited this long to be paid out), posted some stuff I sold on Trademe, had some lunch, bought a weed eater and hedge cutters and cleaned my car! We also did stuff the bf needed to do like fix his bike tyre but all in all a very productive day so far and its only 5pm! I must head off now and get ready for tonight - I will fill you in tomorrow! Hope you all have a fab weekend xxx

Friday, January 28, 2011


When I put this skirt and top on I realised I had worn it before! But alas it goes together great and I have styled it differently so I dont see the harm in wearing the same outfit twice - after all Im not a millionaire, I cant afford to buy new clothes every day and wear them only once - just keeping it real for you guys. I decided to casual this outfit up with my new chuck lookalikes. So comfy!

Hopefully I havent lost any of you after my wee absence, Im hoping things will be fine from now on and I can get back to regular posting :)

Shoes - Factorie, Tights - Farmers, Skirt - Valley Girl, Lace top - The Warehouse, Black singlet - Tempt

Do you like our pet roadcone?hehe

Im just glad its finally the weekend, im going to be very productive this weekend I feel! Hope you all have had a great week and an even better weekend to come! xxx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bare with me

Hi guys, Just letting you know Im still here. Just going through some personal things at the moment that requires my attention to be fully focussed, so I wont be on here for a few days, hopefully I can start some outfit posting back up this weekend! Bare with me xxx

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well not really chucks but a cheapy version - $9.95 to be exact! So comfy and I think they can be added to a variety of outfits from casual to dressy - cant wait to wear them heaps! In this case Ive gone for a sort of casual/punky vibe. Im not much of a hate person but this hat is super comfy and great for casual outfits.

Shorts - Glassons, Shoes - Factorie, Top - Jayjays, Hat - Illicit

Please exscuse my sexy hand bandage thing :P

I went to the Dr today to check my hand again. Its healing well apparently so now its just being pateint and waiting for it to heal properly - well into a scar. gonna be a pretty narly one. At the moment its just a bit of a scabby mess - yummy eh? I prefer to keep it covered still as im worried of splashing something on it or bumping it. Enough about that though. Finally Friday tomorrow! Im excited, I dont have heaps planned but I am going to a friends tomorrow night for a Poker night and then Saturday I have a few errands to run and then Im getting my hair cut eeeeeeeeeeeeek im nervous. I havent been to this hairdresser before and Im wanting something different so stay tuned folks! xxx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Army Styles

Hey lovlies, hope you week is going well over half way done for me. I have two new items to bebut for you today, both in keeping with the army theme hehe. I got this dress from Kmar of all places for only $19. I think its pretty dam cute and oh so comfy. I havent really got anything this colour too which it wicked. I have had my eye on some lace up suede wedges in Wild Pair for aaaaaaaaaaaages but couldnt justify the price. I picked up these puppies which are pretty much the same for a fraction of the price at Dotti - also using a voucher which helped even more! They are super comfy too.

Dress - Kmart, Wedges - Dotti, Sunnies - Glassons, Knee Highs - Farmers?, Cuff - Cotton On

I started off this outfit with the knee highs but I ended up changing to full length tights as the dress is quite short at the back! Which do you think looks best?

On another note I went to my first Tuppaware party tonight! Pretty random I must say, free wine and fudge is all good with me though. I also ordered a container for my lunch, I will be sure to post a picture when I receive it! xxx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanmer Springs Part 2

Hello lovlies a picture heave post for you today sorry! I will finish off my weekend away to Hanmer Springs. Saturday night we ventured out for dinner after having a few drinks at the hotel. I bought this leopard print dress the week before - only $35! I love the one shoulder and the flowy fabric. Anywho, dinner was so yummy think chicken, bacon, camembert, basil pesto.....mmmmm. We followed that up with an ice cream in a cone on the way home then we watched some DVDs and had a few more drinks. I finally watched UP for the first time - such a cute movie!

Heels - Jeffrey Campbell's from Andrea Biani, Dress - Valley Girl, Belt - Pagani, Earrings - A Gift

Token stupid face photo hehe 

 Love my Jeffrey Campbells SO much
 The next morning we headed to Robbies for a big cooked breakfast - it was SUPER windy hence the hair and stupid face lol
 Pretty Tree I wanted to be stupid in front of ;) Top - Glassons, Shorts - Cotton On, Jandals - Rubi
 After breakfast we headed back to the Hot Pools and lazed about in various pools of various temperatures for about an hour and a half then we went to a private spa just for the two of us and......relaxed haha. We then went for a wander in the town and had some delish Lasagne for lunch. We wandered up a hill and gawked at the view of Hanmer then headed off back to the city! All in all I had a great weekend! xxx

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hanmer Springs Part 1

Happy Monday everyone hehe. As I have mentioned I had a lovely weekend just been. My wondeful BF got me a weekend away in Hanmer for Christmas and that is exactly what we did! It was a great weekend weather wise too - sun shining and over 30 degrees both days :) We started the weekend off on Friday by inhaling Hells Pizza for lunch and watching some DVDs then on Saturday we drove about an hour and 20 minutes to Hanmer Springs. Its basically a tourirty/holiday town. Its main attraction is the Hot Pools. Check out if you want a looky. We checked into the Hotel then walked about 2 minutes to the Hot Pools where we lounged in the pools for a bit then went to the Spa and had a Steam followed by a massage. I have too many pictures for one post so I will space them out over a few posts.

A view on the way to Hanmer

AT the Pools - surprisingly pleasant to be in water of 40 Degrees while its 30 Degrees out!

Day One outfit!

Flat - Rubi, Stockings - Farmers, Shorts - Cotton On, Top - Supre, Sunnies - Glassons

I got these shorts last week for only $10 - Im pretty much in love. They are so comfy and go with so much! Stay tuned tomorrow I will fill you in on what we got up to Saturday night and of course my outfit - I love it! xxx

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just a Note

Hello lovlies! Hope you all are having a super weekend, I sure did! I will fill you all in on my weekend tomorrow I am shattered. Chilling in front of the tele is the rest of my night im afraid - tune in tomorrow! xxx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Casino Royale

Hey folks - Its Friday yay! I wore this last Friday in fact, we went out to the casino as our mate just turned 20 and can now go to the casino. We had a yummy (and super cheap) dinner then hit the tables for some gambling. I suck at gambling and I dont really like it to be honest, I pretty much never go to the casino so I thought why not! I ended up $30 better off which I was happy with hehe. I quite like this outfit, its super comfy and I like how the strappy wedges and the thin belt add more to the simply look as well as my bag - love that bag!

Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Skirt - Supre, Top - Valley Girl, Bag - Equip

Not sure whats going on with my face here haha

Im starting off the weekend tonight with Hell Pizza for dinner mmmmm yum, they have the yummiest dessert pizza with banana, mixed berries, custard and white and dark chocolate buttons - delish! We have rented a few DVDs and gonna chill then tomorrow we are off to Hanmer Springs for the rest of the weekend - think Hotel, dinner out, hot pools, massages, spa's ahhhhh bliss. I will make sure to take pictures and fill you in when I get back! Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Work

Well today was my first day back at work! It didnt start off great as I woke at 6am and couodnt get back to sleep :( I got to work and had 93 emails haha. Took me awhile to go through them all. My hand was ok, took a bit to get used to the mouse and gave me some sharp pains every now and again but nothing I couldnt handle. I dont think im going to be mentally all there at work till next week seeing as Im starting my week off on a Thursday! Im in weekend mode already because I have an exciting weekend ahead!

Heres some more outfit shots for you with my sexy bandage - you know you love it!

Jeans - Supre, Clogs - Rubi, Lace Top - Tempt, White singlet - Supre, Belt - Cotton On

Can you believe these shoes cost me 25c? I did have a voucher though and bought two pairs and only paid 50c so there ya go - 25c shoes ;)

Arent they cute though?

Im going to try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight so nighty night everyone. I will update you on my exciting weekend tomorrow!  xxx

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Wrapped Up

Hello everyone, hump day has arrived! We are now getting into the pictures of my with my bung hand wrapped up hehe. Sexy isnt it? AT this stage I could barely do anything with my hand, it is a rather large cut and very deep = about 6 or so stitches :( Anywho enough about that, I dont think Ive actually worn my leopard skirt without tights so here we are!

Skirt & Wedges - Cotton On, Top - Mum gave it to me, Belt - Trendz

Hiding my hideous bandage

and again hehe

I have to go back to work tomorrow waaaaaa. Today I went for a walk again, headed to the Doctors because my bandage was starting to come off and got my cut re-dressed. Then Spiderman came over.......we are getting the house sprayed for spiders so I had to leave for about 4 hours. I went to the mall and booked in for a haircut next Saturday, had myself some butter chicken for lunch - so good! Then I headed to my friends place and hung out with her and her bub - he is so cute! By the time I got home it was about 4pm so I did some washing a bit of tidying and putting things back where they belonged as I had to cover things and biff them in the wardrobe. Hopefully no more spiders! Oh and I accidentally bought some shorts while I was at the mall oooops. xxx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One day to go

Till I have to go back to work :( I wanted to make the most of my last two days off work but unfortunately today I had a bit of a headache and generally felt a bit ugh. I did manage to go for a walk this morning which was good - especially before it rained for a little bit after I got home. I just generally chillxed at home, watched som Gossip Girl and baked Lemon muffins - guess thats not too badder day! Tommorrow we are getting the house sprayed to prevent spiders so we have to cover everything or put it away tonight which SUX haha. I have to be out of the house for 3 or 4 hours so Im hoping to go visit a mate and her bub and get a haircut! Might do some more baking when I get home.....depends on my mood lol.

I wore this up in Auckland when I was up there for Christmas, love this lace singlet it goes with so much!

Singlet - Jayjays, Skirt - Supre, Boots - The Warehouse, Necklace - A gift from Mum

Hope your week is going well so far. Its going to be a shock to the system for me to be back at work on Thursday, but ony two working days then Im off to Hanmer for the weekend with my boy - cant wait! xxx