Friday, December 31, 2010

My present to myself is.....

A brand spanking new paid of Jeffrey Campbells!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited. Serial. I have lusted after so many bloggers who are lucky enough to own Jeffrey Campbells. I love a pair of shoes a bloggers wearing and scroll down and seriously 9 times out of 10 they are Jeffrey Campbells! I can get them online from overseas but Ive never got anything from overseas before and the thought just kind of freaks me out really, plus not into buying something that I cant try on first. But alas I have found ONE shoe shop in NZ that sells Jeffrey Campbell YAY. Of course they are only in Auckland though, so when I went up to Auckland for Christmas I made dear Mummy take me to have a gander and I walked away with these babies:

ARent they gorgeous? Im in love. Cant wait to style them up! Funny thing too is as you can probably make out a little but there they are called "Woodies" by Jeffrey Campbell. My favourite drink is Woodstock Bourben - i.e. what I call Woody hehe - must be fate huh?

Anywho enough babbling I am off camping for a few days to celebrate New Years. I have 8 bottles of wine and an 18 pack of you think that will be enough? See you all in the New Year, cant wait bring on 2011!!! xxx

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Boxing Day Dress

I scored this cute dress on Trademe (NZ's ebay) for only $13.50! So stoked and it fits great. Its a really light material so awesome for summer. I wore this on Boxing day. Im not really hat person but I had to get some picturtes with Mums hat - I think it adds a bit more to the outfit as its pretty basic.

Wedges - Number 1 shoe Warehouse, Dress - Trademe, Hat - Mum

The colour of the dress is interesting its a kind of blue/purple colour. Boxing day for me was another day of relaxing and drinking hehe. Ive just gone and done all my food and drink shopping for New Years, tomorrow we are off for a few days of camping - cant wait!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Christmas

Hi all! A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours. I have just gotten home tonight from my wee Christmas holiday in Auckland with my family. The internet they had was soooo slow for uploading pics so I just gave up and had a break from blogging. But Im back! Well Im off again on Friday for New Years but Im back for a few days haha. Lots of pictures for you, a glimpse of my Christmas and my Christmas day outfit if course!

I hope you all had a great Christmas surrounded by loved ones. I had a great day drinking and eating......mmmmmm Turkey.....

So cute! Filled with Jaffas and mint leaves yum!

Boris the dog

The bf opening a pressie

Dads Grinch T-shirt hehe

My Christmas day outfit! Such a cute dress I love it. I got some new white socks from Mum so I decided to rock the wedges and socks again.

These were taken before lunch I think and I was already on the wine haha. I love it being Summer at Christmas - I cant imagine it being freezing and snowing!

Dress - Jay Jays, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Socks - a gift, Watch - a gift

What did everyone get for Christmas? I got a few goodies and also bought myself a few goodies - more on that later! My Dad was lucky enough to get an Ipad, I had fun having a wee play on that. Thats all for now I am rather tired, need to start getting ready for New Years now! xxx

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just popping in quickly before I head off - Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family :) I cant wait for tomorrow, it doesnt feel like Christmas still so Im looking forward to being at Mum and Dads surrounded by family, presents and food....and drink!

Merry Christmas everyone - stay safe. I will post when I have time Im all for relaxing at the moment :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Its Over!

Well peeps work is finally over for the year for me YAY! I should feel really awesome and relaxed right now but to be honest I feel a little stressed and grumpy and tired :( My only a few weeks old sandals that I LOVE broke today and I had to walk home (about half an hour) with two different shoes on which was rather uncomfortable. I then raced to the repair shop to drop my cell phone charger in as it does not work and they were closed! I got there before their closing and there was no signs saying they were going to close early - pissed off! I then went to the mall to get a replacement pair of sandals but noooo they dont have any anymore. Gutted. I bought myself a $5 pair of black jandals instead. Not fulfilled because I liked the sandals because they dont have that little bit you have between your toes which can be annoying and sore sometimes.....needless to say im on the hunt for some sandals for summer!

I really like this outfit, I love the white lace with the grey. I also love my new $8 wedges. Yup $8 lol.

shorts - Glassons, Wedges - Trademe, White top - Supre, Lace top - Cotton On

The countdown is on for Christmas now! Tomorrow I have to go get me a warrant - a re-check that is so I better pass! Try and get my charger into the repairer again if they decide to be open, pack and then we are going to the bf's Mums for dinner and presents before flying up to Auckland for Christmas with my family! Cant wait!!!

I think Im gonna go drink some wine now.......I totally deserve it and I wanna get outta this funky mood. Hopefully I will be able to post up some blogs while im up in Auckland. Take care! xxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breaking the Rules

Hi guys, second last day of work down yay! I got this little number off Trademe, it looked better on the mannequin haha. Its hard buying stuff off Trademe (NZ's ebay by the way) as you never know if its going to fit. In this case it is a bit too big for me - you can probably tell. Im breaking a few of my rules with this dress - its very girly with bright multi coloured polka dots and its a very modest length. I generally like my skirts and dresses to be above the knee not right on the knee.....I dont think this length suits me. Alas you be the judge here for me though - yay or nay people? Im undecided if I should keep it or sell it - hit me with your thoughts!!

Dress - Trademe, Belt - Pagani, Heels - Hannahs

Hope you all have your Christmas shopping done and are ready to relax - I know I am!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Farewell Dress!

Hey lovelies how are we all? Another scorcher in my hometown today, according to the news it was 32 degrees today! I am slowly going through my wardrobe and selling stuff I havent worn for awhile on Trademe. Thid dress is one thing I am selling, I really love the cut and the blue and black but alas it must go!

Dress - Scrapbook, Wedges - Cotton On, Tights - Glassons

I also recently brought this cute double necklace. I love it! I am by no means religous but I just thought it was super cute. Oh and please exscuse the super whiteness haha Im too lazy to fake tan and cant be bothered getting burnt - so get used to it! 2 more days of work to gooooooooooooooooooooo hehe xxx

Monday, December 20, 2010

Counting down

MOnday is down, 3 more days of work then Im on holiday for nearly two weeks! I learnt a valuable lesson walking to work today too - do not walk fast for 25 minutes wearing jandals.....I got two blisters on one foot that popped and my holy moly were they sore :( My poor feet. Its so frustrating because if I walk to work wearing gym shoes I also get a massive blister on the back of heel. Not cool, another reason to look forward to a few days off!

It was really hot and humid again today, very annoying because in our building the air con is ridiculous and its like being in a fridge. Kinda frustrating when deciding what to wear! Its supposed to be another hot one tomorrow....guess I'll just have to freeze inside.

This outfit is from a scorcher the other weekend:

Top - Cotton On, Shorts - Valley Girl, Belt - Cotton On, Sandals - Rubi Shoes

Hope you all have a great week, and are getting as excited about some time off work, and spending time with friends and family as I am! xxx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whats up with this weather?

Hows everyones weekends going? Mines been pretty good so far.....bit sick of the weather though! It doesnt rain that much in Chch but this week its been quite wet and miserable, then yesterday it was FREAKING hot, muggy and humid and sunny. Perfect weather for my friends birthday, she had a picnic.drinks/bbq out at the Groynes - a massive park area basically. We sat in the shade still sweating our butts off and drinking it was great! we then came back home and continued drinking then hit the town for a boogie :) Today its just been a bit of domesticated housework and some chillaxing. Im ending the weekend with a roast chicken for dinner hell yeah! But anywho back to the weather after yesterdays chronic heat and nice weather its wet n dreary again WTF? Sort it out mother nature!

Maxi - Valley Girl, Sandals - Hannahs, Belt - Dotti, Headband - Equip

This outfit is from a few weeks ago.....Im still behind sorry guys lol

I still cant believe its nearly Christmas, it just doesnt feel like it! Ive done all my shopping, just need to wrap the rest of my presents and Im 100% done! Need to sort out dinner with the bfs Family before we fly up to Auckland to spend Christmas with my family and have a mini break away before coming back down and going to Ashley Gorge for New Years! Soooooooo cant wait to have some time off work!! xxx

Friday, December 17, 2010


Awesome title huh? Thats for the Lion on my top hehe. It was a rather hot day when I took these pics - a lazy Sunday so I was cute and casual.......well thats what U was going for anyway! Guess what? its finally Friday yay! We had the yummiest lunch at work today, hot ham, roast veges, salad, buns mmmmmm I stuffed myself silly! Im looking forward to the weekend, Im getting my hair done tomorrow then my mates birthday celebrations - heres to sunny and hot weather over the weekend :)

I tried a different excersise called Power Plate tonight, its basically a vibrating machine that contracts your muscles really fast therefore performing a few low impact exercises is like a whole gym workout! I am skeptical but Im also interested to see if it works! I went for a free trial tonight.....not sure If im going to sign uo yet. Has anyone tried Power Plate before? Thoughts? Let me know!

Shorts - Glassons, Top - Valley Girl, Flats - The Warehouse, Hat - Illicit, Sunnies - free

Sorry I look so pasty, Ive decided Im not all for tan lines so im embracing my inner pasty and lathering on the sun screen. Hopefully I take on a nice glow naturally, if not I'll just be pasty or I'll fake tan......I hate fake tanning though haha. Quite liking how skinny my legs look in these pics too ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend! xxx

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Minis and Boots

5 more working days until I get a wee holiday yay! Starting to get excited. I really wanna go shopping while Im in Auckland - they have a few more shops up there that we dont have here in Christchurch. I even found out today that at least one shoe shop in NZ sells Jeffrey Campbell, Andrea Biana which is typically only in Auckland! They have a massive markup on them.......hard decisions. Ive never imported anything from the US and Im way too scared as I dont know if theres any extra costs when it comes into the country etc. I guess we will see!

I wore this outfit out a few weekends ago. I quite liked wearing boots with a mini and no tights :)

Skirt - Stax, Boots - The Warehouse, Lace Top - mind blank cant remember lol

I also loved rocking the whole beige thing, I dont have well anything this colour!

Please exscuse the pile of clothes in the corner lol . The bow across my waist is actually from the top, I think it adds a cute touch. xxx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dots and Flats

Lastnights sleep was a bit better and same with my workday so yay! Lets go one better tomorrow huh? We got to unwrap our secret santa gifts today I got a pack with a cool mug and some chocolate. Im gonna get so fat this Christmas theres so many lollies and chocolate at work - but ya know what? Im not going to feel bad or deprive myself because Its only once a year so im going nuts (whilst eating semi healthily between times and still going to the gym lol).

I decided to girly/funk up a basic shorts and T-shirt combo with my polka dot tights, bow headband and my new $5 flats!

Shorts - Valley Girl, Tights - Glassons, Flat - Cotton On, T-shirt - Supre

Please exscuse the retarded expressions on my face lol

I only have one Christmas present left to get and I know exactly what Im getting yay. Only 6 more working days until I get a wee holiday stokeeeeeeed. I'm definately counting down. How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For some reason I cant post above my picture - LAME! Maybe its Firefox. I installed it today to see if it would run better than Internet Explorer but its very different.......not sure if I'm liking it so far. What do you use? Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

I wore this outfit to a mates sister 21st recently. Felt very grown up and elegant hehe.
Wedges - Cotton On, Dress - Tempt, Belt - Dotti 

I had the worst day at work today. and the worst sleep lastnight :( Heres to a great sleep tonight and a great day at work tomorrow! It cant be too horrible - we get to open our secret santa presents hehe.


Monday, December 13, 2010


I had the day off work today, had my car booked in for a warrant. Failed. So annoyed!! He failed me for a brake light out and my exhaust is too loud. I have tested the brake light and its going so I dont know what hes on about.....I should have tested it while I was there. As for my exhaust ugh. Im going to have to buy/borrow a silencer, so far my search to borrow one is getting me nowhere. Very frustrating at this time of the year because I dont want to be spending extra money grrrrr. and driving around with no warrant isnt cool either.

Anywho. Enough moaning. I went xmas shopping with my friend and had a yummy pizza lunch. I have managed to get everyone presents except for two. One I will get this weekend and the other I can do online so pretty much done yay! Picked up a dress and cute top for myself too of course hehe.

I picked up this top on special, I love the electric blue and whispy sheer fabric.
My hair I got done ages ago, lightened the underneath so its pretty much all blond now!

Heels - Warehouse, Skirt - Supre, Tights - Farmers, Top - Max

The pictures dont do the top justice, it is a beautiful bright electric blue.

Lets hope the rest of my week is better, off to work again tomorrow but its only a 4 day week and we have lots of Christmas themed competitions happening so should be fun!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flowers and boots

Its finally starting to feel like summer! Friday night my workmate came over and we had a few drinks and chatted all night. Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny, hot and I just had to do the summery thing of a backyard BBQ and drinks :) It was a random night, I ended up going to town with my bf's mates lol. I forgot my ID and only realised when I went to get it out at the first bar we went what did I do? Just waltzed straight in haha. Theres also a club next door that you can walk into so we just stayed at those two clubs. I ended up getting home around 5am when it was getting light! I know have scratches all over my arms and a big scratch with the mad bruising around it on my leg from jumping into springy bushes - oh a a ruined pair of stockings :( Was def fun though!

Ive worn this dress before but obviously theres no point me photographing it again if I wear it the same way. Theres not alot I can do with a maxi dress so Ive added my bow belt and rocked it up abit with my lace up wedge boots. Got the whole pretty/grungy thing going on.

Dress - Glassons, Belt - Cotton On, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine is continuing tomorrow, Im going to go shopping with my friend and get all my xmas shopping done. Only 8 more working days to go yay!