Friday, March 30, 2012

Goof Off

Hello Lovelies, Friday has arrived thank god!! Quite looking forward to April really, 4 day weekend next week for easter then going to Queenstown with the boy on 21st yay! These are some more pics from our trip to Auckland. Not actually liking the outfit that much in picture which bites but it was super comfy! Sometimes I like to be silly and pull stupid poses and faces cos I do feel like a knob posing for outfit pictures, even if it is just in front of my here is some outfit pics starting off with me being a douche :P

Top - JayJays, Shorts - Glassons, Flats - Warehouse

Please exscuse the wrinkly shorts too, I dont iron haha

Hope you all have a fab weekend, we are finally having our house warming tomorrow night - cant wait! Happy Friday Lovelies xxx

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nerd Alert

Hi my loves, today I bring you outfit photos with some rather large glasses, I wanted to try some bigger glasses and got these pretty cheap. Im not sold on the look though.....they are cute Im just not sure they suit me.....thoughts? Be honest now!

These pics were taken when I was in Auckland last at the parentals, my Dad even helped out with some of the photos hehe

Skirt - Trademe, Shirt - Dotti, Flats - Warehouse

No idea why I look so retarded in this pic haha

So looking forward to the weekend!! Happy Thursday loves xxx

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peachy Keen

Heloo, hello. I dont really know what colour to call this top, I just know I like it haha. Its sheer, it has a pussy bow what more can you want? Not sure why I look so grumpy in these pictures but hey we cant all smile 24/7 can we?

Shirt - Tempt, Skirt - Valley Girl, Boots - Number 1 Shoes

Its getting alot colder in the mornings now, Im so not looking forward to winter waaaaaa, I kinda wish I lived somewhere that has mild weather all year round...oh well time to build a bridge haha.

Happy Hump Day lovelies! xxx

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red Hot

Hey hey, guess what? I did a good deed today. I gave blood! I have never done it before, one of the guys at work arranged everything and a group of us went to the NZ Blood offices and we gave some blood. I was a bit nervous as I hadnt done it before and Im not a big fan of blood and needles haha. But I got through it fine and hopefully my blood saves someones life one day :)

Speaking of red things haha I got this red dress from Dotti awhile ago for like $40 not bad eh! I wore it out last month to the local.....yes I know its rather dressed up for the local but I am a female....we like to get dressed up every now and again dont we? I also dont think I mentioned that I finally (after being on a waiting list) got my Lita Spikes eeeeeeee! Pics below yo.

Dress - Dotti, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell

Lita Spikes <3

Thats all folks, off to cook tea. Happy Tuesday xxx

Monday, March 26, 2012

Glimpses of my Weekend

HI Lovelies, I was meaning to post this yesterday but didnt quite get the time. I got up to a few things in the weekend and thought I'd post some pictures of what I got up to. On Saturday it was one of my good friend Carrie's boy Tyrone's second birthday, it was a FAB day, nearly 30 degrees again for sure. I walked in holding Ty's present and he just knew it was from him and practically grabbed it off me haha - I got him the wee doggy, you pat its head or squeeze its paws and it barks and moves and stuff - so cool!

Anywho Sunday I did my first City to Surf event with my friend Chloe and James. A bunch of other workmates did it too and Carrie. We just walked the 6km half one though as I wasnt sure how my knee would go, in the end it was fine and Im keen to try the full 12km next year! We walked the 6km in an hour flat, could have done faster but we paced ourselves since none of us have done it before.

So check out me piccies folks and I will be back with an outfit post soon!

Ty with his new toy dog - a real one in the background haha
Bouncy Bouncy
Cutting the cake with Mummy
Om nom nom nom
City to surf
Soooooooooooooo many people the line was endless
James and I during - Please exscuse hideous perscription glasses
After the race

Happy Monday Lovelies! xxx

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A touch of leather

Hi Lovelies, what a gorgeous Autmn day it is today!! Its like 27 degrees outside, love it. Perfet day to hang out with some kiddies as it was my friends boys second birthday :) I didnt wear this as Im still behind on my pics but I will post some pics tomorrow of the birthday fun and hopefully some of my first city to surf experience. Im sure you'll see what I actually wore today soon enough haha.

Shirt - Dotti, Leather look skirt - Thrifted, Heels - Hannahs, Sunnies - BF's

Ive wanted a leather look skirt for awhile and I found this puppy for $10! I think it maaaaay just be a little short though haha not sure if Im going to keep it or not yet....

Right Im gonna go and have a Bourbon and decide what the feck to do tonight. Have a fab Saturday lovelies xxx