Sunday, February 28, 2010

Different Scenery

The weekend is nearly over :( Only a four day working week this week though yay! Saturday I went for a walk/run around Hagley park - I ran the furtherest I have so far yay me! I then went to the mall to pick up a pressy for my friends baby shower then headed over there. Was good to catch up, made sure I got some pictures of me and her while shes still preggers - not long to go now! They also had a BBQ so I stuffed myself with yummy food hehe Later I picked up the boy from work along with our new Home theatre system :) I left the boys to set that up and went to a 21st with my friend.....another BBQ too haha. I got shouted all night I didnt pay a cent it was great, even scored a free ride home.
Today ive been very lazy, watched a couple of movies and went to the shoe warehouse and bought me some kicks hehe. Ive wanted some for awhile now to wear with my skinnys when it gets too cold for open toed shoes.
I feel like ive done nothing today though....I feel like a shoulda baked something or cleaned my car or something lol just cant be arsed though......
Anyway onto my outfits:
skinny grey "jeggings" - Glassons
Blue bow dress worn as a top - Valley Girl
Black sandals - Number one shoe warehouse
Purple skirt - Valley Girl
Pink dress worn underneath - Supre
Black belt - Pagani
Gladiator sandals - Number one shoe warehouse

Friday, February 26, 2010

To the Maxx!

I bought this Maxi dress a few weeks ago so thought i'd wear it today. Its a size too big so I teamed it with a belt. I love the purple flowers on it and the top is nice and flattering.

Im so glad its Friday its been a long arse week! Ive got a big few weeks coming up, heading to wellington for the weekend next weekend then auckland the week after!

Black and purple maxi dress - Glassons
Black sandals - Hannahs
Black belt - Pagani
Black headband - Mum
Silver bangle - Mum


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bows and Flowers

Another scorcher in Christchurch today :) I decided to wear my cute flowery dress with my bow belt hehe. I love the pockets too! I tried it without the belt too but I think I prefer it with the belt :)
Finally a couple of jobs came up for me to apply for so I applied for two today, fingers crossed!!
Finally Friday 2moro yay!
Dress - Jay Jays
Belt - Cotton On
Black Sandals - Hannahs
Earrings - A gift

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red and Grey?

ANother sweltering 30 degrees in Christchurch today! I wanted to wear my cute red Lion top, I was gonna pair it with one of my black skirts but decided to try it with my grey one instead what do you think? I also tried it with my top tucked in and out.....not sure which I prefer - let me know your thoughts!! Im trying to catch up with all my emails but in between doing washing, cooking tea, mates visiting im not getting far grrrr. I even missed a casting call for a modelling job yesterday! So pissed off, I havent gotten any emails or anything regarding castings and then I forget to check my emails on my other email addy for a couple of days and I frigin miss it GAH. Im pissed. Not much I can do though is there?
Right better go im halfway through cooking tea hehe

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Im melting!

Wow. It was 31 degrees in Christchurch today. So hot. I was wearing pants, socks, shoes, and two tops at work = not cool. Will dress a bit lighter tomorrow! It was so hot today I couldnt be arsed making a cute outfit so I chucked on my new $7.50 dress and my cute jandals hehe.
Its getting late and I have to make cheesecake now hehe
Pink dress - Supre
Jandals - Number one shoe warehouse

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time for a Catch up folks!

So Ive been quite on here for a few days but with good reason! It was a busy weekend! The annual 4's n rotors show was on - so Friday night we cruised around in my mates car, got home around 5am!, Saturday we went to the car show to have a perve, went to a friends 21st saturday night then cruised round in my car after that, got home 5am again haha. Then sunday we headed out to Ruapuna to watch the drags. The weather was mint all weekend so that was a bonus! Here a catch up of my outfits starting from the bottom:
Black shoes - The Warehouse
Grey skinny jeans - Tempt
Pink singlet - Glassons
Black blazer - Thrifted
Pink singlet - Valley Girl
Black skirt - Supre
Blue tights - Famers'
black lace tights - Farmers
Black boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Black highwaist skirt - Tempt
Orange top - Supre
Black wedges - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Blue dress - Supre
Black gladiator sandals - number one shoe warehouse
black necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hump day! Only two more days of work for the week yay! So looking forward to this weekend, its gonna be a mint one! Car show, drags, cruising, 21st, drinking YAH hehe. A couple of things wrong with my pictures today.....theyve come out orangey for some reason and I look really big in the stomach....dunno why but im not!
I got a rejection call today from a job I applied for yay. not. I shall keep perservering though.........more jobs to apply for might helpy though!
I got this blazer im wearing today from savemart for bugger all, its a really nice cut and fit.....only thing is its a random greeny/brown colour. I dont know if I should leave it as it is or dye it black.....what ya think?
Blazer - Thrifted
Skirt - Supre
Bow top - Glassons
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love Pigtails

I love wearing my hair in pigtails hehe I get headaches from wearing my hair up so its perfect to have it all out of my face and not dragging me down and giving me a headache! Ive decided im going to start dragging things out of my draws that I havent worn in ages and seeing what I can do with them - first off this blue top from Max. I think its pretty cute,not sure what else to wear it with though.....dunno if it would suit a skirt etc....maybe a high-waist one? hmmmm. Anywho quick post today, Ive got some friends I havent seen in ages coming over for a visit :)

Blue top - Max
Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Black necklace - $1 to $2 shop
Black headband - Diva


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love and Lace

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Me and the boy went for dinner at Flying Burrito Brothers :) I got a free strawberry margarita yay :) I wanted an exscuse to wear my new lace top hehe. It was great to be able to take some pics outside for once too! Monday tomorrow :( Back to my crappy job. The boy will find out for sure if he has his new job so thats all very exciting! Im just hoping more legal jobs will pop up to apply for, its gotta be my turn soon!
Lace top - Tempt
Grey skirt - Prinicipals
Belt - Pagani
Black wedge heels - Number one shoe warehouse
Guess bag


I accidentally went shopping again on Saturday whoops - but I found this cute as bow belt! I had to wear it hehe. I really was hoping for some feedback on my post from friday but I just gotta keep trucking on if no one is gonna comment! Although I did get one outfit comment so thankyou :) My bf hopefully will find out Monday if he def has his new job so Im looking forward to spending the weekend with him yay! He'll have to work Saturday mornings but only for a few hours so no biggy. Im just getting so tired of waiting for a job to come along for me, Ive been looking and applying for so long and im having no luck :( Its gotta be my turn soon come on! Anyway weekend has been pretty quiet so far as Im trying to save $. Next weekend will be an expensive one with car shows and drags so makes sence to have a quiet one this one! Looking forward to Valentines dinner with my boy tonight yay!
White singlet - Supre
Blue singlet - Supre
Black skirt - Supre
Bow belt - Cotton On
Gladiator sandals - Number one shoe warehouse

Friday, February 12, 2010

A cry for Help

Right so today is Friday its supposed to be a good day but so far its been shite. I got a rejection letter from one of the jobs I had an interview for.....awaiting the next one. Ive been trying for months when am I gonna catch a break? To top that off too the bf got offered a new job happy for him but a bit bummed too :( Anywho I wanna whinge about blogging etc I put all my outfit pics on here and on my Chictopia page, Ive had a few comments on here, a few comments on Chictopia and one or two votes for my outfits (If you have a chictopia account you'll know what I mean) BUT Im dissapointed, I know Im not the most fashionable person around but trust me - I dress alot better than I ever used to and im still learning and getting inspirations from other bloggers, what Im trying to say (I think) is that I dont understand why I get f-all comments and votes etc when ALOT of other girls where the same/similar outfits to me?? Ive never been a wear makeup everyday and have inpeccable hair kind of person thats just not me, so is it cos I never really have my hair and makeup done? Is it cos I dont pose for my photos like a model? Is it cos even though im wearing the same outfit as other girls (who get heaps of comments and votes) I somehow just cant pull it off? Or is it just cos my outfits are that hideous? Just getting me down a bit because ive been trying to step out of my comfort zone and be creative (with the limited $ etc I have) and im getting such a small following/reception. I know Im new to this so maybe you guys have some suggestions? What do you think is wrong with my outfits/pics? What can I do to attract more followers to my blog/chictopia? Suggestions welcome!!! Help!lol
To my outfit today - I love my new shirt so I had to wear it again my bad hehe
Shirt - Jay Jays
Shorts - Glassons
Belt - Valley Girl
Shoes - The Warehouse
Thanks for listening xxxx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Post take 4?

I picked up this cute dress/top from Supre for $10 hehe. I think its cute and it has a wee bow thing in the middle :) Its a crappy dreary day so I just paired it with black. Its nearly the weekend finally yay! Im going to (hopefully) have a productive weekend, gym, pick up a few things, perhaps some thrift shopping, clean my car and the house etc then Valentines day on sunday yay! Ive decided im having a weekend off the booze so gonna enjoy some quality time with the boy :)

Cardy - Glassons
Red check top/dress - Supre
Black tights - Farmers
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Stuff take 3 - All New!

Im digging my outfit today hehe Its all new except the boots! Love the shirt i can see myself wearing it heaps, and I love that the shorts are so versatile, you can dress them up and down :) Unfortunately the tights havent come out in the pic very nicely but meh haha.
Getting so impatient regarding jobs, im still waiting to hear back from two.....since its been so long im thinking its gonna be a no :( Nothing else has popped up though, I hope theres some new jobs to apply for by the end of the week!!
Blue shirt - Jay Jays
Black lace tights - Farmers
Black shorts - Glassons
Black boots - N0 1 shoe warehouse
silver bangle - a gift

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Stuff Take 2 - Black and White

More of my new stuff I got this white T at supre and the white shoes from the Warehouse so thought I'd go with a black and white theme today hehe. Its rather comfy too! Im not much of a heels person as Ive had a bung knee since I was 16 so Im more of a casual dresser, Im trying to get a bit more stylish...I have my good days and my bad so bear with me!

White top - Supre
Black skinnies - Jay Jays'
White shoes - The Warehouse
Black necklace - 1 to $8 shopBangles - Diva


Monday, February 8, 2010

New stuff take one!

I cant wait to wear all my new stuff hehe my first outfit is incorporating my new blue jeans. I LOVE blue so had to have these hehe plus im loving my skinny jeans :) Im not sure about the gladiator sandals looking at the pic now but meh too late lol. I had such a shite sleep lastnight so looking forward to catching up on some tonight, it was sooooooooooooooo hard to get up thos morning :( Im also going insane from waiting to hear back from these jobs grrrrrrrrr I needa new job NOW.
Black cardy - Glassons
Blue jeans - Valley Girl
Black sandals - Number one shoe warehouse
black necklace - $1 - $8 shop
Black headband - Mum

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ive been having shopping withdrawals so today I went shopping hehe. I bought a tad too much as usual but I scored some good bargains! Found the cutest tights hehe and some awesome jeans! Cant wait to show you all :) I also got me some sea salt hair stuff so i can be all beach hairy, im rather lazy so its either straigten my hair or have it messy and who can be bothered straightening their hair everyday? Not me!

Cream/white top - Valley Girl

Black skirt - Supre

Red tights - Farmers

Slouch boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse

Update: Got off my arse and got a pic with the cardy I wore with my outfit :)

A note to my followers/commenters

Okay so I am blond and I had no idea people had even commented on my posts!! I assumed I'd be sent an email if someone commented and since I had received none I though I had none! I have had a fiddle with my settings and I will now be emailed when someone comments on my profile so YAY! I just wanted to thank you all for your comments and I havent been ignoring you.

Much love


Another weekend

Bugger I deleted my outfit I wore out Friday night.....oh well. This outfit is boring as cos I was hungover yesterday so I went for comfort. I had a job interview Friday, I think it went well, however they told me I wont be getting the $ ive asked for :( so looks like im gonna have to take a pay cut to get a new job waaaaaaaaaaa. I should know this week whether I have either of the two jobs I applied for. eeeeeeeeeek. James had an interview on Friday too so fingers crossed for him! Be great if he can go back to a mon-fri job. Anywho today im not hungover so im gonna go do some shopping hehe....after ive done the housework of course!

Blue top - Jay Jays
Black tights - Glassons
Black shoes - The Warehouse


Update: I found my other pic hehe

Green singlet top - Prinicipals
Skirt - Principals
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Necklace - Diva or somewhere like that lol


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Comfort and Food

Today was warmish again so I thought I would brave my legs again!! Havent worn these shorts yet (without tights underneath) their rather short eeeek! Pay day today so did the groceries after work, we have food yay! Cant wait for tomorrow, interview after work eeeeeeeeek nervous! then hitting the piss with some friends and going to check out a few new bars in town :D My brother is crashing for the night to so should be good fun!
Grey tshirt - K Mart
Black singlet top - Tempt
Denim shorts - Glassons
Black gladiator sandals - Number one shoe warehouse

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day

Today was a bit warmer yay! So I got to wear a singlet and skirt - without tights OMG hehe. Nothing exciting happened today really so not alot to report! Just hanging out till Friday for my job interview then me and a few friends are hitting the piss :D
Pink bow top - Valley Girl
Black skirt - Supre
Black gladiator sandals - Number one shoe warehouse
silver braclet - From Mum

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good News!

Hurro. So today was borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring at work and then in the afternoon BAM it got busy lol. Right before I was about to leave grrrr. Anywho good news! I got a phone call and I have another interview on Friday YAY! Im still waiting to hear back regarding the last interview I had, fingers crossed I get one of these jobs - either would be an awesome job :)
My outfit today is: I love this top you can wear it with the sleeves down or up :D
Black peasant top - Pagani
Skinnies - Tempt
Black wedges heels - Number one shoe warehouse
Gold hoops - Pass
Black headband - Equip
P.S. Dunno why my face is all red lol

Monday, February 1, 2010


So I really like this dress Lea Michele wore to the Grammys today.....its the right height, love the waist and one shoulder look. Not so keen on the feathery looking shit but my love for the rest of it overlooks that hehe. To be honest I havent seen any other dresses I like yet....once I see more pics I will post up more pretty dresses!

Splash of colour - Red

Ewww Monday. So hate getting up early....really its eww Monda to Friday since I have to get up early all of those days haha. Anywho I have to do all the deliveries at work this week as we are down one person for a nice to get out and get some fresh air during the work day! Im hoping I get a call back for a 2nd interview this week......fingers crossed!
Ive been meaning to wear these tights and my new black dress - I LOVE the lace sleeves hehe
Black dress - Supre
Red tights - Farmers
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Brown belt - Valley Girl