Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red and Grey?

ANother sweltering 30 degrees in Christchurch today! I wanted to wear my cute red Lion top, I was gonna pair it with one of my black skirts but decided to try it with my grey one instead what do you think? I also tried it with my top tucked in and out.....not sure which I prefer - let me know your thoughts!! Im trying to catch up with all my emails but in between doing washing, cooking tea, mates visiting im not getting far grrrr. I even missed a casting call for a modelling job yesterday! So pissed off, I havent gotten any emails or anything regarding castings and then I forget to check my emails on my other email addy for a couple of days and I frigin miss it GAH. Im pissed. Not much I can do though is there?
Right better go im halfway through cooking tea hehe

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