Thursday, June 30, 2011

I got the Promotion!!

 Top - Dotti, Jeans - Supre, Belt - Trademe, Bangle - Cotton On, Jacket - Kmart, Shoes - Factorie

Hello Lovelies, I tried to do a blog post on Internet Explorer and halfway through uploading the photos it just threw me out and wouldnt let me back in! So here I am on Mozilla but it wont let me type above the first picture WTF technology geeeeeez. 


Ive mentioned an Interview that I had yesterday It was for an internal promotion.....and I got it!!!! Im so stoked and excited, I am looking forward to getting into it and making it my own :) Its a big role in a senior position so I have to be on to it, not to mention a band higher than I am now so hello pay rise hehe. Yay! and yay for Friday tomorrow! Oh and my outfit = super comfy and again me mixing my patterns, this time stripes and leopard :) Happy Thursday xxx

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pussy Bowing

Hi Lovelies, doesnt that title sound kind of dirty? Or do I just have an immature sense of humour? Yeah probably just me haha. I love pussy bows I think they add something extra to a simply shirt and look you can wear a shirt under a cardy and have it peeking through = win! Im not particularly fond of my afro hair in these pics hence only 3 pictures today sorry folks.

Cardy - Trademe, Boots - Farmers, Jeans - Supre, Shirt - Gift from Mum

I had my interview at work today I think it went can never really know. Fingers crossed! We will apparently find out tomorrow so tomorrow I will be super happy or very dissapointed....stay tuned lol.  Happy Hump Day folks xxx

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rock On

Hey Lovelies, hope your week has started well. Its getting rather cold waaaaa I hate being cold. I wore this outfit to a mates 21st recently, I reckon its a bit of a rock n roll outfit with the leather look pants and the funky print top along with my studded braclet....Rock for me anyway haha.

Pants - Valley Girl, Wedges - Glassons, Top - JayJays

Ive got a job Interview tomorrow for an internal position....wish me luck guys! Happy Tuesday xxx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Black, White and Grey

Hello Lovelies, Monday is upon us again. I arrived home lastnight from Auckland, our plane was delayed and then I got woken up by a big aftershock :( Not a very good welcome home I must say. Ugh. Life goes on though doesnt it!

Rocking a simple outfit today (or whatever day i took these pics haha I am catching up these pictures are from June!!) Black, grey and White comfy outfit and nice and simple what more could you want?

Jeans & Boots - The Warehouse, Shirt - Thrifted, Jersey - Cotton On, Necklace - a gift from Mum

Happy Monday xxx

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Polka Dots & Leopard Print

Hi Lovelies, sorry for the sporadic posts this wek, today is my last day in Auckland (unless the ash cloud screws with my flights) so back to normal from tomorrow! Im hanging at the parents, just had a yummy bruch of bacon, eggs and toast, food at your parents is always so much better dont you think? Ive had a good weekend, I went out with my friends who has moved up here and my workmate and her bf - set foot inside a club for the first time since February!! Was good to let loose and have a dance. Yesterday I spent the day shopping with Mum and came away with two pairs of shoes ooops haha, but they are both staples that will go with pretty much everything and last as they are decent shoes. Today we are going to go to the movies and chillax, Im thinking Pirates of the Carribean 4 :)

Jeans - JayJays, Wedges - Glassons, Shirt - Trademe, Belt - Trademe

Interesting story behind these pictures.....I asked the boy to take some outfit pictures for me quickly before work.....long story short I left the door open, he closed it, we were locked outside in the cold with a camera and luckily his cell phone, he rang his Mum who went and picked up our flatmates house key as he was already at work and let us in. I was late for work and so was he......not a good start to the day and was kinda hard to smile as I was very grumpy!! But I do love the polka dots with the leopard print, Im into mixing my patterns at the moment.

Happy Sunday lovelies xxx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bit of this and bit of that...

Hi Lovelies, couldnt seem to upload yesterday the internet here is a bit iffy. But Im here today! As you can see from my title I am wearing a bit of this and a bit of that - leopard print scarf, knee high boots, cut off shorts...simple yet super comfy, I got the top recently and it is so comfy and versatile.

Tights - Farmers, Shorts - Jayjays, Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Top - Valley Girl, Scarf - Trademe, Cardy - Supre

Today the government announced that some area in Christchurch are officially screwed and people wont be able to rebuild on them......unless they want to wait 3-5 years to do so which Im sure most wont. The city has been seperated into 4 zones, Red, Green, Orange and White. Green can be rebuilt on, Red cannot, Orange is still to be decided - could go to Red or Green and White hasnt been looked at yet, there is a website you can go to to check your property or your friends and family to see what zone you are in, lucky for us our home is in a Green area, however my aunty and uncle are in the white more waiting. Its been a rather depressing day these aftershocks and earthquakes really take an emotional toll on you.....words just cant describe.

BUT its Friday tomorrow and Im going to hit the town in Auckland and leave all my worrys at the door cant wait! xxx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Leather Look

Hello Lovelies! I am coming to you from Sky City Hotel in Auckland, im working up here for the week then heading to my parents on Friday for the weekend to catch up and hang, looking forward to it! I am getting some study done while I am up here and trying to squeeze in some gym time too, I am only able to sporadically get onto the internet so my posts this week may be a bit sporadic too but I will be back to normal next week.

As the title suggests and as you may guess by my outfit pictures I have found me some leather look pants.....I have wanted some for ages and these are super comfy and fit well love them! In fact this outfit is all new, I love the plain top as its a different sort of colour than what I have and of course the cut out sleeves = win. With my obsession for wedges I couldnt turn these puppies down unfortunately arent they funky? and closed in to keep my tootsies warm through winter hehe.

Pants - Valley Girl, Wefges - Glassons, Top - Glassons

Not fantastic pictures as the boy was not home so the boys Brother did it and I really didnt want to be fussy as that meant I may have to explain exactly what I do with my photos.....dont really want to have that conversation lol.

Happy Tuesday xxx

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello Lovelies, socks you say? I love socks. Knee high socks are great when the weather is cooling down to keep my legs a bit warmer. I wore this outfit to a friends birthday drinks.....unfortunately my guy mates dont understand the awesomness of knee high socks and asked me why I was dressed like an asian hooker....charming huh?lol. I dont mind I was super comfy and I think the knee high tights add something extra to my outfit.

Dress - Valley Girl, Socks - Glassons, Wedges - Dotti, Jacket - Glassons, Bag - Equip, Belt - Pagani

I am off to Auckland after work tomorrow to work for the rest of the week, looking forward to having a break away from the shakes here in Christchurch and get to see my Mummy and Daddy yay! Cant wait! I will be taking my laptop and fingers crossed I have a room with free internet so I can update you guys while im there. Happy lazy Sunday xxx

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grey and Olive

Hey Lovelies, how are we all? Its another weekend, and after the horrible aftershocks this week im glad for some time to relax and chill!! Got woken by a big aftershock about 6.30 this morning which kinda sucked but managed to get back to sleep. Its getting rather cold here and we have like, no heating which isnt fun haha, at the moment I've piled on a scarf and some fingerless gloves. I really want  a few pairs of jeans in particular colours, faded as light blue, grey and a dark maroon for the winter.....I found these grey jeans at the Warehouse for $25 :) and of course I love my two army style olve green jackets so had to rock one again, Im loving the only black item Im wearing is my shoes!

Jeans - The Warehouse, Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Tee - Supre, Jacket - Kmart

I picked up this awesome braclet thingee with studs on it for $4 I love it!

I just wanted to also say thank you all for the kind comments as always very appreciated. Have a great weekend! xxx

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flowers and Studs

Oh Hurro Lovelies. Nearly the weekend agaon already yay! Although the boy is going away so maybe not yay.....but then again its always good to have time to do stuff I never seem to have time for and to study.  Short and sweet for you today folks, rocking polka dots, flowers and studs hell yeah! haha

Top - AJ Pop, Tights - Glassons, Wedges - Dotti, Skirt - Trademe, Sunnies - Bf

Happy Thursday xxx

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Socks a Peeping

Hi Lovelies, I went back to work today, still getting heaps of aftershocks but only one that made me shite myself slightly lol. It really gets you thinking about how much more you can take and if moving is really an option.....a very hard decision.

Still behind in my outfit posts as you can see since my arms are showing and I dont have purple in my hair! this is an outfit from May, we had some very mild days it was crazy wearing a singlet so close to winter! I was a bit lazy and wanted to keep my tootsies warm so totally rocking socks with peep to wedges hehe.

Jeans - Supre, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Top - Tempt

Im seriously considering working in Auckland next week as James is away the next two weekends and I dont really want to be home by will pay for flights etc so very tempting and I'd get to see my Mummy and Daddy and Bro :)

Happy Wednesday xxx

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Belated Birthday

Hello Lovelies, Ive calmed down a bit after yesterdays horrible aftershocks - they were even bigger than originally thought, the first a 5.6 instead of a 5.5 magnitude and the second a 6.3 instead of a 6.0 - the same size as the 6.3 in February that killed 180 odd far one person died as a result of these aftershocks, its so sad the state of my really leaves you wondering what to do with you life.....should I stay or should I go.....


Back to my Birthday which was on Sunday the 12th of June. I wore this outfit out for a lovely evening with the boy. He took me out for Teppenyaki which we have never had before - yum! We then got some dessert pizza from Hell Pizza on the way home before checking out The Hangover 2 at the movies. It was pretty good, I reckon the best bit was the photos at the end!! It was a lovely end to my Birthday :)

Dress - Tempt, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell, Belt- Cotton On, Cardy - Cotton On, Tights - Farmers

I love the colour of this dress, doing me some colour blocking in Winter ;) Alright time to wind down and hopefully get a good nights sleep with no aftershocks waking us up in the middle of the night!

Happy Tuesday xxx

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mother Nature....

Hello Lovelies, Mother Nature has unfortunately struck my fair city again today (thank god not on my birthday yesterday!). We had a 5.5 magnitude aftershock at 1pm today which sent us running out from eating lunch at work, we were then sent home as a precaution so the building could be checked. I went home via the boys work to make sure he was ok and he was staying on at work. I was sitting home by myself when another massive aftershock hit at 2.20pm which was a magnitude 6 and even shallower than the 5.5 earlier......I nearly shat myself not going to lie. It was huge and made James car roll back into the garage door and his big surround sound speakers fell over as did other minor things....I ran outside and the ground was still shaking and for a goood 10 minutes after that I swear the ground did not stop moving just aftershock after aftershock....very scary and unnerving. James came home as did our flattie (his brother) so Ive got company now. Thankfully we have power and water etc although water pressure is very low and we are being told to conserve. Buildings have collapsed, more liquifaction and deaths so far thank god! You can see pictures and more info here

Yes, Im freaked out but what can I do so Im gonna carry on and give you an outfit post! I was going to show you my birthday outfit but I think I'll leave that for tomorrow. Another outfit with my army style top hehe, teamed it with some bright coral this time for something different.

Coral top - Valley Girl, Jeans - Jayjays, Jacket - Kmart, Heels - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

Hope everyone else in Christchurch is ok keep safe xxx