Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grey and Olive

Hey Lovelies, how are we all? Its another weekend, and after the horrible aftershocks this week im glad for some time to relax and chill!! Got woken by a big aftershock about 6.30 this morning which kinda sucked but managed to get back to sleep. Its getting rather cold here and we have like, no heating which isnt fun haha, at the moment I've piled on a scarf and some fingerless gloves. I really want  a few pairs of jeans in particular colours, faded as light blue, grey and a dark maroon for the winter.....I found these grey jeans at the Warehouse for $25 :) and of course I love my two army style olve green jackets so had to rock one again, Im loving the only black item Im wearing is my shoes!

Jeans - The Warehouse, Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Tee - Supre, Jacket - Kmart

I picked up this awesome braclet thingee with studs on it for $4 I love it!

I just wanted to also say thank you all for the kind comments as always very appreciated. Have a great weekend! xxx


  1. Great outfit, and I can't believe those shoes are from the Number One shoe warehouse! So chic.

  2. Thanks Marina! Its amazing what you can find there sometimes - some great bargains! x


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