Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a weekend!!

Hey guys, so I was going to update yesterday before I went to Auckland but that didnt happen.....I'll start at the beginning! Saturday morning I had a photoshoot so I had to get up early. We did four different outfits and three makeup looks, one neutral, one smoky eye and one out there one! Unfortunately my pictures are all out of order but I took a few pics of my makeup when i got home on Saturday. Cant wait to see the final pics! Saturday night I went to a mates 20th bday. Took my usual two bottles of wine but the second one didnt agree with me and I ended up spewing my ring out everywhere :( which lead to me being SEVERLY hungover today and I had to get up and fly to Auckland :( I was FUCKED. Couldnt eat, trying not to spew the whole way, shaky and tired.....absolutely horrible! When we finally got here I took a wee nap and then managed to fit in three helpings at the buffet for dinner lol. Feeling alot better now! Cant wait for tomorrow morning as I will be feeling 100% again!!

This is what I wore out Saturday night:

White top - Mums
Navy Blue skirt with suspenders - Valley Girl
Tights - Farmers
Shies - The Warehouse
Big bangle - Cotton On
Small bangles - Equip?
Earrings - Equip?

Isnt the skirt cute?? I thought it was so cool! you can also take the suspenders off and just wear the skirt :)

This is my makeup for my shoot - pictures arent the best but you get the idea! Sequins on my lips hehe

Skirt - Supre
Lace top - Glassons
Black singlet - Supre
Boots - The Warehouse

So a very interesting weekend, some good, some bad! Last night was an awesome night until I started spewing! I am staying at the Sky City Hotel its very swanky! Lots of casinos, restaurants, a gym, a pool, havent done much wandering yet as I wasnt up to it but will have more of a look round during the week! I better try get some sleep!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Week One - check!

First week of my new job down! It went pretty quickly.....I think its because I didnt wake up every morning dreading going to work and tired as fuck because It was so early. Ive been getting up half an hour later than at my old job, honestly that extra half an hour does wonders!!! I am actually really enjoying working to work too - except as you know this week has been raining EVERY freaking day :( Hasnt made for great outfits....I know its only going to get colder but if the sun is out it will inspire me to put in a little effort!! Heres what I wore today:

Its not great light so you cant see the shorts very well but they are so cute and comfy! I got them the other week, they are high-waisted too and they fit really nicely - smoothing in the right areas ;) I cant wait to wear them in the summer!

Tights - Glasson
boots - The warehouse
Shorts - Glassons
Top - Jay Jays
Jacket - Jay Jays
Necklace - Equip
Ring - Cotton On

I will be very quiet the next few weeks as I am flying up to Auckland on sunday for a weeks training, flying back for the long weekend then back up to Auckland for another weeks training....then as soon as im back its my bday so I will be busy busy!!! I will have lots to catch up on so stay with me :)

I will post a final post on sunday....looking forward to a few parties tomorrow night and a photshoot tomorrow so should have some cool pics to share with you soon!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Go away rain!

Hey Guys, wont be able to blog as much for the next few weeks as I am heading to Aukcland on Sunday for two weeks of training for my new job! I am back next weekend but I will probably be busy catching up with the boy and friends :)

The weather has been horrible all week, every day its been raining :( Doesnt make for wanting to put pretty outfits on, just makes me want to rug up warm....hence my outfit for today:

Jeans - Supre
Hoody - Farmers
Green top - Jay Jays
Leather jacket - Glassons
Shoes Globe

So nothing highly fashionable sorry hehe. The only thing I do like about rain is its nice to listen to while falling asleep!

This week has gone so fast and I am looking forward to the weekend! I have a photoshoot on Saturday which is exciting!! Then I have two bday parties! I will hopefully catch up with ya before I head off to Auckland

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day two

Today was my second day at my new job. We learnt the computer system today - well a little bit lol its going to be very interesting getting to know it all and remembering it!! I really just wanna know about our two weeks training in Auckland, apparently we might not find out until Friday! Ive neard that breakfast and dinner is accounted for.....but will have to wait and see I guess!!

The weather has been so horrible lately cold and wet. Doesnt make for fun times getting to work! My pants got soaked this morning grrrr.

Because of the weather im really not in the mood to dress up so basic, casual stuff it is:

Jeans - Supre
Boots - The Warehouse
Black singlet - Tempt
Blue T-shirt - Supre

Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Day!

Today was my first day at my new job! Went well, to be honest it was kinda boring lol. We didnt do a hell of alot, just watched some videos and learnt the basics i.e. what is Insurance etc Food was provided all day which was mint!! I think this week will be pretty cruisy as we are off to Auckland for the next two weeks which im sure will be pretty hardout!! Just a quick note today, I walked to work this morning then bussed home as its grotty and rainy weather....couldnt be bothered doing an outfit pic lol.

Yay for new beginnings!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photoshoots Galore

Hey guys, pretty cruisy and relaxing weekend this weekend :) I decided to play around with my camera and do a wee mini photoshoot on Saturday hehe. This is what I wore today - comfy sunday outfit:

Leather Jacket - Trademe (Jay jays)
tights - Farmers
Boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Skirt - Supre
Grey Tshirt - Kmart

Since my photos are backwards I'll start with today I wanted to know how far it was to walk to my new work so me and the boy walked there - took about half an hour so thats sweet! We then went to a gym in town that I am looking at joining, its got a ppol too which is mint. My membership is about to run out where I am now and this new one is $300 cheaper! So think I'll be going there. Its a shame because all the ladies at my gym are so nice. Other than that I went to Glassons and scored myself a cute lavender singlet and some black high-waist shorts. I was all domesticated and baked banana choc chip muffins and marshmallow slice :)

Yesterday (Saturday) I accidentally went shopping (I know im hopeless) - I alwasy make sure I get good bargains though! I bought a goreous purple top I can wear to my new job and casual, two dresses and these awesome lace up boots:

I have been looking for some lace up boots everywhere! I managed to score these for $30 :) I would have perferred flats but they have bg chunky heels which will be easier to walk on than stilleto ones.

I went to a photoshoot in the afternoon and I had to do my hair and makeup so I decided to do a mini photoshoot when I got home hehe. Had to show off my new boots too of course!! 

Red top - Glassons
Skirt - Supre
Tihgts - Kmaert
Boots - The Warehouse
Belt and bangle - Cotton On
Necklace - A gift

Saturday night I just hung out at home. had a few drinks and watched movies. Was good to stay home for once :)

Annnnd a close up of my new boots:

On Saturday I also went to visit my friend and her wee baby, I made him laugh hehe check out this gorgrous pic of him laughing at me:

Isnt that the cutest thing ever? ANywho I better be off, Im watching Alien Resurrection on TV! I start my new job tomorrow - wish me luck!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to brighten up

I've got a cold so im feeling kinda sorry for myself at the mo :( Ive been saying the last two weeks I hope I dont get sick before my new job etc and whaddya know? I get sick! So im trying to keep warm and get rid of it by Monday!! To help me out I decided to wear some bright clothes today hehe

Tights - Kmart
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Skirt - Glassons
Red top - Glassons
Cardy - Glassons
Belt - Glassons
Headband - Equip
Ring - Diva/a gift

Pretty much a walking advertisement for Glassons haha. So the new part (well second hand) for my car arrived today and my lovely bf put it in for has been going well so far so fingers crossed it keeps going well!! I will eventually have to buy a new one though so I need to try and find a cheaper one.

Since I had a day off today I went to the gym for a mad cardio sesh, went to check out a second hand store and scored myself some Glassons black pants for work for $2! I then went to the mall since it was just down the road and scored two dresses and a cute top for work for $63 :) I should really stop going shopping so much but Im justifying it buy putting stuff on Trademe to sell everytime I buy something lol. Naughty!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im Done!

Im done! Im finally done with Hutchies, I will never have to set foot in there again YAY! It still hasnt fully hit I dont think, It will after I havent been there for a few days.....anyways I had myself a celebratory drink after work hehe:

To top things off thoug I have a cold, I have been saying for the last few weeks I hope I dont get a cold before I start my new job and what do ya know I get one! It could be worse though so I guess I should just focus on getting rid of it. It keeps chaning I had a sore throat and now I have a blocked nose and sinus's grrr I HATE not being able to breathe out of my mouth.

Tights - Kmart
Lace skirt - Jay Jays
top - Glassons
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Ring - Cotton On
Boots - The Warehouse

Ahhhh right im off to relax, looking forward to a 3 day weekend!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So this week has been pretty crap so cars been playing up. Found out today it is 85% likely to be the air fuel ratio sensor...only $800 for a new one! Dunno what im gonna do....on a happier not only two more days of work to go!

Sorry about the blurry pic! I was in a hurry. I got this in the weekend - nice and coomfy for lazy cold days like today. I also love the skull hehe .Im feeling a bit tired and under the weather so going to snuggle up under a blanket and watch Sherlock Holmes :)

Cardigan - Supre
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Top/dress - The Warehouse


Sunday, May 16, 2010

My weekend!

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a great weekend so far :) I havent gotten up to alot...went shopping Saturday as I was having withdrawals hehe picked me up a dress, an oversized top/dress thing, a slow cooker, some excersise tights annnnd a cute skirt with suspenders! I wore my new skirt out Saturday night but I forgot to take pics :(

This is my new dress - I thinks its cute and great casual look. I like how the top has long sleeves - good for winter!

Dress - The warehouse
boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Belt - Glassons

This is my Saturday outfit I decided to try rock my flared jeans as they are comfy! Please exscuse the horrible pic I really should have check they were decent first ooops. Ya get the picture though!

Jeans - Jay Jays?
Flats - The Warehouse
Leather Jacket - Trademe originally Jay Jays
black singlet - Supre
Black sheer top - Shanton
necklace - 21st gift

God I really do hate how pics upload on here they squash me and make me look short and chubby grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Dunno how I can fix it....Im so computer retarded lol.

Back to work tomorrow! Only 4 more days to go at this place eeeeeek still hasnt sunk in! Finally got my contract to look over for my new job on Friday - alot of reading! Its gonna be alot of hard work I feel, dont you just hate the learning and getting to know a new job bit? Just skip a couple of months when im all settled and know what Im doing !

Right im off to cook tea then have some of my frozen berry cheesecake I made yum yum annnd to watch the 3rd Alien movie on TV tonight hehe


Friday, May 14, 2010

New Jacket take 2!!

Friday has finally arrived hurrah! Work went soooo slow today :( Only four more days to go eeeeek! I managed to get a rego and wof for my car uesterday then today my check engine light decides to come on and my car is running like crap :( GAH. Cant it just go right? I have no idea what the problem is......really dont need this right now grrrrr.

I finally got the second hooded leather jacket I bought over a week ago today! Now I have to decide whether I keep the brown one or the grey one...I dont need two hooded leather jackets!

For some reason when I upload pics it just puts them up the top of the page no matter where my cursor is....pissing me off but I cant be arsed mucking around so sorry about that!

Now tell me - the brown jacket or the grey jacket?


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pay day rules!

Oh how I love pay day. Its surprising how quick my money goes down though :( Thank god its finally Friday tomorrow Ive been looking forward to some time to relax! Only 5 more days to go at this job!

I managed to get a warrant and registration for my car today thank god!! I havent actually fixed the problem I was naughty hehe I will get it fixed but its really expensive so putting it off for a bit!

To todays outfit :

Jeggings - Glassons
Heels - Number one shoe warehouse
Top - Jay Jays
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Ring - Cotton On
Bangles - Diva
Headband - Equip

Just a quick one today off to watch a movie! xxx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Counting down the days...

6 more days to go till im outta this job! Its getting really bitchy at work, man I cant wait to leave it all behind and start fresh!

This is the outfit Ive had in my head for awhile:

The tights were a bit yellower in color than what I remember so they dont exactly match the top, I dont have another top a similar colour though so it had to do!

Skirt -Supre
Tights - Glassons
Boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
top - Valley Girl

Hope you are all having a great week - not long now till the weekend!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Monday!

How I dont like you very much....haha. I woke up this morning and couldnt bring myself to go to work :( I always seem to sleep crap on Mondays!

However I made the most of my day I baked scones, cleaned, watched the Hills, emailed, went to the gym, got some supplies for cheap from the $1 to $8 shop and listed some things on trademe! Seriously two days just isnt long enough for a weekend. Whos with me?

I had an outfit in mind for today but the skirt I wanted to wear was in the wash :( So this is what I came up with:

Ive been looking for a floral skirt everywhere but I cant find one I really like so I improvised by wearing this dress as a skirt!

Dress - Jau Jays
tights - Farmers
Wedges - The Warehouse
T-shirt - A gift
Belt - Pagani
bangle - Cotton On

Better get myself back to work tomorrow :( 8 days to go! Have a great week!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

My weekend

Pretty quiet weekend this weekend as Im hanging out for payday! Saturday I didnt do alot, went for a run with James then to find a mothers day pressie for his Mum. Then mucked round at home. My friend came over later and we got drunk lol today has been very lazy! Went to visit my nana, aunty and uncle, then went to see James's Mum. Now im gonna cook tea and blob on the couch for the rest of the night!

Saturday was pretty cold so I rugged up with my new scarf!

Leather jacket - Glassons
Jeans - Supre
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
scarf - Cotton On

Not gonna lie im pretty hungover today lol. Please exscuse the horrible pic! I wanted a very comfy lazy outfit too as you can see!

Jeggings - Kmart
Boots - The Warehouse
Striped top - Cotton On
Black cardy - Supre
Scarf - Cotton On

Hope you have all had a great weekend! Back to work tomorrow :( second to last Monday I'll ever have to work there yay!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back up back up!

Back to Friday! It started off well since it was after all Friday lol. I can get Registrations for my car at work so I gave it to the rego lady then she comes back to me saying she cant do it cos I have no warrant of fitness!! I was like uh what? I thought my wof ran out on the 8th but it was actually the 3rd. so i shat myself. Long story short I managed to get someone to come pick my car up and do a wof for me.......heres when I get the bad news - it failed. I nearly cried. It failed because both my rear shocks are leaking. Fucking expensive to fix!! Hundreds maybe thousands.....and of course being a wof I have 28 days to fix it - not exactly lots of time to save money, not to mention im away for two of those weeks AND to get them fixed I will be without a car. So needless to say it really put a damper on my happy mood from getting a new job!! To top it off I now have no rego and no wof - mad fines if I get pulled over or risk parking in town.....not happy.

Alas it is the weekend so im trying to forget abut it for a few days! This is my outfit from yesterday:

I got this cute puffy sleeve top on Thursday as The Palms had a big girls night sale going on isnt it cute?

Tights - Farmers
Boots - The Warehouse
Belt - Cotton On
Polka dot top - Cotton On
Necklace - a gift for my 21st
Bangle - Cotton On
Ring - Cotton On

Heres a close up of my new bling ring hehe I love it! Picked it up in the sale too :)

I feel the need to drink some wine now hehe have a great weekend folks! X

Friday, May 7, 2010


Yay! I finally finally got a new job!! Im so excited :) I havent heard back from the other one so meh. So you are looking at the new "Claims Assist Representative" for AA Insurance :D It was awesome being able to finally hand in my notice - it has been a looooooooooooooooooooong time coming! 2 weeks and im outies. CANT WAIT! The new work sounds awesome, really great place to work, they really seem to look after their staff which is mint, decent pay and heaps of other benefits!

I finally got one of the leather jackets I have "accidentally" bought yesterday. It is a medium grey colour - looks alot darker in the pics unfortunately:

Jacket - Trademe (originally Glassons)
jeans - Jay Jays
T-shirt - Supre
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop

So this is yesterdays news by the way Im a day behind lol. Its the weekend now yay! Hope you all have had a great week so far :)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying not to get my hopes up....

After my job interview yesterday I got a call today from the job agency. They had rang one of my referees and needed to speak to another, my workmate Trevor knows Im looking for another job so I asked him if he would be a referee for me! So he called the lady and I dunno how it went as I went home just as he was finishing up! He managed a very good though I will probably get an answer either way tomorrow or Friday at the very latest EEEEEEEEEEEK. I still havent heard back from the job interview I went to on Monday....and I know they will be doing second interviews so hmmmm If I get offered this one I guess I'll have to take it!!

Onto todays outfit:

I couldnt help but wear my new shoes again hehe.

White blazer - Thrifted
Grey top - Glassons
Jeans - Supre
Shoes - The Warehouse


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Shoes!!

So I came home yesterday and it was quite warm so I decided to wear my new shoes ive been dying to show you guys! I should have got close up pics but meh another time!

Top - AJ Pop
Belt - Pagani
Shoes - The Warehouse
Skirt - Valley Girl?

The wind got caught in me skirt hehe

Hope you like them as much as I do! I cant wait to wear them again hehe Although I dont think im able to wear them in public Ill break my steps gotta work my way up to be able to wear heels that big for long periods of time.

Ive been to two different job interviews the last two days, both very different. Mondays was very short and not much was said as I'd previously had an interview there. They said they'd get back to me for a second interview (if they want me too). The second I went to today and it was over an hour long lol. I think it went well but ya can never tell! They are hoping to make a decision by Thursday and Im worried that the other job wont have come back to me before then! Plus i'll still have another interview eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I dunno what to dooooooooooooooo! Plus they're two completely different jobs lol. FUCK. Lifes never easy is it!

Anywho Im gonna go relax and watch a movie.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday outing :)

On Sunday I bummed around in the morning then me and the boy decided to go get some lunch and park somewhere nice to eat it. I got some subway then we drove to the Avon river and parked and ate there, It was a great opportunity to get some pics with different scenery!

Grey Tshirt - Kmart
Tights - Farmers
Boots - The Warehouse
Leather jacket - Glassons
Skirt - Jay Jays

Man I hate how the photos come out weird on here sometimes - the last one has come out stratched width ways, makes me look bigger than I am grrrrr.

Anyway Im wearing my new boots hehe they have a bit of a heel as Im trying to build up my tolerance for wearing heels!!

After lunch we went for a drive and ended up at the Halswell Quarry. We had a wander and walked up a wee hill and took some pics :)

A bit of the view!

My James hehe

Was a nice day, great to get out in the sun :) After that James went to a mates to play Xbox and I went to visit my friend and her bubba. Topped off the evening by chillaxing, watching Alien on Tv and eating banoffee pizza pudding and ice cream!