Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back up back up!

Back to Friday! It started off well since it was after all Friday lol. I can get Registrations for my car at work so I gave it to the rego lady then she comes back to me saying she cant do it cos I have no warrant of fitness!! I was like uh what? I thought my wof ran out on the 8th but it was actually the 3rd. so i shat myself. Long story short I managed to get someone to come pick my car up and do a wof for me.......heres when I get the bad news - it failed. I nearly cried. It failed because both my rear shocks are leaking. Fucking expensive to fix!! Hundreds maybe thousands.....and of course being a wof I have 28 days to fix it - not exactly lots of time to save money, not to mention im away for two of those weeks AND to get them fixed I will be without a car. So needless to say it really put a damper on my happy mood from getting a new job!! To top it off I now have no rego and no wof - mad fines if I get pulled over or risk parking in town.....not happy.

Alas it is the weekend so im trying to forget abut it for a few days! This is my outfit from yesterday:

I got this cute puffy sleeve top on Thursday as The Palms had a big girls night sale going on isnt it cute?

Tights - Farmers
Boots - The Warehouse
Belt - Cotton On
Polka dot top - Cotton On
Necklace - a gift for my 21st
Bangle - Cotton On
Ring - Cotton On

Heres a close up of my new bling ring hehe I love it! Picked it up in the sale too :)

I feel the need to drink some wine now hehe have a great weekend folks! X

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