Sunday, December 27, 2009

Auckland Christmas

So i flew to Auckland on boxing day to spend some time with my family, had a second chrissy dinner that night then went into town and met a friend got me a taste of the Auckland nightlife - was ave although I think it was alot quiter than normal. Today we went for a drive to devonport and had a look around, drove to some beach i cant remember the name and just hung out really, im pretty tired been out the last two nights in a row! Gonna catch up on some sleep tonight then up bright and early to do more sight-seeing!

My outfit for today was just casual - shorts - Valley girl
Singlet - valley Girl
gladiators - No 1 shoe warehouse

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Havent posted for a few days so Im gonna post some pics of my outfits the kast few days. The bf got me a new camera for Chrissy - I thought he might have so YAY! Anyway rather quick post as Im going out and im being rushed, and then im off to Auckland 2moro to see the family so excited hehe. Hope you all got spoilt and got to spend quality time with loved ones xxxxx

White top - Supre

Black Skirt - Glassons

Gladiator sandals - No 1 shoe warehouse

Please exscuse the wet hair I just had a shower!
My Christmas Day outfit:
Blue dress/top - Valley Girl
Black skirt - Glassons/Jay jays cant remember
Gladiators - No 1 shoe warehouse

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


IM ON HOLIDA YAY! Last day of work today thank god, time to relax and have some time to myself and my bf. It doesnt feel like im holiday yet, im sure it will start to feel like it 2moro though :) Getting all excited about Christmad - I cant wait to get my bfs presents and give him mine hehe. Was a rushed day after work, I squeezed in an hour and a half at the gym, then showered and braved the closes mall to get james a few wee things to put together in a package so I have 3 pressies for him hehe got myself some goodies too, some new shampoo and some Dove summer glow - im too pasty i need to tan a bit so im gonna cheat lol. Anywho I took a few horrible pics of my mall outfit hehe

Black skinnies - Jay Jays

Black T-shirt - Pass, mummy gave it to me

Green singlet - Jay Jays

Black Flats -N0 1 shoe warehouse

Butterfly Earrings - Diva or somewhere like that - they are so cute!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One day to go!

Finally its Friday tomorrow! Well for me anyway last day of work for two and a half weeks yay! Its been rather busy at work the last few days so it'll prob fly by. After that im gonna be in holiday mode hehe. I need to get one more pressie for the bf as hes got me 3 and I only have 2 for him, must make it even! Not sure what to get though.....and I only have a few mins to get it so he doesnt know. I cant wait for holidays too so I can dress in cute outfits and post pics up for my two followers hehe - although not sure if i'll be able to while im in Auckland - we shall see!

Bye for now xxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Monday

Today was the last Monday I will be working for a few weeks yussss! Two more days of work till I finally get a decent holiday - cant wait! Today was rather un eventful, worked, gymed then made a mean dinner which i proceeded to burn the crap outta my tongue with lol. Other than that rather boring, was very sorry to hear about the death of Brittany Murphy such a shame she was so young. Till 2moro loves!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Antics

Hurro people! So this weekend I finished off my christmas shopping and went a bit nuts on myself haha. I got a new face care range and not one but THREE new pairs of shoes hehe. I totally will wear them all lots! Got me some strappy wedges, basic black flats and gladiator type flats - and all for $63 yay Number one shoe warehouse sales! I also squeezed in a gym sesh then hung out with somes mates and went for a drive. Saturday night we cruised around, caught up with some mates and got our drink on! Poor Chris ended up spewing his ring out lol then we got pulled over on our way home and escaped a few fines - nothing major just Chris with no seatbelt on etc Got home around 5.30am. Today ive been rather lazy, watching movies, checking emails then my mates came round and we drove round the malls in a bagged merc and gave people frights hehe its so funny watching the looks on their faces!! Ohh i also wrapped all my chrissy pressies hehe - 3 more days of work to go YAY!

Heres a pic of my new shoes :D


Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Stuff!

Today I started the day off with a free pack of Olive goodies from the Courier - shower gel, handcream, lip gloss etc Have no idea where its from, Ive entered alot of competitions so its bound to be from one of them, woulda helped if they had a sender addy or a card or letter or something! Then to top it off I won a free bottle of wine in a raffle at work yayyyy hehe. I walked home from work today and on my way stopped by a jewellers and got the bf's necklace fixed and got a pandora charm for my mum for xmas - cost me $5 hehe I had a voucher. All in all a pretty good day!

My outfit after work is pretty simple and comfy shown yet again with a shite pic lol

Black dress - supre

Tights - Farmers
P.s. I dunno how to rotate the pic so sorry about that!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soreness and electric currents

So today I am sore as crap after my fight do class yesterday - I must have used mussels I havent used in a loooooong time! After work today I went to a place called Arome and had a free session of "Transion" Its a machine that delivers an electrical impulse to certain body areas to tone the body, it was a very different experience needless to say. The currents felt like pins and needles to start then she slowly turned up the current and the contractions got stronger it was such a weird feeling I couldnt help but giggle! Was fun though, I've also booked myself in for a skin consult on Saturday :) Gonna try and get an early night tonight and catch up on some sleep!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kicking Arse

So today I went to my first Fight Do class at the gym - not sure if I'll go again, everyone else had been heaps before and i felt like a retard all unco and not knowing what to do lol......was fun though and i sweated up a storm! Good way to get an hour of cardio lol. The bf is at work till 10pm tonight so im just catching up on my internet surfing, update my model profile on Model Mayhem etc I decided to wear something casualish whilst chillaxing exscuse the crude photos I will get a new camera soon i promise!

Jeans - Supre

Slippers - No 1 shoe warehouse in need of a clean haha

Grey Top - Glassons

Black Waistcoat - Max

Heart necklace from my lovely bf

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Monday

Whoa today was rather busy for a Monday! Work started off not so great when i rocked up at 7.30am and had forgotten my keys to get in grrrr had to borrow a car and rush home and get my keys. Phones were busy all day then i had to go out and deliver some stuff as one of my workmates was sick. Managed a quick sesh at the gym after then rushed home to get ready for my bf's workdo! I didnt get a pic as you know my camera sux but i will tell u what i was wearing anyway:

Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Red Lion singlet - Jay Jays
Black cardie - Glassons
Purple wool jacket - Glassons
Black boots - No 1 shoe warehouse

After the nice weather in the weekend today turned shithouse and it was rainy and cold :( I hope it picks back up again soon! Bye for

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend yay!

So it is the weekend again yay! Yesterday was awesome I finished work early, went out to Ruapuna to watch some drags, couldnt stay long though so missed alot :( Headed to my work do after that at Santorinis - its a greek restaurant. Free booze and food and some good yarns followed!! Was rather intoxicated lol Got home 1am ish i think!

Today i did a few chores round home then went to a dyno day with a mate. Cant wait to put my car on the dyno at some stage! After that i washed my car so its all shiny now hehe and just relaxing now with a bourbon, not sure what im going to do tonight, its been a beat day very hot just the way summer should be!

Heres some pics of my work do :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pay Day!

Finally pay day whoo hoo! Although it seems to be going rather fast :( Got groceries, paid some bills, then went to the mall as it was having a big sale! Got my dad a couple of shirts for xmas and got myself some undies and a cute dress $40 down from $90! Im tired as shit so cant be arsed uploading a pic - i'll try 2moro but I have a busy day so not sure, will catch up in the weekend with a bunch of pics, got my work do 2moro night yay! Gonna be freaking drunk haha.

9 more days till holidays!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the short post will post properly soonies xxx

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catch up Sesh...

Right so the rest of my weekend.......Went out for dinner with some girlfriends on Saturday night - see lovely pic of me licking a satay chicken kebab hehe. After I came home half pissed and my bf went out LAAAAAME so i texted people up and ended up going clubbing with some mates then got picked up later by soe other mates and ended up home around 6am.....again lol. Then my mates got green stickered just after they dropped me off and had to come back, I offered them to stay but after much hmming and haaaing they risked it and drove home! Sunday was spent doing f-all haha

Monday I worked then headed to a mates and we took the dog for a walk and had a catch up then later me and my bf went back round and watched a move :) Ive been sleeping really shit lately so im running on empty b im so proud i still managed to get to the gym today! Hees hoping for a better sleep tonight :)

11 more ds of work till holidays YAY!


Saturday, December 5, 2009


Finally the weekend is here! Its nice to relax and not worry about work but I am rather bored :( Sometimes it really bites having a bf that works all weekend :(

We just had a quiet one in lastnight. Today I have been to the gym, caught up with a few people quickly and am currently sitting in the sun with a cold bourbon and the new Cosmo! I guess when u write it down its not that bad.......really wanna go out tonight but its gonna be a play it by air night i think.............hopefully its a good one!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nearly the Weekend

Ahh Thursday is here, the countdown to the weekend is on! The highlight of my day so far has been food haha I got free sushi and subway for lunch then my lovely bf shouted fish and chips for tea :D

Im still feeling under the weather so i think an early night is in store for me so i have energy for the weekend! One more day of work to go then i can relax.

Ohhh I also got some pics back from a shoot I did on Monday heres a few to perve at.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Had to go home from work early again today :( This time a sore stomach and fever. Dunno whats wrong with me.....its summer now though so i dont wanna get sick! Im going to try make sure I look after myself, eat properly, get as much sleep as I can etc I will keep repeating to myself "I am on holiday soon, just take each day as it comes, dont stress"........wonder if it will work haha

Only 15 more days of work till im on holiday yay!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi everyone (and i mean no-one haha) well I had an eventful weekend! Ended up taking my car out for a cruise Friday night anf ran into a few mates. Saturday I hit the gym and then sat at the hairdressers for 3.5 hours while they dies my hair darker then re-did my blond foils alot darker. The outfit i wore out Saturday night is also above:
Skirt - Valley Girl
Top - Supre
Tights - Farmers
Boots - No 1 shoe warehouse, i didnt actually wear those out i wore ankle boots but i couldnt be arsed taking a pic hehe
Saturday night me, my bf and a mate drank at ours then another mate come over and we went for a bit of a cruise, ran into some mates again was a good night, I was rather boozed haha. Sunday i watched 3 movies by myself laaaaame then some mates came over and then my bf, and a mate went and got some DVDs, we watched The Hangover - funny as!
Anywho thats my weekend pretty much. Its the first of December today I counted 17 days of work left eeeeeeek so cant wait for holidays!