Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Antics

Hurro people! So this weekend I finished off my christmas shopping and went a bit nuts on myself haha. I got a new face care range and not one but THREE new pairs of shoes hehe. I totally will wear them all lots! Got me some strappy wedges, basic black flats and gladiator type flats - and all for $63 yay Number one shoe warehouse sales! I also squeezed in a gym sesh then hung out with somes mates and went for a drive. Saturday night we cruised around, caught up with some mates and got our drink on! Poor Chris ended up spewing his ring out lol then we got pulled over on our way home and escaped a few fines - nothing major just Chris with no seatbelt on etc Got home around 5.30am. Today ive been rather lazy, watching movies, checking emails then my mates came round and we drove round the malls in a bagged merc and gave people frights hehe its so funny watching the looks on their faces!! Ohh i also wrapped all my chrissy pressies hehe - 3 more days of work to go YAY!

Heres a pic of my new shoes :D


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