Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi everyone (and i mean no-one haha) well I had an eventful weekend! Ended up taking my car out for a cruise Friday night anf ran into a few mates. Saturday I hit the gym and then sat at the hairdressers for 3.5 hours while they dies my hair darker then re-did my blond foils alot darker. The outfit i wore out Saturday night is also above:
Skirt - Valley Girl
Top - Supre
Tights - Farmers
Boots - No 1 shoe warehouse, i didnt actually wear those out i wore ankle boots but i couldnt be arsed taking a pic hehe
Saturday night me, my bf and a mate drank at ours then another mate come over and we went for a bit of a cruise, ran into some mates again was a good night, I was rather boozed haha. Sunday i watched 3 movies by myself laaaaame then some mates came over and then my bf, and a mate went and got some DVDs, we watched The Hangover - funny as!
Anywho thats my weekend pretty much. Its the first of December today I counted 17 days of work left eeeeeeek so cant wait for holidays!

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