Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Monday

Whoa today was rather busy for a Monday! Work started off not so great when i rocked up at 7.30am and had forgotten my keys to get in grrrr had to borrow a car and rush home and get my keys. Phones were busy all day then i had to go out and deliver some stuff as one of my workmates was sick. Managed a quick sesh at the gym after then rushed home to get ready for my bf's workdo! I didnt get a pic as you know my camera sux but i will tell u what i was wearing anyway:

Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Red Lion singlet - Jay Jays
Black cardie - Glassons
Purple wool jacket - Glassons
Black boots - No 1 shoe warehouse

After the nice weather in the weekend today turned shithouse and it was rainy and cold :( I hope it picks back up again soon! Bye for

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