Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Im Okay

Im sure by now all of you from around the world have heard my current home of Christchurch, New Zealand has AGAIN been struck by a devastating earthquake. I am happy to report myself and my family are all ok, however our house has taken a bit of a beating and we have no power or water. We are currently at the bf's Mums who has power and water and are going to stay at my great uncles tonight as he has a spare bed. Really dont know whats going to happen from here......I dont know if we are going to have a home to live in and what we do with all our stuff and I dont know what will happen about work.

I was at work at the time of the quake in the CBD, on the 3rd floor of a 5 story building. It was horrendous, I wont even try and put it into words, we ran for it after it stopped and had to smash windows to get out of the building, Im just glad our building stayed upright. When we got outside buildings around is had collapsed and the street was buggered with water and liquafaction poring up from under the road. My bike is still at work as I biked, I got a ride part way home then walked the rest only to find the driveway flooded and I had to wade through sand and mud and water to get to our house. We have cleared the drains for now and picked everything up, as you can imagine the house was a mess.

At the end of the day I am very thankful that I am alove as so many people have lost their lives and 100's more missing, my heart is breaking for this city that I live in.......I just dont really know what to do, my life feels like its in limbo - where do I live? Is it safe to be in chch? What about our jobs? Its just so messed up that your like can be turned upside down in a second.......If you would like to see a snippet of what is going on here have a look here im sure seeing pictures will freak you out enough but its nothing compared to being in the middle of it and seeing it first hand.

If you would like to help there is various ways you can donate blood, money etc if you are in NZ here are ways you can help -

Not sure when Ill be back on line as you can imagine there are more important things to worry about that what outfit im wearing! I just wanted to let you all know what is going on and if you can help out my fair city in any way it would be much appreciated, we really need it. If you are in chch too please take care and stay safe xxx

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cars Cars Cars

Hey folks, sorry I didnt get to update yesterday I was rather tired and sun burnt lol. I spent my weekend surrounded by cars of varying makes and models. If ya didnt know I LOVE cars. So I thought it would only be fitting to do my outfit photos in front of my car on Saturday hehe. I opted for comfy casual with flats as I was going to be on my feet all day wandering around a car show. I wanted to wear a belt with this top as opposed to the black ties it has so I ingeniously decided to tie them up around the back of my neck in a halter style - look at me being creative! I wanted to wear a black belt but I dont seem to have a black skinny high-waist belt.......its not on my list. I also wanted to try out blue with grey - what do ya reckon?

Top - Max, Skirt - Supre, Flats - The Warehouse

In case you are wondering my car is a 2002 Subaru WRX STI ;)

Now for some cars, my taste is interesting I like all kinds of cars from Jap imports to drag cars and old muscle cars, heres a few pics from the Show:

WRX similar to mine

Nissan Silvia

Mitsibushi Evo

Nissan Skyline R34 - I like the rims!

Last but not least a mean as drag car look at the massive back wheels compared to the tiny front wheels! Not sure how quick this particular car is but I would say it does the 1/4 mile in under 7 seconds!! It ran at the drags on Sunday but we didnt get to see it. I will post about the drags tomorrow for you, dont want to overload you too much with car stuff.

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fruitful Trees

Yup, thats how I roll there is a fruit tree behind me and that is my title, yup. Anywho yay its Friday! So over work for this week and looking forward to a full weekend of stuff lined up. I hope the weather is fantastic too would just top the weekend off.

I really loved wearing this outfit, Im still in love with this skirt, there is so many different outfits you can do with it, Ive already got another one I really want to wear but havent had a chance yet. Hope you all have a great weekend, hopefully I will catch up with you all on Sunday and fill you in on what I get up to :)

Shoes, Rubi - Tights - Farmers, Skirt - Shanton, Top - complete mind blank sorry hehe

Borrowed the bf's aviators for something different :P

and for the blooper shot - anyone know what Im doing? Cos I dont!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments lately I really appreciate it :) I must go now as I have a killer headache, it should be illegal to have headaches on a Friday night :( Have a great weekend all xxx

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bright Leopards

Got ya! Its really just a bright leopard print top :P Im feeling a bit blah about these photos but I thought I'd post them anyways......was a super comfy outfit, nice and simple with a bit of ooomf with the bright leopard print. How is everyones week going? Im so glad its Friday tomorrow, I have a weekend full of car events ahead of me hehe I will be sure to get some pictures and show you guys what kind of cars Im into ;)

Heels - Jeffrey Campbells, Top - Supre, Jeans - JayJays, Watch - a gift

Just a quick one today its late and I have stuffs to do before I get some shut eye. Happy Thursday all xxx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Bows

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day and your week is going great. I really wanted to wear this green top with these shorts but when I put them on I realised I'd be wearing two bows.......too much you think? Meh. I think it works :)

Singlet - Valley Girl, Shorts - Cotton On, Shoes - Rubi, Sunglasses - Glassons

I have had some lovely comments lately which I am super greatful for, a quick question - do you guys prefer me to reply to comments on my blog or via email or your own blog? Let me know! I like to respond in some way as I think its polite, happy hump day everyone xxx

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines day my dear followers! Ive had a great day so far, got a heart shaped balloon and some chocolates at work then went out for dinner at a local restaurant  with the boy it was lovely we shared some garlic and herb chips, pizza and topped it off with white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake :) Its great as the restaurant is literally around the corner so we just walked there and back - they even gave me a single rose. I know the boy got me something but I havent received it yet.....hmmmmm lol. I sent the boy some choclates at work that got delivered by a lady with angel wings who also gave all his workmates heart shaped lollipops hehe. I had a cute wee note with it too, he loved it. I just wanted to do something cute and different - what did you do for your significant others?

I got a bit excited about my outfit pictures today sorry since I actually put some makeup on - I tend to take a bit more when that happens since its so infrequent!

I also wanted to show off my new dress, new wedges and new necklace!

Dress - Trademe ($1.50!!), Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Belt - Pagani, Heart necklace - JayJays

Bag - Equip

Butterfly ring - Trendz

I love the cute pleating detail on the dress :)

I couldnt resist posing with the balloon hehe

Jacket - Trendz

Sorry for the super cheesyness guys, its only once a year :P I best go and spend the rest of the night with my love. Hope you all have a great day with people you love xxx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre Valentines Day

Look at me doing a pre valentines day post how cheesy am I? Sorry to my single followers I wont be mushy I promise! Ive had another fairly cruisy weekend, quite nights in and catching up with friends and a spot of shopping - plus a free brunch during the day. This afternoon me and the bf went on a nice bike ride around the Avon River which we live near and stopped to get some pictures. It was nice taking pictures in some different scenery, sooooo a bit of picture overload for you sorry!

I purchased this skirt recently off Trademe - yes another trademe find! All up including postage it cost me $4.50!!

Skirt - trademe, tights - Farmers, Flats - Rubi, Top - Tempt

Check out the twisted bridge in the background - a reminder of the 7.1 earthquake we went through last September

My bling - Butterfly ring - Trendz, rest various i.e. cant remember lol


I couldnt resist wearing this skirt on pre valentines day because of the cute little hearts hehe so valentiney right? I think Ive got my outfit sorted for tomorrow - another Trademe find! We are finishing the weekend off tonight with a roast chicken with all the trimmings and a cheeky apple cider. Hope you have all had a great weekend xxx

Friday, February 11, 2011


Arent my titles awesome? Again me taking my own pictures so a bit far away but its a pretty simple outfit so ya get the picture :) Ive worn this top/dress before as a dress with tights so I though I'd wear it as a top.

Jeans - Supre, Heels - Hannahs, Top/dress - Valley Girl

I dont know whats up with this random plant its our Landlords....

Its finally Friday yay! The bf has just gone over to a mates for a few drinks and to play cards lol. I cant be bothered going anywhere so I think Ill settle in and watch a movie or catch me up on some Gossip Girl! Whats everyones plans for the weekend? xxx

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I bought this dress for $10.....Im not convinced I like it now hmmmmmm. I think I'd rather wear it as a top with a high waist skirt me thinks. Or I may sell it on Trademe to fuel more purchases......I accidentally bought a stripey maxi dress today ooops. But one must own a black and white maxi right?

Dress - cotton On, Heels - Jeffrey Campbells, Belt - Dotti, Sunglasses - Glassons

Please exscuse the half dry hair

and the far away pics

My hours at work are weird at the moment and I dont get home until after 8pm then I still have to have/cook tea. Which doesnt leave much time before its dark to do outfit pictures, so Ive been taking them myself with a tripod in the morning before work. I'm not very good at it as you can see! Hope you are all having a fab week - one more work day to go! xxx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello lovlies! Lately I have been obsessed with buying cheap clothes on Trademe. I cant help myself, Its kinda scary because I cant try them on but im getting things so cheap! I have bought 3 skirts so far and a top and two dresses tonight......eeeeeek im out of control! Ive only received on skirt in the mail so far and unfortunately it didnt suit me so Ive had to relist that so fingers crossed these other items fit me! This dress that I am wearing in these shots is in fact a dress I won on Trademe for $7.50!

Dress - Trademe, Tights - Farmers, Boots - The Warehouse, Belt - Trendz, Socks - Rubi

As you can see my hair is now shorter I HATE IT. He cut off waaaaaaaay more than he said he was going too.  I just hope it grows back quickly, it feels and looks so short :(

I hope you are all having a fantastic start to the week, unfortunately I have been at the dentist the last two days before work.......two fillings today - let me tell you a numb mouth and working in a call centre = not cool! Not to mention the 100's of dollars I have just spent :( Gotta look after them teeth though right? xxx