Thursday, February 10, 2011


I bought this dress for $10.....Im not convinced I like it now hmmmmmm. I think I'd rather wear it as a top with a high waist skirt me thinks. Or I may sell it on Trademe to fuel more purchases......I accidentally bought a stripey maxi dress today ooops. But one must own a black and white maxi right?

Dress - cotton On, Heels - Jeffrey Campbells, Belt - Dotti, Sunglasses - Glassons

Please exscuse the half dry hair

and the far away pics

My hours at work are weird at the moment and I dont get home until after 8pm then I still have to have/cook tea. Which doesnt leave much time before its dark to do outfit pictures, so Ive been taking them myself with a tripod in the morning before work. I'm not very good at it as you can see! Hope you are all having a fab week - one more work day to go! xxx


  1. Ahh I want those JC shoes (in the tan)! As for finding a colourful dress, have you tried Glassons? That's where I got mine from, they had quite a number of them. Didn't see any when I wandered in during lunch today but I was totally zoning out so may have missed them!

  2. There soooo comfy you must buy some! Yeah I tried on dress on at Glassons the other day but it was like a sack, it didnt look good at all :( Im hitting the mall tomorrow though so I'll have a looky then xx


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