Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb Fast

Hi lovlies it is the first of February today can you believe it? I have come across a great cause called Feb Fast here in NZ. Its big in Australia apparently, this is the first time we are doing it in NZ. Basically its a challenge to not drink any alcohol in the month of February, you can sign up, create a profile and people can donate money to help the cause. You can Sign up for FebFast here. I think its a great idea. I am going to do it myself without signging up to Feb Fast, I'd rather quietly do it alone - well actually Ill do it with you guys and keep you updated on my experiences! Im happy to donate to others but dont really want to make my own profile and ask people to donate to me.

So I challenge you all fellow bloggers to quit the booze for the month of February - whos with me?!

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