Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flaring Up

Hello lovelies,hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! It goes so fast, I cant believe its Sunday already :( It is so unbearably hot today. So, so humid. Not sure exactly of the degrees but its over 30 degrees! I havent done anything too exciting this weekend, just chilling really. I went shopping yesterday and picked up a few great buys - I will share them with you in due course! Needless to say I did not wear this outfit today haha, I wore this to my friends house a few weekends ago for a poker night. I havent worn these flares in a long time and for some reason I just dont think flares look good without heels so I teamed them with my Jeffrey Campbells. My Mum bought me this shirt for Christmas I LOVE it. Cant wait to wear it again. Its sheer which you cant really see and I just love the wee bow.

Jeans - Supre, Heels - JC's, Shirt - A gift, Belt - Valley Girl

Please exscuse the state of my hair, in fact this is the last picture I have of me with my hair this long. I got a hair cut a few weeks ago and he cut it waaaaaaaaaaaay shorter than what I wanted I wasnt happy and Im still not. Hopefully It grows back quickly!! Well Im off for a BBQ and a few sunday bevvies - what else can you do in this heat huh? xxx


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