Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The beginning of the lace story!

Hey peeps, its a long weekend this weekend and you might remember I decided I wanted to have a "lace weekend: where I wear all my lace items in different ways over the weekend. I cant wait and Ive decided to start early hehe:

Lace top - Tempt
Black mini - Supre
Black strappy wedges - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Black bangle - Cotton On
Silver earrings - A gift

I love this lace top its so cute! It has cute ruffles and buttons and a wee tie hehe. It was quite a nice warm day today so I just teamed it with a mini :)

Ive been busy again appyling for jobs. I had another Interview today! I think it went ok? The only thing is out of the two interviews Ive had so far I just cant see myself working at either......but I really need to get out of my job before I go insane.....ugh I hate decisions!!

On a good note Dads out of hospital and home. They were planning on going down to Cromwell this weekend but hes not allowed to travel so my Brother is flying up to Auckland for the weekend and my Mum offered to fly me and my bf up there too!! So we are off to Auckland on Friday until Sunday :) So we get a few days away in Auckland and a few days at home to relax - I cant wait!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

All In a Pile

Yay finally another weekend! And next week is a short week yusss. Nothing exciting to report today......another crappy day at work then walked home and washed my car lol. Now im sitting watching a movie with a bourbon and some chocolate while the boy is out for a boys night! Exciting stuff haha.

Ive discovered a new way to wear my hair. I get a headached if i wear my hair in a ponytail as I have so much of it....I piled it all on top of my head and it works a treat - although im not sure it looks that fantastic lol what do you think? Yes or no?

Anywho today was another nice warm day although it had called down by the time I got home:

Top - AJ Pop
Jeggings - Glassons
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Black headband - Diva
Silver bangle - Mummy

Hope you all have a great weekend! xxx

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dont go Summer!

Its getting colder and colder here as we lead into winter......dont go summer! I hate getting up when its dark and cold :( Today started off cold and dark then blossomed into quite a hot sunny day! I walked home after work and threw on some summery clothes :) I hope we get a few more hot days yet! Namely next weekend when I have 5 days off hehe.

Ive applied for one job today, will give myself a bit of a break until 2moro! I got a call today for an interview on Monday so we will see how that goes :)

My outfit for today:

White singlet - Supre
Blue skirt - Supre
White slip ons - The Warehouse
Black neckale - $1 to $8 shop
Black bangles - Diva


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey peeps,

My god applying for jobs is so time consuming and draining :( I am determined to perservere though until I have a new job. I know that my health will be so much better off! I am just taking each day one at a time and trying to get through each working day as best as I can. I cant wait till next weekend though as its a long weekend!! Ive also added another days holiday on the end so I will be getting a 5 day weekend YAY! I am looking forward to it, it will be a much needed break for me. I have also come up with an idea for an long weekend outfit challenge - LACE. Ive mentioned a few times I am in love with lace at the moment and Ive decided to showcase you all my new lace outfits in a 5 day challenge :D I hope you guys like my idea!

I absolutely hate getting up in the mornings as its getting colder - its still dark when I get up and it just does not feel right :( Such a crap start to the day!

Anywho my outfit for today:

Blue skinny jeans - Valley Girl
Black Blazer - Thrifted
Black studded top - A Pop?
Black flats - The Warehouse

I love my new flats they were so cheap and I love the cute strap on them - heres another pic:

Much love xxxx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black and White yo!

Hey peeps. I will admit I am actually behind in my outfits hehe this is from last week but it is the last so from 2moro it will be actually what I am wearing that day! Today was actually really hot so I def wouldnt have been wearing this! I didnt have time for an outfit pic today though as I had to go pick my laptop up after having got a new hard drive installed - to be honest it hasnt made the computer any faster grrr. Anywho after that I came home and applied for a job then I went to the gym to do a boxing class! Its so much fun I havent gone for the last two weeks so Im trying to remember to go each Tuesday lol.

I am in the middle of a quarter life crisis just fyi I dont want to get too personal but basically my job is slowly driving me insane....literally. I will have a mental breakdown if I dont get out - soon. So I am putting all my spare time into applying for jobs.....anything I can find bascially! Let me tell you its very time consuming typing up cover letters!! So on that note im off to apply for a few more before bed!

Black leather jacket - Glassons
Black and white stripe top - Glassons
Black skinny jeans - Jay Jays
White slip on shoes - The Warehouse
Black bow headband - Diva


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey everyone! Hope you have all had a great weekend :) I have had a pretty good one, cleaned up the house yesterday then spent the rest of the afternoon driving around to various shops getting things we needed etc Picked me up a few new things on the way hehe. Saturday night we went on a bus trip - theme was 80's, so we were all dressed up looking like knobs lol. By bus trip I mean we get on a bus, take our own booze, drink, listen to loud as sounds and drive around to different pubs - sooooo much fun!! Heres some pics:

You get dropped off in town so me and the boy walked home as we dont live far from town. We watched a movie then hit the hay! Today we have just lazed around home, its nice to just relax sometimes and soend time together. We wandered down the road to the video shop and got a few weekly movies out and got a drink at the dairy. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow :(

Along with Lace I am loving zips at the moment, Ive been looking for a dress with a zip the length of it but I havent found one i really love. This one was on sale though so I thought why not!

Dress - Valley Girl
Shoes - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Earrings - A gift


Friday, March 19, 2010


Yay Its finally Friday!! This is an outfit I wore a few days ago.....I wanted a few long singlets to wear with my jeans and tights and I picked this stripey one up from Cotton On. The pic isnt that fantastic buts its not bad for a $10 top!
I went to Riccarton mall tonight for the opening of House of G the new brand for Glassons. So many people there! I got a free glass of wine and some vitamin juice lol had a browse and met JJ one of the hosts of the morning MadHouse on The Edge radio show here in NZ - was quite exciting, I also saw Fletch and Vaughn who host the afternoon show on the same station but I was too scared to say anything to them lol. I then ran into two people I knew whilst trying to leave the mall!! I didnt find anything in Glassons - oh I lie I found some very cute tights but they didnt have them in my size :( Hopefully they get some more in stock soon! I also picked me up a plain grey hoody which has been on my wishlist for awhile and a black vest which will be awesome to wear over shirts for work - its so cute! i got them both for under $40 at Farmers. I also returned a pair of jeans to Valley Girl and the girl wasnt going to let me away with it as they have a 10 day return policy and its been like a month haha - I was allowed to get something else so I bought the cutest cropped jacket! I cant wait to show you guys, I also cant wait to wear it with long singlets andf tshirts and ahh just everything really! Although it might be a bit too thin for the coming winter......will have to layer.
Sorry im babbling! Hope you all have an awesome weekend im looking forward to mine :)
Blue and white striped top - Cotton On
"Jeggings" - Glassons
White kicks - Number One Shoe Warehouse

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to Normal....

....and new stuff!! This is what I wore on my way back from Auckland, something comfy for the plan ride! I love my new top I think its really cute hehe. Im not good with accesories or doing my hair so Ive decided to try and funk things up a bit with head bands.....I bought a few yesterday so hopeully I can come up with something now and again! Im learning so bare with me lol and if ya got any tips/comments holla at me!!
Thank god its Friday tomorrow, looking forward to spending time with the boy and I have a bus tip sat night which is always funsies hehe.
White top - Jay Jays
Black tights - Farmers
Grey Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Black bangle - Cotton On
Black headband - Diva

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I saw Lady Gaga!

Last weekend me and my friend hopped on a plane again and went to Auckland to see Lady gaga live in concert. It was epic!! Ive never been to anything like it in my life. We flew up late Friday - getting to bed around 1am as our flight was delayed :( We were staying with my parents so I was able to catch up with them which was mint.
Saturday we went to the mall and got our hair curled and straigtened for free whoo hoo! My mum also shouted me a Demalogica facial which was lovely. We shopped, ate then got us some booze and headed to Mel's friends flat in central Auckland. We got ready for the concert, drank and got some pizza for tea then her friend dropped us at Vector Arena where the show was. It was HUGE! About 15,000 people I think. Lots of people wearing random Lady Gaga type outfits lol. The opening act was a band called Semi prescious weapons whom I'd never heard of haha. They were ok very energetic which was cool but not my kind of music! and very gay I might ass - think tights, high-helled gold sparkly boots etc lol
Anywho Lady Gaga came on and the crowd went wild!! My ears were ringing for a few days after . The show was epic! lots of dancing and outregaous outifts, big set including fire coming out of her piano! Was so awesome!!!! We managed to sneak in hip flasks of straight jaggermeister and bought some pepsi (for $5.20 a 600ml bottle I might add!) went to the loos and filled up our sups with half of each and walla a yummy drink to enjoy the show with! Afterwards we met her friends in town and partied the night away :)
Sunday I spent time with my parents before flying home again. Whew! Looking forward to spending some time home with the bf this weekend :)
Pictures from top:
Me after the show with the Sky City tower in the background.
One of gaga's sets
Me and Mel drinking our Jaggy and Pepsi
Me and Mel before heading to the show:
Black and pink dress - Trendz
Black 3/4 tights - Glassons
Blacl gladiator flats (not pictured)
Black bangles - Cotton On/Diva
Necklaces - silver a gift - black $1 to $8 shop
I know ive worn this dress before but I thought it was Gaga appropriate and I have changed my accecories/shoes and tights a little!
Last pic is of me at Mel's friends flat.
Back to normal tomorrow me thinks!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My first Trip!

A few weeks ago me and my friend went to Wellington for the weekend. We got cheap flights last year and thought why not! We arrived about lunch time and proceeded to go shopping :) I didnt find too much actually was quite dissapointing! We stopped for a frap at Starbucks then wandered back to the hotel via the supermarket to get some booze hehe
We drank at the hotel - unfortunately they didnt have a fridge in the room so we got a "bucket" of ice - which consisted of a small steel bucket you could fit one bottle of wine in - not ideal! We headed out to the clubs later, met some random peeps took some stoopid pics and stumbled home around 4am!
Next day we slept in and just wandered around and checked out the sights - went up the cable car, and walked down to the waterfront. We wandered back to the hotel via the supermarket again then had a wee nana nap each. We went to get Hell Pizza for tea and ended up waiting 25 mins for nothing! They lost our freaking pizzas!! not cool. so we left with out money back and vouchers. we got some fish and chips and started getting our drink on. My friends friends came over and we crammed about 8 people in our wee hotel room - was crackup! we even nicked a couch from the hall and put it in there :P Went to a random party then into town again was a good night! Stumbled home around 4am again lol.
Sunday we had to check out by 11am and it SUCKED we were so hungover and still slightly pissed haha. We werent flying out till 8ish though so we had a whole day to kill. We got our free Hell for lunch and hung out at Mel's friends flat for awhile then we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Was ok nothing special. The 3D was trippy in our hungover states tho! We had some dinner then chilled out before getting a taxi to the airport them home - whew!!
Pictures from the top:
Me and a random tool poster haha
White singlet - Supre
Black lace skirt - Jay Jays
Black tights - Farmers
Grey boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Me and the view of Wellington:
Green top - Valley Girl
Black skirt - Supre
Black tights - Farmers
Grey boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Me being a dick in the hotel room:
Pink top - Jay Jays (my friends)
Black high-waist skirt - Tempt
Me by some random things in central Wellington:
Purple top - Supre
Black cardy - Glassons
Black shorts - Glassons
Grey boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Bag - Shanton
what a novel!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Im back baby!

Right peeps, Im finally back from all my jet setting around NZ hehe. I also have my laptop back - yay! Although I may have to do without it again soon as I need a new hard drive apparently :( Hopefully its covered under my warranty!

Anyways Ive been gallavanting in Wellington and Auckland the last few weekends, its been an awesome couple of weeks socially! I wont biff it all on you in one post I will catch you all up over a few over the next few days with plenty of pictures :)
I hope you are all well! I'll start things off with a few pics of my friends baby shower I went to a couple of weeks ago.
Blue tie top - Supre
Black shorts - Glassons
Black Gladiator flats - Number one shoe warehouse

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Im back from my weekend in Wellington but I have no internet at home as my Laptop is getting fixed :( Just thought I would give you all a quick update to let you know I wont be on for a few days - hopefully I get my laptop back before Friday as Im off again for the weekend hehe.

Rest assured I will have lots of gossip and random pictures for you as soon as I can!

Stay tuned lovlies xxx

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Autumn?

Hey peeps! Its finally the weekend for me yay! Just enjoyed me a bourbon mmmm bourbon. Today is also payday thankgod! Got the groceries, paid the a bit left for shopping and food in Wellington so :D
It was another beaut day in Christchurch today so I was rocking the summer outfit today.....was in a bit of a rush so pretty simple and casual. I took some photos outside today, the first ones came out really bright, I think it looks quite cool - alothough it nakes my hair look orange and white lol.
So me and my friend are off to Wellington tomorrow for the weekend so i shall be absent for a few days - im also taking my laptop into the shop tomorrow to get them to look at a few things, not too sure when im gonna get it back so bare with me! I will have heaps of pics and stories of my weekend next week some time no doubt :) In the mean time hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!
Blue top - Jay Jays
Denim shorts - Valley Girl
Belt - Valley Girl
Black sandals - Number one shoe warehouse
Silver earrings - a gift

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black and Blue

Bit boring today sorry guys......not sure how I feel about these tights yet hmmmmm. So anywho only one more day of work to go this week yay! We're getting our monthly lunch shout at work tommorrow hehe looking forwarfd to that, oh and payday tomorrow whoo hooo. Hope your all having a great week :)

Black dress - Supre
Blue check tights - Farners
Black boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Black headband- Diva?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check check one two

I had a freaking horrible sleep lastnight :( So I was a walking zombie at work basically :( Made it through the day though and then dragged my tired arse to the gym! I did 10 mins on the bike, 100 situps then I did a boxing class - I was glad I went as it was fun as, think i'll make it a weekly thing :)
Only two more days of work to go yay! Looking forward to this weekend hehe Gotta figure out what clothes to take though hmmmm
Red and black checked top - Supre
Black skirt - Supre
Black wedges - Number one shoe warehouse

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just for the Kicks!

God how I hate Mondays. Ugh. Anywho I bought me some kicks in the weekend, Ive been wanting some for awhile hehe I cant really wear heels so gots to find me some funky flats! These will be for rocking the casual, comfy look.

The bf is on the piss as we speak, it was his last day at his job today so hes having beers with the boys.....going to be very interesting when he gets home - got some drunk texts before lol. I just hope he doesnt get too smashed so hes ok for his new job tomorrow!!

Only three more days of work to go this it Friday yet?

Orange leopard print top - Supre
Black skinnies - Jay Jays
WHite kicks - No 1 shoe warehouse
black bracelet - Diva?