Monday, March 1, 2010

Just for the Kicks!

God how I hate Mondays. Ugh. Anywho I bought me some kicks in the weekend, Ive been wanting some for awhile hehe I cant really wear heels so gots to find me some funky flats! These will be for rocking the casual, comfy look.

The bf is on the piss as we speak, it was his last day at his job today so hes having beers with the boys.....going to be very interesting when he gets home - got some drunk texts before lol. I just hope he doesnt get too smashed so hes ok for his new job tomorrow!!

Only three more days of work to go this it Friday yet?

Orange leopard print top - Supre
Black skinnies - Jay Jays
WHite kicks - No 1 shoe warehouse
black bracelet - Diva?



  1. Love the bright top! and those sneaks are awesome.

  2. Thanks chicky! I know kicks arent for everyone but I like them :)


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