Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black and White yo!

Hey peeps. I will admit I am actually behind in my outfits hehe this is from last week but it is the last so from 2moro it will be actually what I am wearing that day! Today was actually really hot so I def wouldnt have been wearing this! I didnt have time for an outfit pic today though as I had to go pick my laptop up after having got a new hard drive installed - to be honest it hasnt made the computer any faster grrr. Anywho after that I came home and applied for a job then I went to the gym to do a boxing class! Its so much fun I havent gone for the last two weeks so Im trying to remember to go each Tuesday lol.

I am in the middle of a quarter life crisis just fyi I dont want to get too personal but basically my job is slowly driving me insane....literally. I will have a mental breakdown if I dont get out - soon. So I am putting all my spare time into applying for jobs.....anything I can find bascially! Let me tell you its very time consuming typing up cover letters!! So on that note im off to apply for a few more before bed!

Black leather jacket - Glassons
Black and white stripe top - Glassons
Black skinny jeans - Jay Jays
White slip on shoes - The Warehouse
Black bow headband - Diva


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