Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check check one two

I had a freaking horrible sleep lastnight :( So I was a walking zombie at work basically :( Made it through the day though and then dragged my tired arse to the gym! I did 10 mins on the bike, 100 situps then I did a boxing class - I was glad I went as it was fun as, think i'll make it a weekly thing :)
Only two more days of work to go yay! Looking forward to this weekend hehe Gotta figure out what clothes to take though hmmmm
Red and black checked top - Supre
Black skirt - Supre
Black wedges - Number one shoe warehouse


  1. Fantastic...I follow you....Muakssss

  2. So cute! I'm so jealous you can bare your legs! I'm tired of winter... lol


  3. Oh hello new followers!! Welcome hehe. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

    Elaine you will soon be showing your legs and I will be covering mine up lol


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