Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My first Trip!

A few weeks ago me and my friend went to Wellington for the weekend. We got cheap flights last year and thought why not! We arrived about lunch time and proceeded to go shopping :) I didnt find too much actually was quite dissapointing! We stopped for a frap at Starbucks then wandered back to the hotel via the supermarket to get some booze hehe
We drank at the hotel - unfortunately they didnt have a fridge in the room so we got a "bucket" of ice - which consisted of a small steel bucket you could fit one bottle of wine in - not ideal! We headed out to the clubs later, met some random peeps took some stoopid pics and stumbled home around 4am!
Next day we slept in and just wandered around and checked out the sights - went up the cable car, and walked down to the waterfront. We wandered back to the hotel via the supermarket again then had a wee nana nap each. We went to get Hell Pizza for tea and ended up waiting 25 mins for nothing! They lost our freaking pizzas!! not cool. so we left with out money back and vouchers. we got some fish and chips and started getting our drink on. My friends friends came over and we crammed about 8 people in our wee hotel room - was crackup! we even nicked a couch from the hall and put it in there :P Went to a random party then into town again was a good night! Stumbled home around 4am again lol.
Sunday we had to check out by 11am and it SUCKED we were so hungover and still slightly pissed haha. We werent flying out till 8ish though so we had a whole day to kill. We got our free Hell for lunch and hung out at Mel's friends flat for awhile then we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Was ok nothing special. The 3D was trippy in our hungover states tho! We had some dinner then chilled out before getting a taxi to the airport them home - whew!!
Pictures from the top:
Me and a random tool poster haha
White singlet - Supre
Black lace skirt - Jay Jays
Black tights - Farmers
Grey boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Me and the view of Wellington:
Green top - Valley Girl
Black skirt - Supre
Black tights - Farmers
Grey boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Me being a dick in the hotel room:
Pink top - Jay Jays (my friends)
Black high-waist skirt - Tempt
Me by some random things in central Wellington:
Purple top - Supre
Black cardy - Glassons
Black shorts - Glassons
Grey boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Bag - Shanton
what a novel!!

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