Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My first Jumpsuit

Hey lovelies, how are we all? Jumpsuits have taken awhile to turn up in New Zealand.....and its taken me awhile to find one I like that I think is flattering. I found this puppy in Valley Girl of all places! They had it in two colours, I would have preferred a bright colour but it was only black or a peachy/beige colour that just made me look washed out. Anywho it is super comfy and can be dressed up or down - love it! Got a lovely compliment from a lady when I wore it too hehe.

I wore it to a night out at Jupiters Casino in the Gold Coast. We went for dinner, watched a comedy show and played a bit of the pokies.

Jumpsuit - Valley Girl, Wedges - Kmart, Belt - Off a skirt from Glassons

Cant wait to wear it again over the summer!

Hope you are all having a fab week - can you believe its December tomorrow? Crazy! We got given our secret santas at work today....I better start my Christmas shopping!!

Happy Hump Day xxx

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey hey lovely ladies, I have an outfit post for you today whoo hoo! On the Tuesday when we were in the Gold Coast we went to a place called Draculas. Its pretty famous over those ways....its a Caberet Restaurant.....its pretty damn cool. Your not allowed to take photos inside which sux but if your ever in the Gold Coast check it out! We arrived and went through a tunnel in a wee car thing in the dark with spooky items everywhere and even someone who jumps out at you - yes I got a fright! We were then seated and were feed an entree and got a drink, a band entertained us, followed by the main course the show itself and dessert, The show has a bit of everything - comedy, singing, dancing etc

I bought this super cute dress while I was there - $20! One of the "minions" at Draculas said I looked like a candy striper....probably haha.

Wedges - Kmart, Belt - Off a skirt from Glassons, Dress - Aussie

I accidentally bought alot of new dresses in Aussie so stay tuned for more hehe. I am looking forward to a much needed early night tonight, I did my first Butt, Abs and Thights or BAT class at thr gym after work today and I am buggered! Will attempt Step Athletic tomorrow!

Happy Monday lovelies xxx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wet and Wild

Hello Lovelies, this is the last lot of holiday pictures for you then onto outfit pictures from Aussie :) The third and last theme park we went to was Wet n Wild, was interesting walking around in a bikini all day! Some of the rides were super fun though, I liked the Tornado the best.

View of the wave pool and a big hydroslide from the deck chairs

Check out the "Surfer" in the background - you go up and down the semi-circle while spinning around at the same time....not my favourite lol


Outside Wet n Wild - Slides = fun

That night we went for a dinner cruise around the Gold Coast - we found a church on a boat!

Soup time lol

View of Surfers


All new duds from Aussie, Top - Tempt, Skirt - Valley Girl ($7!), Sandals - Rubi Shoes

This dude was singing all night


                                                                  Token retards face haha

Well thats all for now I am desperate for bed, soooooooooooooooo tired, and work tomrorow ugh. Hope you all had a fab weekend, I had a super fun girls night Friday then BBQ and drinks at a mates lastnight, oh oh and I finally brought a new DVD player for my car!!! So excited Ive been wanting one for ages but havent go around to buying one. The bf installed it for me and I love it! The music sounds way better than my old headunit and we can finally watch DVDs in my car (the old headunit was Japanese so wouldnt play DVDs). anywho happy Sunday lovelies xxx

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jet skiing and Strippers

Hey lovelies, some more holiday pics yay! Today we have Jet skiing and a night out at the clubs. We scored a deal for unlimited drinks and food for two hours saweeeeet. It also happened to be girls night so we got to see a stripper and dudes walking around with their shirts off....nice haha.

Mid jet ski - so much fun and so fast!!

Jet Skiing

Pulling faces in the hotel pool

Hanging out in downtown surfers  - Dress a new purchase and belt from another dress

Me and James :)

Cheesy  much?

Some half naked dudes hehe


Thats all for now folks I have a girls night to attend! Happy Friday xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Movie Characters & Flying

Hey lovelies, some more pics from our holiday in the Gold Coast today, we crammed in so much so lots to show! We went to three theme parks, the second we went to was Movie World. It was pretty cool! Think cartoon characters walking around, some great rides our fav was the Superman ride - intense! Im proud to say I tried all the rollercoasters (that were working lol) but once was enough fo each!

View at Moveie World of shops

Harry Potter Shop!

Stunt show = very cool!

The parade - they were shuffiling toParty Rock Anthem so funny!


Sun bathing at Hotel

Chilling on a beach - we went kayaking to this island

then scuba dived


Then went parasailing.....high much? I was kinda scared and started to feel sick form being so high - wont be doing that again!

                                                                View while parasailing!

Thats all for today folks, stay tuned to find out what else we got up to! Time to catch up with a mate now and Friday tomorrow yay! xxx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello my lovelies, apologies for not posting this yesterday I was otherwise engaged with a date night - lovely dinner at home followed by movie (Breaking Dawn) then some desert!

As Ive mentioned my big work do was in Auckland last Friday. It was held at the Aotea Centre in the CBD. We had two floors, one where we had dinner and did the awards etc then we headed up stairs to a bar where there was seats to chill on, a dane floor and photobooths! The theme was 1920's prohibition so think Flapper dresses and the like, Im not one to dress up much, Im not very creative so I chose a black dress and 1920's inspired accessories.

Wedges - Kmart, Dress - Glassons

Me and my co-worker Janeen

Janeen, myself and Victoria

The digs

Emma, Tbitha and me - two pictures being taken at the same time lol

Me and Marietta

Me and Ryan

Janeen, Melanie and myself

and lastly me and Milly! So there you have it a good night had by all, we went out on the town after the work do and I got back to my hotel room around 3.30am! Caught up with Mum and Dad the next day which was great, we went for brunch then they dropped me back at the airport to fly home.

I still have some posts from our holiday so I'll be back on that tomorrow! Happy Hump Day all xxx