Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wet and Wild

Hello Lovelies, this is the last lot of holiday pictures for you then onto outfit pictures from Aussie :) The third and last theme park we went to was Wet n Wild, was interesting walking around in a bikini all day! Some of the rides were super fun though, I liked the Tornado the best.

View of the wave pool and a big hydroslide from the deck chairs

Check out the "Surfer" in the background - you go up and down the semi-circle while spinning around at the same time....not my favourite lol


Outside Wet n Wild - Slides = fun

That night we went for a dinner cruise around the Gold Coast - we found a church on a boat!

Soup time lol

View of Surfers


All new duds from Aussie, Top - Tempt, Skirt - Valley Girl ($7!), Sandals - Rubi Shoes

This dude was singing all night


                                                                  Token retards face haha

Well thats all for now I am desperate for bed, soooooooooooooooo tired, and work tomrorow ugh. Hope you all had a fab weekend, I had a super fun girls night Friday then BBQ and drinks at a mates lastnight, oh oh and I finally brought a new DVD player for my car!!! So excited Ive been wanting one for ages but havent go around to buying one. The bf installed it for me and I love it! The music sounds way better than my old headunit and we can finally watch DVDs in my car (the old headunit was Japanese so wouldnt play DVDs). anywho happy Sunday lovelies xxx

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