Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi Lovelies, sorry about the wee break, I flew to Auckland on Thursday, worked in Auckland Friday then had our big staff work do Friday night! I then flew home Saturday and had a wee nap before heading to the bf's workmates Engagement party, Sunday was spent doing chores and getting groceries followed by a BBQ and here I am! Our work do was pretty sweet, I will post some pictures tomorrow - the theme was 1920's Prohibition.

On another work note our work beat out over 200 other work places to take out THE number one workplace in New cool is that?

This is another outfit post from my trip to the Gold Coast, I bought this dress while there, - I call it a mullet dress (short at the fron long at the back) I have no idea what they are actually called lol but they were EVERYWHERE in Australia, obviously a big trend for the up-coming summer.

Wedges - Kmart, Bag - Equip, Necklace - A Gift, Dress - Australia

Cute back details! I only took one pair of heels so they are repeated a bit in my outfits from Aussie!

Well thats all for now folks, hope you had a fab weekend xxx


  1. Where did you stay when you were at the Gold Coast? That's a nice dress, you're right about them being everywhere haha. Can't get away!

  2. You've been a busy girl!
    Loving the "Mullet" dress, the back & hem detail are a nice touch.
    It's in Riccarton Mall, I'll let you know when I start!

  3. Love the wedges, so impressed you got them from Kmart! And that's a good name for those dresses - I normally hear them called 'dipped hem' or asymmetrical dresses but mullet dress is totally more appropriate.

  4. I like so much your sense of style! Really nice post!!

    Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???
    Last day to enter the Shopkempt giveaway on my blog!

  5. Love it ! Where do you work, sounds very fun!!! :)

  6. Hi there, I really love your blog :) and hope we can follow each other!

    ps. love the wedges - I freaking love Kmart hehe

    Talitha xx

  7. Gorgeous dress...think they are called either fishtail or mermaid tail dresses / skirts?They're everywhere here in Welly too - don't think my legs would do them justice though!!

    The prohibition party sounds awesome - mainly cos i've been watching Boardwalk Empire this year and love it! haha.

    Sadie xx


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