Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rallying and Animals!

Hi Lovelies, some more pictures in brief from our trip to the Gold Coast today - trust me I have ALOT its hard to break them down into a few for each activity.

On the Monday we went out to Pimpama to a rally track. We jumped in the drivers seat of a WRX and basically sped around a dirt track trying to skid round corners and keep control hehe I have a WRX so it was awesome to be able to get into one and give it some shit!

Me and the WRX

Go me!

After - big grins hehe

Our wee rental car! Blouse - Glassons, Skirt - Ice, Wedges Kmart - skirt was a new purchase thought it about time I tried the midi skirt look.....thoughts? Its such a weird length for me!

Sea World! Jet Ski stunt show



Polar Bear!

Sting Rays and a wee Shark

Sharks! (and fish lol)

Watching Sea Lion show

View fromMonorail around Sea World. The orange roller coaster was both myself and the bf's first roller coaster ride.....intense!!

First day back at work today, wasnt too bad, I had 80 emails in my inbox lol. Kina sucked getting up early but Im sure Ill get back in the grove asap.

Hope you guys dont mind the scenic pics, Outfit pictures tomorrow to break it up me thinks ;) Happy Tuesday! xxx


  1. I feel so sorry for those polar bears in this stupid heat! That outfit with the blue skirt looks really really good on you :)

  2. I like the midi skirt on you!! :) it looks cool! Lookin forward to outfit pics. Hope your week is going well!!



  3. I love your skirt! I'm really loving midi skirts at the moment, it looks great on you!

    Looks like an awesome holiday! The Gold Coast is so much fun x

  4. I lurrrve the Blue Midi Skirt combo - it really suits you :) AND we just bought that exact WRX driving thing for my fiance's twin, not my thing, but I'm sure he'll love it! Enjoy Breaking Dawn when you see it, I know I will! xox


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