Monday, November 14, 2011

In Brief

Hi my lovelies, I have arrived back home hurray! Soooo good to be back in our own bed!! Our holiday to Australia's Gold Coast was amazing. The weather was perfect - it rained for all of about 6 minutes in total the whole time we were there, only one layer of clothing needed 24/7. We crammed in alot of stuff into out week. I have ALOT of pictures as you can imagine.

I will start you off with some random pictures of our first two days :)

Watching Top Gear episodes on the plane

Driving on the motorway from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast

I had to do all the driving since James isnt 25 yet

The beach! To the right....

To the left....

View of the Gold Coast from the Q1 Building - stunning!

More views

The island top left is where we stayed - Chevron Island

Typical tourist shot hehe. Wearing Cotton On skirt, Rubi Jandals (or thongs if your Australian) and JayJays top

                                    Most of my haul hehe I went a bit nuts with cute dresses!!

Stay tuned for more, lots of adventure pics and outfit pics. Hope everyone is well and you didnt miss me too much :P I took today off to sort myself out am chilling in the sun while going through photos hehe.

Happy Monday lovelies! I will be sure to catch up with all your blogs as soon as I can xxx


  1. Woohoo! Hope you had an amazing time in my side of town, haha. Good to have you back! I want to see what you bought!

  2. I did it was super awesome! Awww thanks hehe, all in good time missy :P

  3. Ahh I loooove Oz for shopping - you got lots of goodies I see!! Glad you had a fab trip :) xx

  4. Yay welcome back!! :) can't wait to see all your goodies you got!


  5. You look so pretty in these photos, I like them! Nice post!

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  6. wow,amazing photos!


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