Monday, October 31, 2011

The Final Countdown

Hi Lovelies, Happy Halloween! We dont really celebrate much here in New Zealand, mostly the thing to do is dress up parties haha but my friends arent really into that sort of thing and personally I am not creative therfore cannot be bothered dressing up! So far tonight Ive had one knock at the door.....and yes I did pretend to not be home sorry kids!

I wore this a few weeks ago now, I wandered down to fellow Christchurch blogger Julia of porcelain complexion sale for leftover goods from her store Second Love. I picked myself up a super cute top and dress, which by the way I have been meaning to style up.....Ive been waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer. Great timing because today was a ripper 26 degrees! Pity I was stuck inside at work all day.

Lace Top - Warehouse, Skirt - Tradene, Jacket - Glassons, Flats - Factorie

Goodies! Isnt the bag lovely?

Is it just me or do my ankles look rather skinny and out of proportion with the rest of my legs? Weird. Anywho work went the whole hog with Halloween today with dress ups and various competitions (no I didnt dress up) I won a competition to guess all the characters and movies and won myself some goodies including some Lift Plus, Favourites, Popcorn & 2 DVDs - A Nightmare on Elm Street & Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost! 

If your wondering also what the title of this post is referring to - we are on the final countdown to our trip to the Gold Coast - 5 days and counting down!!

Happy Halloween Monday xxx 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Stuffs

Hi lovelies, hope your weekend is going well. Just a quick post to show you what I brought today. The boy wanted togo down to Bunnings and I decided to tag along and hit Numr 1 Shoes....perhaps a bit odd tobuy two pair of boots when we are coming into summer you might think but I do like a good bargain.....all up both of these cost me $55!! The black boots alone were originally $50.

Ive been wanting a pair of flat black boots like this for aaaaages but the plain leather look ones didnt seem to suit me....dont you just love the lace? Hopefully I can rock these a few times before it gets too hot!

Time to watch a movie with the boy Happy Sunday lovelies xxx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Red and Orange and Pink Oh my!

Hi Lovelies! Another weekend has arrived whoo hoo and how am I spending my Friday night? Blogging of course haha, I have to do something while the boy works on his car right?

I am so stoked to finally own a pair of red jeans, fully rocking them this Spring. I started off wearing them to a date night with the boy recently, we had Indian at a recently re-opened restaurant near my old work place mmmmm butter chicken....anywho the red makes the top and wedges look very orange! Mix in my pink hair and you get red and orange and pink oh my! Colour blocking madness haha.

Jeans & Blazer - Glassons, Wedges - Number 1 Shoes, Top - Tempt, Necklace - Gift

If you didnt notice also another windy day ugh so annoying for outfit pictures! So exscuse the mental hair folks.

Can you believe this is my last weekend before we go to the Gold Coast OMG so excited, Im counting down!!

Happy Friday lovelies xxx

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Bit of Navy

Hey Lovelies, how is your week going? We've been having some Parade's here in NZ celebrating the All Blacks winning the RWC. Unfortunately I was at work so couldnt make the one in Christchurch yesterday but looked amazing!

Bit of a mixture of colours here, red, navy, black, white and brown whew!

Skirt - Valley Girl, Boots - Farmers, Cardy - Trademe (Glassons), Top - JayJays

See my turtle ring came out to play again :P

Im still behind in my outfit pictures but Im going to try find some different poses/expressions. Its great to know Im not the only one that struggles with this and feels like a bit of a dork!!

Happy Hump Day Lovelies xxx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What $10 gets you

Hi Lovelies! Man I love long weekends....I keep thinking today is Monday and its awesome when I click its Tuesday haha - that much closer to the weekend already! My long consisted of catching up with mates, walks in the sun with the boy, BBQ's, drinking and Rugby! Topped off with a side of shopping and getting my hair did (these pics are pre-hair did by the way).

I picked this dress up awhile ago now on Trademe for $10 the belt included - I was pretty stoked! The bad thing was that it was too long and I just dont suit that sat in my room for aaaaaaages until a lovely work colleague took it up for me, its still quite a modest length but much better than it was! Not bad for $10!

Dress - Trademe, Tights - Farmers, Boots - Number 1 Shoes

Do any of you struggle with how to pose and what expression to use? I think I need to practise or something.....I try to smile but smiling in every pic? Seems too much and it can look fake but if I dont smile I just look grumpy even if im not.....grrrrr

Ok end rant haha. Happy Tuesday lovelies xxx

Monday, October 24, 2011

We are the Champions!!

Hi Lovelies, hope you all had a fab weekend! Well Im sure you've all heard that the Rugby World Cup has been in full swing here in New Zealand well the finaly was lastnight and New Zealand is the 2011 RWC Champions!!! Yay All Backs. Not going to lie, It was a very stressful game to watch, last time we played them we smashed them by 20 points and lastnight we only beat them by 1!!! I nearly died. But alas we prevailed and I think we really deserved it, especially after the crappy year NZ has had with earthquakes etc

We had a BBQ and drinks at a mates and watched it on his big screen....heres some highlights below:

My stoked face after we won lol

Starting early - note fairly sober looking and a tidyish house

Less sober, skyping a mate who was watching the rugby in the UK after the game

Tweeting after the win!

Had to take some pics of the TV of the All Blacks with the Cup - Go Richie!!

 Look how stoked everyone is! We made alot of noise haha sorry neighbours! Very proud to be a New Zealander :) There was a parade in Auckland today and they will be in Christchurch tomorrow...I'll be slaving away at work though.  I think its really amazing how the whole country got behind the boys in black - see you in England in 4 years!

I'll be back with an outfit post tomorrow. Happy Labour Day lovelies xxx

Friday, October 21, 2011

All Sorts

Hi Lovelies! TGIF huh? And a long weekend ahead yay! I havent got much planned at this stage, heading to a party with a friend soonies then getting my hair did tomorrow - and of course the Rugby World Cup final on Sunday - go the All Blacks!!

As you can see this outfit has all sorts - striped cardy, bow on the shorts and patterned tights....cant say its boring haha

Wedges & Top - Glassons, Shorts - Cotton On, Tights - SportsGirl (won via giveaway), Cardy - Trademe, Necklace - JayJays

If you cantell it was mighty exscuse my hair all over the place! Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leopards and Turtles

Hi Lovelies, how are we all? Animals are the topic of the day....well kinda. I picked up this Leopard print blazer from Dotti recently for half off - yay! annnnd scroll down further and you will see THE most cutest turtle ring ever, I had to get it!

Im so glad theres only two more working days left this week then a 3 day weekend whoo hoo! Not so happy about the shite weather though my god. Please may it be gone by Friday!

Blazer - Dotti, Top - AJ Pop, Jeans - JayJays, Wedges - Kmart

                                                                    Turtle ring - Lovisa

Whats the plans for the long weekend lovelies? xxx