Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What $10 gets you

Hi Lovelies! Man I love long weekends....I keep thinking today is Monday and its awesome when I click its Tuesday haha - that much closer to the weekend already! My long consisted of catching up with mates, walks in the sun with the boy, BBQ's, drinking and Rugby! Topped off with a side of shopping and getting my hair did (these pics are pre-hair did by the way).

I picked this dress up awhile ago now on Trademe for $10 the belt included - I was pretty stoked! The bad thing was that it was too long and I just dont suit that length....it sat in my room for aaaaaaages until a lovely work colleague took it up for me, its still quite a modest length but much better than it was! Not bad for $10!

Dress - Trademe, Tights - Farmers, Boots - Number 1 Shoes

Do any of you struggle with how to pose and what expression to use? I think I need to practise or something.....I try to smile but smiling in every pic? Seems too much and it can look fake but if I dont smile I just look grumpy even if im not.....grrrrr

Ok end rant haha. Happy Tuesday lovelies xxx


  1. Oh, i'm the same with pictures, I feel rather awkward. I always end up using the same few poses and looking pretty much the same in every other photo. Love the dress!

  2. haha i look at magazines and lookbook for inspiration. Sometimes not even looking at the camera helps lol


  3. IM glad Im not the only one whew! Good idea Sara - not looking at the camera sounds the easiest haha xx

  4. Great dress!! Love it!

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  5. i totally struggle with poses and what my face is doing! i need a go to face .. still haven't mastered/found one yet though..

    btw great look.. i quite frankly adore anything leopard ;)


  6. I always feel like i'm a poser in outfit pics!! I hate it! BUT it's the only way of showing good outfits - I know some bloggers who spend YONKS photoshopping and going to different locations but I always feel too self conscious posing in the street! Some bloggers look down in their photos, i've tried that a few times and thought it looked okay. And $10 - BARGAIN!

    Sadie x


  7. I really like your dress, I love leopard print! I also do not really know what to do with my face expression because if I don't smile I look sad :(

  8. Thanks sweetie! I love these boots and dress too, right up my street! I´m following you hun, do follow me if you like my blog too!



  9. clever girl!! YOu have definitely overcome the $10 challenge :D
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