Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I really need to start using mine. I cannot be bothered taking my clothes back off to iron them after Ive put them on....I always think they wont look as bad on....but then I look at these pictures and realise how shit they look lol. This top is another one of my recent buys at Dotti - only $20! Cant wait to rock it more over the warmer months.

Top - Dotti, Jeans - JayJays, Wedges - Number 1 Shoes

I see so many bloggers wearing shirts with the buttons done all the way up like this and I think it looks fab....not so sure it looks fab on me though...ahhh well gotta try these things!

Just talked to a longtime mate over in aussie, shes telling me places to go when me and the boy go to the Gold Coast soon - I cant tell you how excited Im getting!!! Basically its a month today until we go eeeeeee :)

Happy Tuesday lovelies! xxx


  1. wow cute shirt! love the colour, looks great on you :)


  2. You look lovely, that colour is fantastic on you. I'm terrible at ironing too, I do it after stuff comes out the wash but by the time I actually wear it it has always been left in my room or squished into the wardrobe so they whole exercise was absolutely pointless. Ah well xo

  3. Thanks ladies :) Yay im not the only one haha - guess its time to start ironing before I put clothes on! xx

  4. I own an iron, but no ironing board ... ha ha! My Mum is an ironing nazi, so I kind of rejected the idea of ironing when I moved out, I just don't buy anything that needs ironing now ;) xox

  5. Yay, that's so exciting, you'll be on your way in no time!!

    I LOVE your new top, the colour is very cool & I really like the buttoned up style too.

    Last time I tried to iron something I burnt a bloody great hole in a new dress before I even wore it :(

  6. I loooove this outfit a lot!! The shirt is great!!

  7. Love that top and those shoes! Looking fabulous, darling!


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