Thursday, October 6, 2011

Introducing: Pink Bits!!

Hi Lovelies! I have finally caught up with to my pink hair :) This is the day I got it done so it is super bright!! The pink fades ALOT quicker than the purple did, its still bright pink underneath but the lengths are alot lighter now....I was hoping I'd still have pink in my hair when I go to Aussie....guess I'll have to wait and see if its still there!

I couldnt help wearing something bright to go with my bright hair hehe.

Dress - Trademe, Flats - The Warehouse, Tights - Farmers, Jacket - Shanton, Necklace - Gift from Mum

So what do you like better - the pink or the purple hair? Im not 100% sold on the pink....

Happy Thursday, yay for Friday tomorrow!! xxx


  1. Hopefully the pink will hang in there until after your holiday!

    We're having our clearance sale next Saturday - 15th Oct at St Annes Hall (cnr of Martins Rd & Centaurus Rd) in St Martins if you still wanna come?

    Julia xox

  2. That pink looks so cool! Hope it won't fade out too soon

  3. Siiiiick! This is the one thing I wish I could do, but my hair is so dark! Boo. It looks awesome! I'm about to shoot you an email, re: breakfast, gold coast, tolls etc :) xox


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