Monday, June 30, 2014

Follow me at my new Blog!

Hey Everyone, I have finally got myself my own domain so please do jump over to to keep up to date with what I'm up to and what I'm wearing etc! I look forward to seeing you all there, and don't forget to follow my new blog on Bloglovin so you don't miss a post!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Inside Times

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the gap there in posts, but you may have to get used to it haha, life is cray cray at the moment! I have 3 days left in Christchurch before I drive up to Auckland, I have so much to do and organise and a lot of people to catch up with!!
I had my leaving party in the weekend and I made it through without crying yay!
It was a dreary day the day these were taken so we had to take crappy inside photos, but ya get the gist of my outfit. The skirt went in the for sale pile so I had to have one last outfit of course!

Shirt - Dotti
Skirt - Dotti
Lace Jacket - Forever 21
Necklace - Diva
Booties - Primark
Happy Monday Lovelies! xx

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Polka Dots & Suspenders

Hey everyone, how is your week going? It is officially my last day of work tomorrow, I will be unemployed pretty much for the first time since before I started working part time when I was a young teenager!! Crazy. My new life adventure begins very, very soon.

These pictures were taken on a warmer Autumn (Fall) day, although I was slightly cold haha. I like the higher neck of the top with the short skirt, I had to get an outfit with these heels one last time because unfortunately they had to go in the for sale pile. It was a hard decision because they are so cute!!

Top - Glassons
Skirt - Valley Girl
Heels - Hannahs
Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx

Monday, June 16, 2014

Black and Khaki Green

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good actually, after my hangover Friday I managed to get through some mates coming over to go through all my stuff and got rid of a bunch of stuff, still got a decent amount left though argh. I never want to accumulate that much shit again! Saturday night we went over to a mates place for drinks then headed to town for a dance. I was lucky enough not to be hungover Sunday whoo hoo! I went out for lunch with one of my flatmates then had a nice lazy day watching movies.
This dress is one I have now sold but I wanted to wear it one last time, kept it fairly simple and paired it with black cardy, tights since it's winter and knee high boots, topped off with a statement necklace.

Dress - Kmart
Cardy - Glassons
Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse
Happy Monday Lovelies xxx

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pink Top and Leather Take 2

Hey Everyone, whew life is starting to get crazy for me! I have less than two weeks to go here in Christchurch before I spend a week or so in Auckland then leave for my OE! I celebrated my birthday on Thursday, the big 29 - can you believe I am in my last year of my twenties? Crazy I tell you! On my birthday I started the day with a walk, went for brunch with my flatmate Jo who is my birthday twin, same age and everything! I then got my hair did, then later I went for dinner with a bunch of good mates. I didn't realise our mates band was playing at the same place so that was a good coincidence and they even sang me happy birthday hehe. We made some new friends and they bought me shots and...yeah we didn't get home until 230am haha then yesterday I was hung-thefuck-over.  didn't do a lot other than get me a new Tattoo (stay tuned for a peak!) and then had some friends over in the evening to go through all my stuff and buy it for ridiculous amounts! So far today Ive been out for lunch and got a bunch of stuff done around home, then tonight Im heading to a girls night at a mates for nibbles, drinks, games and then likely heading to town later for a dance, whew!!
Onto my outfit This is take 2 of me styling this girly pink top with leather look, this time I paired it with a leather look skirt and some studded flats :)  

Top - Paris
Skirt - Glassons
Flats - Primark
Happy Saturday Lovelies! xxx