Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is wrong with me?

Ive posted the same outfit photo not once but TWICE recently!! What a tard. Im just not with it lol. Anywho I brought this dress awhile ago. I wanted a casualish dress I can dress down or up that wasnt black....so black and white it is haha. I dont have alot of patterns either so it covers that too! Since its winter I went with the whole layering thing....

White top - Jay Jays
Dress - Glassons
Belt - Pagani
Tights - Farmers
Shoes - Kumfs
Bangle - Cotton On
Ring - Cotton On

Its even got pockets- win! I know its only Tuesday but I am so looking forward to Sarurday. I am having myself a much needed and deserved sleep in! I found out the boy is working 9-12 Saturday so it will be nice and peaceful for me :D 

I went swimming with my friend and bf tonight, we are both (me and my friend) trying to go hard with the fitness, hopefully we can motivate eachother. Im keen on challenging myself in the pool, trying to do more and more laps in a row. At the moment I can do about 6 before im puffed as a mofo lol.

Thats all for now bf wants the lappy!!


Monday, June 28, 2010

What I did this weekend...

My weekend wasnt anything too exciting lol. Friday I was pretty tired so headed to bed early, I had a personal training session at 9am sat morning which went well, got me a new programme to sort out now! I did a bit of shopping after that as ya do hehe then Saturday night we went to a 21st for a bit then did some laps as it was the last night that you are legally able to cruise around some chch streets! Its a bit sad really banning cars from going on certain roads at certain times....its not gonna solve anything. They will just go elsewhere. My bf has already received a text saying where they plan on cruising next.....cops are really stupid sometimes, instead of coming up with a decent idea they just go oh well we''' just gove them (more) fines and ban them from certain streets......so they will add the fines to their tab then find other streets to cruise on....not rocket science!!

ANywho I didnt really get any outfit pics this weekend couldnt be arse to be honest lol. I wore this to work last week I like all the purple hehe

Dress: The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
belt - Trademe
Cardy - Trademe

Sunday was pretty quiet we went round to my Nanas for lunch then just veged out watching movies :)

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double Denim....my take

This is my take on double denim......I think its ok! I dunno its hard because I never get any feedback on my outfits from anyone, I live with my bf so he just thinks I either look hot or weird lol so yeah not easy to know if Ive pulled something off or not!! Ahh well I'll just keep experimenting :)

Jeans - Supre
Shirt - Thrifted
Shoes -Kumfs
Belt - Pagani

Yay its Friday tomorrow! Cant wait to switch off and relax xx

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Casual new stuff

Ive been accidentally shopping a bit lately hehe. I scored these cute skinny jeans for $40. I wanted some skinnys that werent just plain black or blue and wala! I wasnt in a mood to get all dressed up and since its winter its all cold and blah so Ive just gone the casual route for this outfit:

Jeans - Supre
Kicks - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Hoody - Volcom, Amazon?
Leather jacket - Trademe/Jay Jays
Earrings - a gift for my 25th

Apparently it has been snowing in the country out of Christchurch eeeeeeeek its getting cold! Not ideal for me as I walk to work lol


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time flies!

Sorry for the lack in posting lately just been busy busy! Onto my second week of work after training, its been interesting! Im doing the claims for motor vehicles so you can imagine the different kinds of scenarios I am getting! Some dodgy characters out there!

Anywho Im a bit behind on my outfit posts so heres a pic from a few weeks ago:

I love how this dress is lace and zips - two of my favourite things yay hehe! Its so light and floaty kind of like a sexy nighty hehe

Dress: Glassons
Wedges: Number one shoe warehouse
Fishnets: The Warehouse
Belt : Trademe
Bangle: Cotton On
Rings: Cotton on and Bling

Its getting freaking cold here it was minus 3 this morning eeeek! Made for one cold walk to work lol.


Friday, June 18, 2010

My Birthday!

It was my 25th Birthday last Saturday! I just got back from Auckland on the Friday night then it was all on! My Mum and Dad flew down from Auckland the same night as me and my brother drove up from Dunedin. My Uncle and Aunty also came from Wellington and a few other family members travelled for the party. It was awesome to have all my friends and family all together :) I had an awesome night, I dont feel 25 its crazy, 25 sounds so old :(

Heres some pics of my night:

Me and my Boy :)

Me and my Nana hehe

Me and one of my besties Carrie, her first night out after having a bubba a few months ago!

A goofy pic of me, Carrie her man and my man :)

Yay its the weekend! This week at work has gone quick! Its my first week at my new job after training so its been pretty hardout buts its gone fast and it seems to have gone well lol. I still dont know everything but im getting there. Its frustrating because since im in a call centre if I get a call at 4.25 and I finish at 4.30 I have to take it and the calls can be anything from 10 to 40 minutes plus! Thats including all the computer work invloved. Bit of a downside but at least ya get overtime! Im looking forward to pay day next week!!

Right I think im going out cruising now James's friend is offering me petrol money and a bottle of wine to take my car out lol - he must be bored!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What else did I get up to in Auckland? Well I went to a shooting range of course!! My Dad belongs to a gun club in the city so he picked me up and we went and did some shooting!

Heres Dad shooting - check out the smoke!

Me having a go hehe
My target - I got a bullseye yeeyah :D

It was so much fun! They were so loud and for awhile I kept jumping and getting a fright everytime a gun went off lol but I got used to it in the end! Might join a gun club when I need another hobby hehe.

Thats all for today folks hope your week is going well xxx

Monday, June 14, 2010

What have I been up to?

Heyyyyyyyyy long time no see! I was in Auckland again for work training last week and unfortunately I didnt have free internet in my room :( Work trainging was nothing exciting so I'll skip to the interesting stuff!! On Thursday night me and my mummy went to be in the live audience of 7 Days a comedy programme in NZ. We were there for 3 and a half hours, the show on TV only goes for half an hour so needless to say they edit alot of stuff out - the live show was so much better!! Hilarious, the jokes just kept coming. I even managed to score some pics with the boys :)

This is me with the host Jeremy Corbett:

Me with from left, Jeremy Elwood, Jessie (cant remember lastname) and Paul Ego

and me with Daie Henwood (left) and Steve Wrigley

Was cool being able to see how a TV show is filmed and how the interact with eachother etc. I really enjoyed myself. I will post tomorrow what I got up to on Tuesday hehe It took me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages for some reason to upload pics today so im over it lol .


Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Outfits

Some outfit posts for you for the past weekend! This knit dress is the one I brought while I was in Auckland - Only $20!! Gonna rock it throughout winter :)

Dress - Glassons
Tights - Farmers
Boots - The Warehouse

I quite like what the light has done to this photo hehe. Makes the tights look pink though!

I also tried it with my big brown belt.....not sure which looks best to be honest.....

On Saturday night Me and the bf went out for dinner to Fat eddies. We had to wait aaaaaaaaages for our meal but it was REALLY good plus they gave us a free drink for the wait hehe. After that we had some drinks at home with some mates then hit town for a bit!

I wore:

Dress - Glassons
Fishnets - Farmers
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - Trademe

I like the softness of the lace on the dress with the fishnets hehe. It was a good night! Other than that ive just been relaxing at home enjoying spending time with James. Im flying back up to Auckland in a few hours then training till Friday! I fly home Friday, my parents also fly down then its my Birthday on saturday!!! Im so looking forward to it!

If I dont post before the weekend I will fill you in on my bday and everything next week :)


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Im still Here!

Hey guys did you miss me? As you know Ive been in Auckland training for work so I havent been able to do my regular updates! Its been an experience, we are staying at Sky City hotel right in the heart of Auckland. Its great as there is everything at Sky City - hotel, restaurants, and of course the sky tower! We have been spending most our time at the buffet restaurant hehe check out the pudding I had on our first night there:

It includes, ice cream, caramel sauce and hundreds and thousands, strawberry sause and chopped nuts, mini lemon merengu pie and fruit salad!!

The Hotel also has a cute wee gym which im ashamed to say I only took advantage of once :(

It also has an outdoor pool on the roof hehe. I havent used it but apparently its heated so I might have to check it out next week!
This is my Hotel room, the bed is GIGANTIC! Im curled in this little ball on one side haha.

The training has been ok so far, alot of boring lectures but towards the end of the week we started getting into role playing scenarios that might happen, Next week is going to be pretty intense me thinks! Hope I do ok!!

So other than eating and work training I managed to catch up with Mum and Dad while I was in Auckland which was cool. Me and mum went for tea and did some shopping one night and I scored a long-sleeve knit jersey dress thing for winter. I also found the perfect black heels - They didnt have my size so Mum picked up a half size up on Friday for me so hopefully they fit!! I want to wear them for my birthday next weekend :)

Thats a quick update of my week. I will do an outfit post tonight or tomorrow for my weekend outfits!