Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pencil Skirt

Very creative title today huh? It feels like Friday for me today as Ive got tomorrow off......but I have to work Saturday so kinda lame.....oh well! These pics are from ages ago of course, I quite like this look, great for work or going out for dinner etc I like the pop of colour with the black and the wispy sheer top with the tight pencil skirt.

Top - Max, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell, Skirt (belt included) - Valley Girl

Nearly the weekend yay! Hope you are all having a great week xxx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lake Tekapo

Hi loves, finally my last day of our trip away last weekend. We slept in on the Sunday and packed up then wandered into town and got some lunch to take away from the bakery then hit the road. We drove to Lake Tekapo where we stopped and ate our lunch overlooking the lake, was great to get some more scenic pictures to share with you :) My outfit was rather casual since I was driving so had to wear the jandals of course!

T-shirt - Supre, Jeans - Jayjays, Jandals - Rubi

Tekapo township in the background

Lake Tekapo

That does it for my weekend away, back to my backlog of outfits tomorrow. xxx

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florals and Maxis

Second day of work down today, was pretty much back to normal. I even managed to bike today which was interesting! Bit of a slalom with roadworks and lanes closed due to earthquake damage and of course very busy traffic. Had to bike up a big hill each way too - my legs best get very muscly!

Now back to Twizel last weekend, we went out for dinner to a local pub and I paired two new finds together - a floral corset type top and a sheer maxi skirt, both only $15!! I was a bit scared to wear the skirt without anything underneath since its sheer so I put some tights on underneath - no one wants to see my undies now do they.

Skirt - Glassons, Top - Factorie, Heels - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Belt - Trendz

I felt very girly in my swishy skirt, its so comfy! Going to be great in winter too with lots of layers. Hope everyones week has got off to a great start xxx

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink and Red

Happy Monday lovlies! My first official day back at work today was interesting. Rather weird to be back and of course weird as its a completely new building since our old one is still in the red zone. Its right beside a train track too which will take a bit of getting used too. Most of the morning was spent chatting and catching up - and eating haha then slowly getting into some work. Tomorrow will probably be full speed ahead back to normal. It will be a struggle for awhile as I remember how to do everything and get my bearings around the new place. Be good to get back into a normal routine though.

As promised more on our weekend away. On the Saturday we wandered into the town centre and caught up with my Auntie who's cottage we were staying at, had a look at the shops and then had a yummy lunch. We then went for a walk and found an awesome swimming hole - the boy wants to take a car load down and spend a day & possibly night swimming and drinking, we'd need to do it asap as its only getting colder! You can see the lovely backdrop in my pictures.

Jeans - JayJays, Heels - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Top - Shanton

I just bought these heels the other day only $35!

I also found the gorgeous bright top for only $15! Perfect for work too.

Awesome rope for swinging into the swimming hole

It then got a bit hotter so I changed into this top I found on Trademe for $3 go the bargains!

Background is Lake Pukaki Canal - you cant really tell but its a trippy very light blue/grey colour

I'll leave you with that today as I changed yet again to go out for dinner, I will show you that outfit tomorrow! xxx

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hey lovlies, me and the boy have just got back from a weekend away in sunny Twizel about a 3.5hour drive from Christchurch. It was lovely to get away from the city and the aftershocks for a few days. We drove down after work on Friday, stopping for a yummy roast dinner in Geraldine arriving at Twizel about 9.30. We spent the rest of the night watching movies and relaxing. Heres some pics in front of the museum in Geraldine:

Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Tights - Farmers, Shorts - Glassons, Top - Valley Girl, Cardy - Glassons

Me being a dork hehe

Stay tuned tomorrow I will fill you in on what we got up to on Saturday! Hope you all had/are having a great weekend xxx

Friday, March 25, 2011

Purple and nude

Or beige, whatever you want to call it really. I really like this outtfit, simple yet dressy. Just a quick note today me and the boy are off on an adventure down to Twizel to stay at my aunties cottage. Looking forward to getting away from Christchurch for a few nights and relaxing without any aftershocks!!

Top - Glassons, Skirt - Stax, Wedges - Dotti

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend xxx

My first Giveaway win!

Hey lovlies, just thought I'd share with you the first ever blog giveaway I won. I was rather excited and I won it while we were going through the deadly 6.3 magnitude Earthquake here in Christchurch so it made my day a bit brighter. The lovely Cassandra of  applecherriemango was hosting the giveaway for a Guess keyring and lipstick case.

Im already rocking the keyring and using the lipstick case for my lip balm :) Thanks again Cassandra it really made my day!

On another note, the Christchurch Earthquake is always on my mind since I am in the thick of it, I know that the Japan Earthquake was so much bigger than hours and has killed so many more people but this is my home and we have to rebuild a whole city centre, we have lost 100's of restauarants and ALL of our nightclubs and most of the big hotels were in the CBD too. Its devastating and life has changed for all of us,my city will not be the same for a very long time. If you can help out by donating please do there is numerous ways. See for info on donations, eveything is appreciated!

Take Care xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey lovlies, this week has gone so fast I cant believe it! Nearly the weekend and me and the boy are off for a weekend away at my aunties cottage - cant wait! I took these pics weeks ago kinda forgot about them whoops......really love this outfit though - yet another way to wear my leopard print dress. Ive remixed it 3 different ways now you can see the other ways here and here.

Dress (worn as top) - Valley Girl, Skirt - Glassons, Belt - Cotton On, Wedges - Rubi

Yes I need to do the gardening but hey I dont live there anymore so meh haha

Im rather bored today while everyone is at work or busy so I did what every female would do......I went shopping. I just went to Dress Smart and picked myself up 3 cute things for $40 - score! Im hoping to wear them this weekend on my trip away but unfortunately for you guys since Im so behind in my outfits you wont see my new purchases for awhile sowi. 

Happy Thursday! xxx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbow Bright

Hey folks, Happy Hump Day :P  It was a rather hot day the day I wore this outfit and I felt like being bright so I teamed a red singlet with my bright blue flats with a black mini inbetween to break it up. Soooo bright haha.

Ive had the word that we are officially back at work on Monday 28th......its going to be very weird, I havent been at work for over a month it'll be a shock to the system to get back into I think! Im trying my best to get little things done Ive been putting off for ages like finally sowing the lining back on a skirt I have - I honestly havent worn it in over a year thats how long Ive put it off! Crazy.

Flats - The Warehouse, Skirt - Supre - Top - Jayjays, Sunglasses - Glassons

Hope you are all having a great week so far xxx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flower Power

OMG. Is all I have to say right now, Ive been trying for like over an hour to upload pics and Im sorry but im giving up, seriously I have other things to do so today folks only two pictures......Its a pretty simple outfit so you get the picture. I picked this top up for $7 at a second hand store hehe I like the flower pattern and flowing ruffle style.

Top - Thrifted, Jeans - Jay Jays, Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

My day today has consisted of a half hour bike ride, making citrus slice, going into the phone shop to sort the contacts on my new phone and getting a new battery for my awesome ring watch I brought out of storage. I also cleaned and mucked around on the computer. The day has gone so quick, I feel like Ive done nothing! Whats up with days going so quick when your not at work? I want to make the most of these last few days before officially heading back to work next Monday.

Till tomorrow xxx

Monday, March 21, 2011

Life huh?

Hello everyone I hope you all had a great weekend. I managed to get a wee bit out of town for one night.....not quite enough though, we returned to Christchurch on Sunday and had the biggest aftershock we have had since the February 22nd Quake (5.1) which was kinda scary. Alas life goes one doesnt it? Im still not back at work this week but I should be next week, I want to use this week to sort out the new house & do things I never seem to find the time to do.

A few exciting things have happened over the last few days that I have to share - I treated myself to a new mobile in the weekend its got the whole touchscreen, internet shebang I love it! I also just confirmed today a week long holiday for me and the boy to the Gold Coast of Australia!! Im so excited in the nearly 3 years we have been together we have not been on a proper holiday and never overseas - the boy in fact has NEVER been overseas.......getting him a passport is on the to do list lol. Soooooo EXCITED MUCH? Yes, yes I am.

Anywho to my outfit, my Mum got me this sheer black shirt for Christmas and I love it, I love the bow tie on the front and the sheerness, perfect for work, dressed up or casual. This day I went for casual :)

Shirt - Gift, Shorts - Valley Girl, Sandals - Rubi, Necklace - Flatmates

You will be seeing alot of pictures taken at our old house until I get caught up - probably a few weeks at least I'd say! Unfortunately the new place doesnt have much of a yard but enough for my outfit pictures hehe.

Happy Monday everyone! xxx

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Im back!

Wow, so its been awhile huh? We finally got sick of waiting for our internet provider to get out internet back up and running and went with another one, just got it all set up today yay! So I'll be back up and running properly. Unfortunately I dont think I'll be able to catch up with all your lovely blogs that I follow but I'll be sure to get back into it from now on :)

Today is a sad day here in Christchurch - it is a memorial day for the Christchurch earthquake that hit my city on February 22nd 2011 killing a few hundred of my fellow Cantabrians. All the shops are closed to let everyone here in Christchurch to remember and grieve in their own way. There was a massive memorial service in Hagley Park that hundreds of thousands of people attended, people speaking included the NZ Prime Minister. The Mayor and Prince William himself!! Very emotional. Of course with the devastating earthquake recently in Japan too its quite a tough time for some people. My thoughts are with everyone in Christchurch and Japan. Its just devastating what has happened - we have lost our whole city centre, there is no nightclubs in Christchurch anymore, there was over 100 bars, restauarants and clubs in the CBD. All gone. Life isnt going to be the same for a long time. But life goes on right? Ive still got a job, so does my boy so we just have to carry on. My new work place should be up and running from the 28th so I can get back into some kind of routine, some normalcy. In the mean time I will catch up with you guys yay! So without further ado lets get into my first outfit now Im back - I am waaaaaaaay behind haha.

Dress (worn as top) - Trademe, Skirt - Jay Jays, Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

Please exscuse the far away photos these are ones I took myself, I try and get the bf to take them as often as I can Im rather crap at doing it myself as you can see haha.

Ok folks im off to get ready to go out and celebrate a mates bday, hope you all have a great weekend xxx

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just checking in...

Hi folks, I have had to move house because of the devastating earthquake in my city and as a result I have had no internet since February 22nd and I am not sure when I will be getting it back :( So as a result my blog has to be put on hold. Im at a friends now just writing you all a quick note - I hope you will all stay with me, I was happy with the way my blog was going and I hope I can get it back there when Im back up and running - hopefully asap!

Take Care

Sarah xxx

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Earthquake Number 2

Hi everyone I hope you can all bare with me while I sort my life out. As you know My current city of Christchurch, NZ was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake on Tuesday 22nd February. So Far 160 of my fellow cantabrians are dead and that is expected to rise, It was the middle of a working day and many buildings just crumpled. I myself was very lucky to escape and I am slowly getting my life back on track amongst various aftershocks of course, if you remember we have already lived through another earthquake - a magnitude of 7.1 in September last year, more powerful but it was at 4.35am so most people were at home and there were no deaths in that quake but this one was alot shallower and of course in the middle of a week day. Fortunately I know no-one who has died, however i have friends who do :(

Our home has been deemed uninhabitable and we have been staying at a relatives, fortunately we were offered a house yesterday which we had to take as there are hundreds of others looking for new houses also. It is quite grossly out of our budget but we have to do what we have to do to have a home!Enough depressing stuff here are some pictures of what I came home to last Tuesday:

Our Lounge, TV appears to go, glass top of table gone, not sure if home theatre goes - fingers crossed!

View other way towards kitchen, where you can see a couple of glasses up on shelf - that was full glass everywhere and food fallen out of cupboards all over floor

My new shoe rack fell over and shoes were everywhere :(

My bfs car (left) was on stands and luckily fell to the left otherwise it would have fallen on my car! Check out the massive angle its on it was straight! My car sustained a couple of scratches due to items falling on her but nthing major thank god!

This is a view out our driveway after we have cleaned up this was all covered in grey water and sand (i.e. liquafaction) completely - I had to literally wade through it to get to my house. You can see the piles of it on the street - this is what the streets look like, piles of liquifaction everywhere, holes & all bent and buuckled

A crack on the outside of our bedroom

A crack by the front door which you can actually see right through, there are also various cracks all over the walls in the inside, the house has sunk, door wont close, floor inside house sunk in parts and carpet buggered. We refused to stay there as we felt it was unsafe and as of yesterday an engineer has indeed demmed our house unsafe to live in. This is such a terrible tragedy and the lives of myself and fellow family, friends and cantabrians have been upturned for many months to come, our whole CBD is mostly destroyed and no-one is able to enter it. That means no nightlife as all the clubs were in the CBD, alot of shopping and my work.

Ok thats enough for today I think, Hopefully I will be back up and running with my blog in the not to distant future, please hang in there! If you are in Christchurch take care and holla if you need anything. Please see my previous post for donation information or email me if you would like to know how to donate. xxx