Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Dress - two ways!

Dont you love it when you find somethign you've been looking for, for ages, find it cheap AND it can be worn more than one way? I know I do! This leopard print "top" is actually a dress I brought recently as seen  here Im hoping to come up with another way too - watch this space! This pic was from last week, today was spent at home by myself with a sore throat :( It started yesterday and I thought it was because I accidentally hit the piss two nights in a row haha but I may have run myself down instead oops. Thinking of the positive this week will only be a 3 day working week yay! The long weekend was great, filled with friends, good times, bad times (think couples having the made fight - dont worry not me!) and relaxing times. The boy and I went out for tea Friday night, BBQ at ours Saturday night, chilled Sunday then got on it again, chilled yesterday and finally washed my car haha its been countless months since I last washed her, poor baby.

Wedges - Cotton On, Jeans - Supre, Dress worn as top - Tempt, accessories - various

I might have to show you guys a sneak peek of what we got up to on Saturday night, think drinking games and swapping clothes haha man we're random! Hope everyone in NZ enjoyed the long weekend and anywhere else hope you had a great weekend too xxx


  1. That dress looks great as a top, I would never have guessed.

    Re bigger pic's; you know when you're drafting a new post & there are tabs at the top right edit html & compose?
    Just click on edit html & change the width & height but you may loose quality so I joined flickr & cut and pasted the html code from flickr onto the blank html page.
    Make sense? Sorry if I've totally confused you!!!

  2. Thanks hun! I kinda think I understand haha will give it a go, hopefully I dont stuff it up! xx

  3. i love clothes swaps!! and i always wear dresses as tops too..looks great!!

  4. I really love wearing dresses as tops - it totally gives it another function :)


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