Saturday, October 23, 2010

The opposite of casual!

I walk to work so I generally I wear something tidy but comfortable and my gym shoes haha (dont worry I have nice shoes at work) so when I had to work last saturday and got to drive and park out the back of our building I decided to dress corporate and wear some heels!

Please exscuse y horrible hair day!

Heels - Hannahs, tights - Farmers, Skirt - Tempt, Shirt - Glassons, Blazer - Shanton?

Its Labour Day here in NZ on Monday so 3 day weekend for me yay! There is a big concert in Hagley Park today so I might head down there and check it out, sit in the sun and listen to some music. Other than that I dont have anything in particular planned just gonna see where it takes me! Im pretty stoked this morning though, I brought a new handbag a few weeks ago and I discovered one side of the handle was just hanging there by a few threads so I took it back and got a refund, I then brought a new bag AND some sunglasses for less haha score!

Hope you all have a great weekend xxx


  1. Classic chic!
    Hopefully these aftershocks aren't causing you too much stress, can't wait for them to stop!!!
    Thanks for your kind comment xo

  2. Thanks girls! No problem chicky :)


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