Saturday, October 30, 2010


It was me and my boys 2.5 year anniversary last week.....I know I know 2.5 years who celebrates that? But it was really an exscuse to go out for tea as we dont get to like at all! So we went to a Thai Restaurant on Riccarton Road. The highlight for me was the pudding - ice cream and deep fried banana yum! This is what I wore:

Skirt - Supre, Tights - Farmers, Top - Tempt, Necklace $1 to $8 shop, Wedges - Cotton On, Bag - Equip

Isnt my bag cute? I wanted a little bag that can go across both shoulders so I can have both my hands free and its just so cute with the studs and stuff hehe. I can never really be bothered listing where my jewellery is from because honestly, half the time I cant remember lol its mostly just cheapy places like Dive, Equip or Bling. I've got the mad cold at the moment and have all week so Ive been feeling pretty ugh and sorry for myself :( I just hope this is my flu fo awhile so I can enjoy summer sick free!

Hope you all have a great weekend xxx 

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