Monday, November 1, 2010

Maxi Styles

I was on the hunt for a plain black maxi dress for aaaaaaaages. I found one quite some time ago at Dress Smart but it was a bit too cold for it, I managed to crank it out the other week. Decided to go with a black and white theme, added my bow headband for some cutness factor hehe.

Dress - Cotton On, Wedges - Cotton On, Belt - ?, Cardy - Trademe

I cant wait to wear it over the warmer months. I so stoked today I totally forgot I only have to work Monday next week then I have the rest of the week off!! Its Cup Day next Tuesday (and cup week in Christchurch - think horse racing and dressing up) and I have never been so Im looking forward to dressing up and drinking wine in the sun (well hopefully!). Ive got dinner to go to Wednesday, hair getting done Thursday then my mate arrives from Australia on Friday whom I havent seen since our joint 21st - gonna be an epic week!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know it was Halloween but we dont really celebrate it in New Zealand, just another day for us lol. I hit a cat yesterday with my car which wasnt ideal :( Ive never hit anything with my car before and it freaked me out! The cat disappeared so Im hoping its ok......and my cars ok :P



  1. Loving the maxi & that bow headband is so cute!
    Sorry to hear about the cat :( I've had that happen & it's horrible, hopefully it's ok!
    Have an amazing time a cup day, you'll have to put some photo's up xo

  2. Thanks Sophie! Awww thanks Julia, yeah not a pleasant experience thats for sure. I cant wait im so excited hehe x


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