Friday, November 12, 2010

The Sickness

After my first Cup Day on Tuesday Ive had a few days off work and what do ya know? Ive been sick. Cant catch a break! Ive just recently had a bad cold/flu and somehow Ive got Gastro or something....I wont go into detail but its been rather unpleasant! Im so gutted because the weather these last few days has been absolutely stunning and of course I havent been at work, awesome time off being wasted by being sick :( To top it off my friend is over from aussie that I havent seen for 4 years and her sis's 21st is tomorrow night......Im then flying to Auckland for a week for work - must get better!!! Im feeling a bit better today but not 100%.

Anywho onto my outfit Ive got a few outfit pics stacked up that I havent got around to posting so I will get rid of them first then try get up to date with my posting - although it might have to be when I get back from Auckland.

Wedges - Cotton On, Tights - Farmers - Skirt - Valley Girl - Top - Jay Jays, Sunnies - BF

Heres to a great nights sleep, feeling 100% tomorrow and an awesome night tomorrow night with a mate I havent seen in four years! Hope you all have a great weekend xxx

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