Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Ive been in Auckland again for work and our massive work do. Good times! I had a horrible sleep on Wednesday then had to get up at 5.30 to fly up to Auckland. Worked all day then chilled at the hotel, went for a swim in the pool. Friday we spent a day at one of our Customer Service Centres, it was a very cruisy day was awesome not to be stuck in front of a computer all day. We then headed back to the Hotel where we chilled for a bit then got ready for our work do at the fancy Hyatt Regency Hotel. My camera is massive so I didnt take it with me, hoping to steal some pics off my workmates when they post them on Facebook - I did get my workmate to snap a few pics of me all dressed up. If you hadnt guessed the theme was Alice in Wonderland, I couldnt be bothered going in full costume so I just incorporated hearts (Queen of Hearts) into my outfit. Cue cheesy $2 headband with hearts, heart earrings, heart ring, hearts on my bangle and pink bits in my hair hehe.

Dress - Valley Girl, Heels - Kumfs

Also snapped a few pics of the Hotel room, heres our massive bathroom:

                                 View out our window of Auckland central Police Station!

The work do was awesome basically I got smashed (not in an embarrasing way dont worry) Its so hard to keep track of how many drinks your having when there free! We started off with pre-drinks out on a rooftop balcony massive thing haha then awards/speeches, then dinner and drinks galore! Dancing and talking shite a many then hit the town after. To be honest I dont even know what time I got home and I woke up still fully clothed in my dress under just the duvet not the blankets lol still boozed when I woke up - good times! Needless to say I didnt do alot lastnight but sleep and chill out. We have another work do next weekend for just the Christchurch team and our partners, couldnt take partners to the big do as theres nearly 400 in the company as it is!

Oh and the lame thing about the night was there were two other chicks wearing the same dress :(

Hope you all had a great weekend, the weather has been great - so looking forward to summer!! xxx

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