Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love socks and Wedges

Hey lovelies! Another gorgeous day here in Christchurch, although it is definately hitting winter. This outfit if from one of those random hot days in May. Im one of those people who can get really cold through my hands and feet and I cant really walk around with my hands covered all the time but I can cover my feet - which is why I love the socks and heels/wedges trend ;) I think it adds a cuteness to my outfit too.

 Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Skirt - Supre, Top - Tempt, Socks - Xmas gift


 Well I best be off to work, happy Tuesday everyone xxx

Monday, May 30, 2011

Buddha Stix

Hey Lovelies how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cruisy, just chilled out Friday night and watched a movie, mucked round Saturday then hit a mates 21st Saturday night......good night but I got ye ol horrible hangover yesterday. That hangover that renders you useless the next day.......it was a lovely day yesterday too which I spent in bed or on the couch. Grrrr stupid punch!! Im too old to drink punch it clearly doesnt like me lol.

Anywho I wore this outfit out to a mates Birthday dinner out to a restauarant called Buddha Stix, it was super yummy! I love the coral colour of this dress and the cute lace band adds that something extra. As its getting colder at night i teamed it with my leather jacket and knee high boots,

Dress - Trademe, Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Jacket - Glassons

Please exscuse the horrible curtains but thats where Im going to have to take most of my winter pictures as our house isnt super big and the lighting is only half decent in a few spots so bare with me!

Happy Monday I best be off to work xxx

Friday, May 27, 2011

Romantic Tones

Hey Lovelies Friday has finally arrived yay! Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow I must say. Had some drinkies after work today which was nice, good to be able to relax at work with my workmates, now just chilling at home with the boy.

I wore this outfit out to dinner and a movie recentlyish.....I am still slightly behind on my outfit posts but Im not taking photos everyday since its getting dark so early so Im sure I'll catch up in the next few weeks! I do like being a bit ahead though its great so I always have an outfit in case I dont get time to take photos. Anywho back to my outfit, Its one of more girly outfits but I love it, I love the lace paired with the heart skirt and pussy bow shirt :)

Skirt - Trademe, Tights - Glassons, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell, Shirt - A Christmas gift, Belt - Trendz

                     Rocking some funky chunky rings - haha see what I did there? I know Im awesome :P

Happy Friday everyone xxx

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mixing it Up

Hey Lovelies, my Blogger is still all weird in Internet Expolorer.....very annoying. Sometimes I wish I was a computer nerd so I could fix it all myself!

I am enjoying experimenting with fashion and a few years ago I never would have thought to tie a shirt over a dress. Its such a great way to mix up an outfit and get more outfits out of my wardrobe.

                       Shirt - JayJays, Tights - A gift, Shoes - Factorie, Dress - Supre, Watch - A gift

I am so looking forward to the weekend, kicking off tomorrow with some after work drinks to get to know the newbies cant wait! Happy Thursday xxx

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lace and Army Styles

Hey Lovelies, my computer is being a spaz AGAIN. Gah. Serial. Not cool! When I go to Blogger in Internet Explorer its all weird up the top and doesnt have the buttons to get to my dashboard so I couldnt do a post or read the blogs I follow yesterday :( Its doing the same thing tonight so I tried it in Mozilla and its working WTF? Technology really bites sometimes I hope its back to normal tomorrow!

Anywho once again im wearing my newish army green jacket, it goes with so much I love it. This day I paired it with girly lace for a bit of a casual feel to my outfit.

Boots & tights - Farmers, Dress - JayJays, Belt - Trademe, Jacket - Kmart

 I just got my hair did and its all straight and pretty and non regrowthy yay!

Happy Hump day all Im off to cook Butter Chicken Wraps for dinner and to have a well deserved mid week Bourbon! Oh totally celebrated my year at my job today got taken out for afternoon tea hehe. xxx

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hey Lovelies, I picked up this shirt with a hood (and pockets!!) awhile ago, I love the colour and its just something simple yet different. Since its a shirt with a hood I renamed it a snood hehe yup I'm cool like that. Im so stoked I found out lastnight I won a competition on the lovely Emma of scrapbook de la emma 's blog - I won my choice of $40 worth of anything from Sportsgirl! Im pretty excited, I just need to find the time to have a lookie on the website so I can choose what I want. Bare with me Emma I will get back to you by the end of the week, between work, gym, blogging and starting studying for my first Insurance paper I dont have alot of spare time! Cant wait to show you guys soon what I choose.

Jeans - Jayjays, Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Shirt - Jayjays

Happy Monday everyone Im hanging out for the weekend already, got work drinks and a 21st to hit up, bring it on! xxx

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rise Up

Hey Lovelies, how was your weekend? I hope you managed to check out the Telethon on Maori TV or online. Me friend and I popped down the road to CBS Arena and checked out what was happening, we saw lots of famous people including Rachel Hunter, Nikki Watson (and her fake boobs), Michaela and Dannielle from New Zealand next Top Model, Mike McRoberts, Sonny Bill, Sally Ridge, Brooke Howard Smith and Erin Simpson to name a few! We also caught Kids of 88 playing their hit Just a Little Bit which was awesome. If you were watching live I was probably on TV there were cameras everywhere! Over 1 million was raised to help my city rebuild, a very emotional day for aot of cantabrians and New Zealanders alike I would think.

I love this cute outfit, right from the socks and sandals to the suspenders a super cute and comfy outfit = win.

Sandals - Rubi, Socks - Mum, Skirt - Valley Girl, Shirt - Glassons

Back to work again tomorrow, so looking forward to the long weekend in a few weeks and my birthday! Happy Sunday xxx

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rocking Over the Knee Boots

Hey Lovelies! Sorry for no post yesterday I just didnt get time between work then gym then heading out for a mates bday drinks. But here I am! Being on the other side of world to most of the blogs I follow I see winter stuff when uts summer here and vice versa, one thing I really loved seeing was over the knee boots but of course I had to wait for it to get colder here before I could find any! I found these puppies at the good old Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, I wanted suede and flat if possible and I got both yay! I cant wait to rock these with jeans, dresses - watch this space!

Boots - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Skirt - Supre, Top - Supre, Necklace - Equip

Arent they awesome? Its a beautiful day here in Christchurch so Im getting lots of washing done, the boy has gone to Dunedin for the night so Im gonna catch up with some mates tonight. Hope you all have a fab weekend xxx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Purple and White

Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a chance to read my post from yesterday, any help would be much appreciated. Im currently watching Police Ten Seven on TV and it has footage of the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake........brung back some memories which is never nice :( We had an aftershock today in fact, we are still getting them and unless you live here you just have no idea what it is like. So if you are keen to help out my city read my previous post :)

This is what I wore when my friend and I went for a wander to take the photos on my last post, simple but with a pop of colour.

Flats - Rubi, Tights - Farmers, Skirt - Valley Girl, Top - Kmart, Belt - Trendz, Necklace - Equip

Happy Thursday, only one more working day to go till the weekend yay! xxx

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Earthquake Update

Hey sweets, a picture heavy post for you today. My friend and I went for a walk around the city centre and took some pictures of the damage. The city centre is still cordoned off and as you can see from these pictures there is an awful lot of devastation and a LONG way to go before our city centre is rebuilt and a bustling metropolis again. Its nearly 3 months on now and there is still alot of heart ache, alot of people are still unable to live in their homes and have lost businesses and jobs. Its going to take years and alot of $ to get Christchurch back up to its old self.

This is a good time to to let you guys know there is a Telethon being held on Sunday from 9am to 9pm to raise funds for Christchurch you can go here to check it out. There is items being auctioned on Sella and events helf in New Zealand in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. There are also events being held in Sydney, London, Japan and Los Angeles - so where ever you are folks watch, attend, donate, bid whatever you can do it all helps!!

A regular site now - buildings being demolished

This is Colombo Street, a major city centre street

Utter devastation

Shops left as is after the quake with stiff everywhere

The city mall, note the 27 story building Grand Chancellor in the background it is on a significant lean and is going to have to be demolished somehow.....

A beautiful old church which was often used for weddings

Forsyth Barr building, the staircase collapsed & people were rescued from cranes out the windows hence the numbered windows.

I applied for a job at FMG eeeek! Buildings and cars just crushed.

So come on guys help Christchurch out! xxx

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blazers and Belts

Hello Lovelies, Ive got alot done today, its been one of those days when you feel you've got some things sorted. Ive been humming and haaaing about changing power Companys and today I finally took the plunge - Genesis you best not dissapoint me! I was also on the phone to my Insurance Company for half an hour, hoping to get some answers about my policies from them tomorrow. Ive booked in for a consult for IPL hair removal......Ive been thinking about having it done for a long time and with a holiday in the Gold Coast in Movember I thought better sooner than later! Its not until the 31st May as they are so busy but its so much cheaper than everywhere else! Has anyone had IPL done? Recommend? Ive also grabbed a half off voucher for a colonic irrigation.....TMI you ask? Well Ive been thinking of doing it for awhile and I thought half off? Why not lets give it a go, its supposed to be good for you and Im hoping it might get rid of the tummy bloat I get.....not particularly looking forward to it though I must admit lol.  So alot achieved today including working, biking to work and a workout at the gym!

Onto my outfit, this blazer is lovely, I really enjoyed this outfit I love rocking socks with heels and I love the burst of girly with the flowers and tiers in the dress im wearing underneath.

Dress (worn underneath) - JayJays, Tee - Supre, Blazer - Glassons, Socks - Mum, Heels - Number 1 Shoe warehouse

Happy Tuesday folks xxx