Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Earthquake Update

Hey sweets, a picture heavy post for you today. My friend and I went for a walk around the city centre and took some pictures of the damage. The city centre is still cordoned off and as you can see from these pictures there is an awful lot of devastation and a LONG way to go before our city centre is rebuilt and a bustling metropolis again. Its nearly 3 months on now and there is still alot of heart ache, alot of people are still unable to live in their homes and have lost businesses and jobs. Its going to take years and alot of $ to get Christchurch back up to its old self.

This is a good time to to let you guys know there is a Telethon being held on Sunday from 9am to 9pm to raise funds for Christchurch you can go here to check it out. There is items being auctioned on Sella and events helf in New Zealand in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. There are also events being held in Sydney, London, Japan and Los Angeles - so where ever you are folks watch, attend, donate, bid whatever you can do it all helps!!

A regular site now - buildings being demolished

This is Colombo Street, a major city centre street

Utter devastation

Shops left as is after the quake with stiff everywhere

The city mall, note the 27 story building Grand Chancellor in the background it is on a significant lean and is going to have to be demolished somehow.....

A beautiful old church which was often used for weddings

Forsyth Barr building, the staircase collapsed & people were rescued from cranes out the windows hence the numbered windows.

I applied for a job at FMG eeeek! Buildings and cars just crushed.

So come on guys help Christchurch out! xxx

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