Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey lovlies, another natural disaster has hit poor New Zealand - this time a Tornado! Tornados arent something that are common in little NZ and unfortunately this one has killed on person and left many injured. It is very sad and very scary! It hit in Aucklands North Shore which is where the rest of my family members (Mum, Dad and Brother) live and work. They are all ok thank god and so is their house - the Tornado missed it by about 300m. The roof was ripped off the building next door to my Dad and brothers work and theres lost of debri and destruction to many houses and buildings. If you want to check it out see here. I hope everyone in Auckland stays safe and the injured recover asap. I just dont understand whats going on with our poor planet with all these natural disasters lately :(

I have promised I would show you pictures of my anniversary present from James - and here they are - my present was......Quad Biking!

All of us lined up beforehand

Me before - note clean gear!

Me and a big puddle!


Me and James

The view from atop the massive hill we drove up

                                          After = very muddy and slighty wet lol

Obviously Quad Biking may not appeal to all of you but Im not a very girly girl, I love cars and I really enjoyed quad biking - I think you can tell from my big grins haha. I fully recommend it its a great rush. We went up and down some massive hills it was quite scary but wicked fun. I'll be back with an outfit post tomorrow xxx


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