Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blazers and Belts

Hello Lovelies, Ive got alot done today, its been one of those days when you feel you've got some things sorted. Ive been humming and haaaing about changing power Companys and today I finally took the plunge - Genesis you best not dissapoint me! I was also on the phone to my Insurance Company for half an hour, hoping to get some answers about my policies from them tomorrow. Ive booked in for a consult for IPL hair removal......Ive been thinking about having it done for a long time and with a holiday in the Gold Coast in Movember I thought better sooner than later! Its not until the 31st May as they are so busy but its so much cheaper than everywhere else! Has anyone had IPL done? Recommend? Ive also grabbed a half off voucher for a colonic irrigation.....TMI you ask? Well Ive been thinking of doing it for awhile and I thought half off? Why not lets give it a go, its supposed to be good for you and Im hoping it might get rid of the tummy bloat I get.....not particularly looking forward to it though I must admit lol.  So alot achieved today including working, biking to work and a workout at the gym!

Onto my outfit, this blazer is lovely, I really enjoyed this outfit I love rocking socks with heels and I love the burst of girly with the flowers and tiers in the dress im wearing underneath.

Dress (worn underneath) - JayJays, Tee - Supre, Blazer - Glassons, Socks - Mum, Heels - Number 1 Shoe warehouse

Happy Tuesday folks xxx


  1. Love your fun styles - and the otk boots really do rock!! Been a fashion staple here in Britain for a few years now. Keep posting Sarah and good luck.


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