Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Virus :(

Hey folks, I appear to have a virus on my laptop waaaaaaaaaaaa :( I tried to do a post yesterday but Blogger wouldnt let me do anything.......Im on the work computer and its working so thought I'd post a wee note to let you know I am still here TRYING to post haha. Im going over to a friends tonight to see if he can get rid of the virus for me so hopefully I am back up and running in the next day or so! Thanks for your patience xxx


  1. oh no :( are you sure its not blogger, cos mine wont let me post either.

  2. Hmmmm there could be a problem with Blogger I guess but Im able to post at work which is weird....not properly of course since I have no pictures here lol. I definately do have a virus though, my old flatmate had the same one not long ago :(


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